Don’t Forget the up-lighting!

Up-lighting is an economically priced enhancement that is often overlooked. Choose from the basic colors of amber, blue, green, red, pink, white, and gold, and start thinking about lighting as a great way to enhance your reception. Here are some fresh up-lighting ideas to help get you started.
  • Colored spot lights over your reception tables
  • Colored up lights on trees, foliage, columns, artwork, tents etc.
  • Colored spot lights into the ocean or private gathering area
  • Colored up lights to enhance the cake table
  • Colored up lights to create pathways to and from places at your event (to the bar etc.)
One of our favorites tricks of the trade is to add lighting underneath your tables (like the picture above). This add that touch of color to the table itself from the ground up.
Up-Lighting by First Class Weddings