Wedding Mood

wedding mood

Wedding Mood

Everyone knows that your wedding day is about more than showing off all the amazing little details. It’s about “setting the mood”. Here are a few simple ideas to get you to thinking about what kind of wedding mood you want to create at your wedding.

Live Musicians – This is the number one way you can add ambiance to your wedding mood, and with selective songs you can create the perfect mood for your guests to walk in to and continue to enjoy during your ceremony.

Cultural Elements – Adding a cultural element to your event is a wonderful way to ensure that you are “getting your guests in the wedding mood”. There are Indian flairs, Buddhist traditions, Historical trends and many other ideas in which you can select from.

Non-traditional seating – Creating a different seating arrangement at your wedding will make a lasting impression and definitely set the mood. Seating ideas include: Crescent moon designs that wrap around the alter area, full circle seating, and custom bench seating.

Guest Involvement – There are some great ways that you can give your guests something to do upon their arrival. For example: Guests can write a best wish on ribbons attached to floral picks that they can stick into your floral arch before they are seated. This is a wonderful way to get your guests involved and create a romantic wedding mood for your ceremony.

Custom Lighting – This is by far one of the most brilliant ways to set the mood to any event. The options are endless no matter if you’re getting married indoor or outdoor and there are lighting elements that can totally set the wedding mood to your event.

Whatever you do to set the mood for your wedding we would like to encourage you to be creative, and of course you can follow our posts for more “fresh ideas”.

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Wedding Workout

Wedding WorkoutUpper Body Wedding Workout!

Come on girls! Let’s get your upper body looking the best that it can be for your wedding day. Extreme results can be accomplished if you follow the golden rules for the best wedding workout ever!


  • You must commit to doing this workout one day a week.
  • Perform each set as SLOWLY as you can.
  • At the end of the set if you feel like you can do one more, then do it!
  • You must do each set until failure. Make your muscles shake!
  • Stretch out afterwords!


Push-ups (on knees) – X7 – This move will supremely tone your chest. It will NOT flatten your boobs! Oh, and remember to do these as slow as you can!

Push-downs (plank) – X10 – That’s right, just start in a regular push-up position and go down to the ground as SLOW as you can. Roll off to the side and get back up for more!

Biceps (10lbs) – X15 – Sit with your elbow resting on the inside of your knee or stand up and bring your dumbbell up to your shoulder. Remember, as SLOW as you can!

Deltoids (5lbs) – X5 – Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Hold your 5lb dumbbells in each hand (down by your side) and slowly lift arms straight out in front of you to shoulder height (palms down) and gently roll arms out away from you and back down to starting position. Slow, slow and slower!

Stay in the loop! Look for our next workout routine will teach you how to have sexy abs without going to the gym three days a week.

Wedding Workout by First Class Weddings

The Meaning of the Months

the meaning of the months

The Meaning of the Months

Determining when to marry is one of the first decisions a couple has to make!

Have you ever considered the fact that there may be a greater power that is ultimately leading you towards selecting a particular month in which to get married? Believe it or not, history has always played a factor in determining your wedding date. From January to December here are the historical significance – the true meaning of the months…

Ancient Greeks dedicated this month to fertility

The month of love! Anything with anybody goes!

The month of Lent. Need we say anymore?

The month of spring with reproduction of the natural earth that bursts with new life and rich harvest

A two way street, in every fashion, tradition speaks of feasting on the virgins or to erotic rivalry…and then some

Summer Solstice! A natural choice for starting a life together as a couple

July and August
These are Popular months to marry! However, history states that these months were avoided due to interruption in the farm and harvest cycles of the earth.

This month historically shines “luck and good health”

A month of sexual fulfillment!

This month is astrological in nature, yet yields “home and hearth”

The most popular wedding days in history is December 31st and January 1st, in honor of “ringing out the old, and ringing in the new”.

Whatever month you decide try to remember to go with your heart and the universe will support your decision at all levels. The rest is just….history!

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The meaning of the months by First Class Weddings

Beauty Trick

Beauty Tricks BEAUTY TRICK

Shape your brows.

A well-groomed brow is our first beauty trick can take years off your look. You just got to find a reputable salon in your area to help you obtain a nice clean shape that you can maintain. The cost runs $10 – $15. 

Aim for a flawless complexion:

Healthy looking skin starts with an awesome cleanser, toner and magic potion. Not all products work on everyone so we recommend that you ask your mom what works best for her. After all, this is where your DNA came from so doesn’t it make sense to ask your mom what she is using. One trick we use on sudden blemishes is to hold an ice cube directly onto the breakout for a few minutes. This is a beauty trick that actually works and it will reduce the swelling and minimize the pore, which will allow you to effectively use make-up to cover it.

Protect your face:

Protecting your face with an awesome sunscreen is the key to an even skin tone. Try these two awesome products. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Block Lotion, it’s water resistant and has a SPF 50 or Total Block Clear with a SPF 65. Both offer full sun protection and don’t leave your face feeling greasy. 

Target your foundation color:

It is important that you find a foundation color that matches your neck. Staying on the yellow side of the spectrum will make you look younger. Try Bare Minerals line for a more natural look and apply over Estee Lauder maximum cover foundation to successfully hide any imperfections. 

Create brighter eyes:

Have you ever heard of using white eyeliner? How about a light shadow on the inner corners of your eyes? Both of these works! The actual beauty trick is finding the perfect placement and color of shadow to pull it off. First Class Weddings recommends that you visit your favorite department store and schedule a free makeover at one of the counters. You can test out any new products and experiment with methods of applications to help determine what works best for you. And, it’s fun!

Take care of those lips:

Finally, don’t forget about your lips! Any naturally tinted lip balm with sunscreen is a must carry item. If you want to avoid chapped lips, try using Super Lysine Plus lip balm with 24 SPF on a daily basis.

Beauty Tips & Tricks by First Class Weddings