Cool Cake Toppers


The tradition of having a cake topper has been rumored to originate from western wedding traditions. One story about the origin is based off a baker’s daughter who asked her father to make a symbol of love that would be visible to her guests at her wedding… according to this story, the father made two figurines, the bride & groom, that stood on top of the cake. It wasn’t until the 1920s that cake toppers became common & popular. Now, modern brides are exploring their options of how to express their love through activities that the couple enjoys together…such as bicycling!


Wedding cake toppers can be a great way to show your personality on your wedding cake! Whether it be a depiction of you and your husband atop your cake, your monogram or a couple of love birds… cake toppers are a reflection of you two as a couple. Show your love! Taller cake toppers add height and artistic design to the top of your wedding cake. These colorful pom poms add wedding themed colors to your cake. Or what about a miniature version of you as a couple atop your cake?? We love these adorable figurines.

Hand painted & customizable figures are such cool cake toppers! These little guys can be designed to look like the happy & awesome couple that you are! Unique cake toppers like this are great – you can match flowers and ties to make your cake your own. Monograms are a timeless cake topper idea… Mr & Mrs or your initials is a great way to signify the beginning of your new family!


Love is in the air with these two love birds! What better way to symbolize your love by placing two lovely doves as your cool cake topper? Love birds are a timeless tradition to showcase two people who are madly in love….aww.

Maybe the traditional “bride & groom” cake toppers aren’t your thing… How about a modern spin on love? Geometrically shaped hearts or beautiful wedding flowers that match your bouquet or boutonnieres on top of your wedding cake? Simplicity & elegance make just as big of a statement as any cool cake topper that you may find… It is up to you & your taste to make your wedding day as special as you are.

If you have a cool cake topper that you’d like us to see please send it in with a description to – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Wooden Hand Painted Cake Topper from Etsy

Bicycle Cake Topper from Wedding Chicks

Pom Pom Cake Topper from Style Me Pretty

Cake Topper on Wooden Stand from Etsy

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper from Lisa Leonard Designs

Love Bird Cake Topper from Chic Vintage Brides

Geometric Cake Topper from The Natural Wedding Company

Flower Cake Topper from Project Wedding

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Mint Wedding Cakes


According to many sources including a Project Wedding  ”mint” is one of the hottest wedding color trends for 2013! This soft and sweet color is great for couples who love blues and greens. Mint goes well with so many other colors too! Pinks, yellows & oranges add beautiful accents to a mint themed wedding.


Ombred styled accessories, dresses & even cakes are taking to this color trend! This beautiful ombred mint wedding cake has simple waves of elegance and will surely have people talking. Mint wedding cakes are a great way to go if you can keep it soft & light.

Even a simple mint wedding cake with details in the fondant looks absolutely stunning & priceless on top of a white porcelain cake stand! Notice the tiny pieces in between the separated layers…very well done.


Smooth mint fondant atop your stacked wedding cake with simple pink, yellow or white flowers creates an intimate feel to any reception. White silk ribbon accents add a timeless appeal. When they say “less is better” this is what they mean.

Cake pops are also becoming increasingly popular in the wedding world… Easy to eat and so many color combinations to choose from, you could have ombre mint wedding cake pops, or even one main mint wedding cake with accented colored cake pops surrounding it in pinks or yellows. This is a modern way to serve cake without it actually having to be cut.


Mint & white were meant to be! These two colors are so simply gorgeous together and the combinations of these colors are endless. White fondant flowers strategically placed across the cake add a subtle hint of texture and color. You could even bring in other colors the centers of the flowers a different accent color other than black as shown in the picture below.

This mint wedding cake features a great chevron pattered design on a plain white fondant backdrop. Simple and amazing!

If you have a mint wedding cake that you’d like us to see, send a photo and description to – we can’t wait to see what Mint Wedding Cakes you have designed!


Cake Dessert bar from Bride & Breakfast

Mint Cake with Heart Topper & Light Mint with Peonies from Society Bride

Cake Pops from The Sweets Bar

2 Tiered Cake with Light Pink Flowers from Society Bride

Tiered Ombre Cake from Nadia & Co.

White & Black Poppy Cake from Burnett’s Board

Mint & Teal Wedding Cake from Once Wed

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Wedding Cakes

wedding cake

three tier stacked square wedding cake with green orchids and chocolate brown embellishments

Wedding Cake:

With so many wedding cake designs to choose from how could you possibly decide? Over the years we have had thousands of custom made wedding cakes and here are a few creations we have provided for some of our brides. We will be featuring many more in our future months and we hope they will inspire you to be just as creative…or more.

wedding cake

4-tier Imperial wedding cake with fondant & gold trim

wedding cake

2-tier stacked wedding cake with beach scene and starfish cake topper

wedding cake

3-tier butter cream wedding cake with frosting bow topper and lavender trim

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Wedding Cake by First Class Weddings

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the CakeCutting the Cake

The traditional cutting of the wedding cake, like many traditions, has been around for centuries. Long, long…long ago, it was thought that eating the crumbs off the floor that fell from the bride and grooms mouth would promote fertility for whoever ate them. Yuck-e! Thank goodness that tradition is no more!

What has survived is the opportunity to do one of your first activities together as husband and wife (much like your first dance). And believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to do this. So pull out your notebook, grab a pen and start taking some notes. Here are some suggestions on cutting the cake to keep you from making some typical mistakes!

  1. Champagne popping and toasts take place before the cake cutting. This includes the traditional crossing of the arms toast for the bride and groom.
  2. Let the groom take the lead and be in charge of the cake knife. With the knife in the grooms hand and the brides hand placed on top of his, make your first cut into the cake simultaneously.
  3. Cut a small piece of cake and then use the cake server (triangle looking knife) to transfer the piece onto a small cake plate where you can then cut that piece into two.
  4. Let the groom feed the bride first (you can do this with a fork or with your fingers). This way if there are any shenanigans on the groom’s part, the bride will have the perfect opportunity for bridal revenge.
  5. Afterwards you can choose to cut and serve the cake to your guests to eat with their champagne or have it taken away and served for dessert at your reception. Either way, enjoy!


Cutting the Cake by First Class Weddings