Wedding Gifts


The coffeemakers, the candle stick, the gravy boat, all have been way over done! Come on people, be original!  Nowadays modern couples desire more meaningful wedding gifts rather than your typical household item. Here are some creative ideas to get you going.

Tantric Sex Book

For the couple that can’t keep their hands off of each other why not give them something new to try. Books like these offer sexy date night activities with individually sealed instructions. Each secret seduction is to be opened by one partner at a time; taking turns as often as you wish. These are wedding gifts that keeps on giving!

A Garden Starter Kit

Provided your couple is eco friendly, what better way to show them the power of nurturing and caring for each other than by giving them a garden starter kit full of garden pots, plants & accessories. New plants symbolize the beginning of a new marriage and are a great couple project! In three months time when their roses are blooming, they will thank you and so will Mother Earth. We love these types of wedding gifts.

A Couples Spa Package or Massage

For the health conscience couples that love to be pampered, give them an opportunity to rest and relax and truly enjoy being together as husband and wife. It’s good for the mind, good for the body and great for the soul!

Donate to a Non-Profit in the Couples Name

For the couple that already has everything and are philanthropists at heart this type of gift will support cause the couple is passionate about while providing them with a write off at the end of the year. 

Tickets to Ballet, Theater, Concert or Show

Couples that enjoy a night on the town would truly appreciate this gift. It’s another great couple activity that allows an opportunity for further connection that is outside of work and home. If you want to give an experience that goes much further than a tangible item, check out your local event calendar and start thinking about how you’re going to wrap up those tickets.

Wedding Gifts by First Class Weddings

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