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The simplicity of a white bouquet is timeless…Many flowers come in different shades of white and go with every color scheme. Choosing white bouquets may be simple yet their beauty lasts well into the future. Make sure that your chosen flowers are available during the season that you are getting married. Destination weddings also tend to be a bit more expensive to get specific flowers shipped in. White bouquets made up of roses, orchids, peonies, baby’s breath & magnolias are good selections that won’t break the bank and are also easily available. 

White Bouquets – Lily of the Valley

This is one of our all time favorite white bouquets. Believe it or not, it is also one of the most expensive. Reason being is because these fragile little bells are not only poisonous they are extremely delicate. Therefore you have to order twice as many flowers in order to assure perfection and special care has to be taken when making the bouquet. Lily of the Valley is a not usually available in the fall. This sweet scented May flower is the national flower of Finland and represents purity of heart, loves good fortune, sweetness, and you’ve made my life complete.

White Cattleya Orchids originated in Brazil and grow beautifully in Costa Rica. These large showy flowers come in all colors except true blue and black. The picture above shows one of over a hundred species of Cattleya Orchids (also known as the butterfly orchid, swan orchid, or the Holly Spirit Orchid). The Cattleya Orchid represents Beauty, Strength, Luxury and Love.


One tradition states that until modern times, brides carried garlic & dill down the aisle when they were getting married. This was to ward off evil and disease brought about by the Plague and it eventually shifted into florals. Other people believe the tradition of a bride carrying flowers down the isle started in the 1800s when people only bathed annually. The couple would bath one month before their wedding and then the bride would carry a bouquet of fragrant flowers to mask any lingering odors. Thank goodness roses smell so lovely! The white rose is a national symbol of England and represents innocence, purity, secrecy, I am worthy of you, truth, virtue, and happy love.

Ranunculus flowers come in over 600 species and make stunning white bouquets so make sure you do some research before placing your order. These flowers only come around once or twice a year so plan accordingly. A little history on this flower, the name is Late Latin for “little frog”, probably because they are known to live near water. These gems mean that you are radiant with charm.

Peony Flowers are large, fragrant, deeply lobed, and soft looking. They come in up to 40 varieties in the colors red, white and yellow. Florists & photographers have recommended that when choosing a white bouquet to also include some leafy greens or other accents of color so that the flowers photography well against the white of your dress. The slight accentuation of other colors along with the white bouquet will add definition to your bouquet. The meaning of the Peony flower is a happy marriage, good health, prosperity and is also associated with the twelfth wedding anniversary.

The stunning Magnolia flower is a very hearty blossom. Originating from Asia before bees, this flower has over 200 species and has been known to survive the ice age, mountain foundation, and the continental drift. Magnolias signify dignity, love of nature and nobilty.

White Phalaenopsis Orchids, also known as moth orchids have over 60 species are are very popular. They love dry, shady areas and even grow wild in some regions. Orchids in general signify rare beauty, love, beautiful lady, mature charm, long life, and are also associated with the twenty eighth wedding anniversary.



Calla lilies are beautiful flowers that come in multiple colors….we love white! These calla lilies were the bridesmaids bouquets from a FCW destination wedding client. A few tips and tricks from First Class Weddings about calla lilies are that these flowers are extremely fragile. Bumping or brushing up against these flowers causes them to start to wilt! As long as you are cautious and gentile, these flowers will make a lovely addition to your wedding and/or your reception. The Calla Lily represents magnificent beauty and is associated with the sixth wedding anniversary. If you have a white bouquet that you’d like us to see please send us a photograph & description to admin@firstclassweddings.com.


Calla Lily Bouquets from First Class Weddings

Lilly of the Valley, Orchid & Peonie & Baby’s Breath Bouquet from Style Me Pretty

White Cattleya Orchid from Martha Stewart

White Rose Bouquet from Adornments Flowers & Finery

White Ranunculus Bouquet from Bouquet Wedding Flower

White Magnolia Bouquet from Jose Villa

White Bouquet with Twine from The Flip Side

White & Pink Bouquet from Elizabeth Anne Designs


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Wedding Bouquets

wedding bouquets
Wedding Bouquets – Keep them low girls!

One of the most important things A First Class Wedding can teach a bride and her girls before they walk down the isle is how to hold their wedding bouquets. You may think this is funny but for some reason or another bouquets seem to take the position of a microphone instead of a beautiful hand held arrangement, landing right under the girls chin. Now, it’s very possible that the bouquet has a mind of it’s own and that this is normal behavior yet the truth of the matter is that holding wedding bouquets in this position is not flattering to you, your bosoms nor does it look good in any of the wedding photographs.

So, how do you hold wedding bouquets? Simple! The most flattering way to hold your bouquet is right in front of your belly button. So, relax your arm in a somewhat straight position instead of bending it upwards. Hide your belly with the beautiful flora you’re holding, straighten you back and show off your chest.

Oh, and don’t forget to smile!

Wedding Bouquets by First Class Weddings

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Artistic Bouquets

Artistic Bouquets

Artistic Bouquets:

Believe it or not, every future bride thinks about wedding flowers way before they even have a boyfriend. Then, when the time comes to actually be a bride it’s very likely that their bouquet flowers or design will take the most amount of time to decide. These days, modern brides are looking for trendy new and artistic bouquets that would make everyone go goo-goo over the bedazzled creation of flowers that they’re are holding. So if you’re a trendy bride that wants to hold a custom bouquet that truly represents your personality and style, you might want to think about adding a few of these embellishments.

  • Feathers
  • Hand Made Paper Flowers
  • Wired Jewels
  • Hat Pins
  • Wired Shells
  • Candy
  • Swarovski
  • Antique Jewelry

Artistic Bouquets by First Class Weddings

Wedding Bouquet Costs

Wedding Bouquet Costs

This Wedding Bouquet Costs?

This medium french bouquet consisting of approx. 15 Green Cymbidium Orchids, 15-20 special order mini Calla Lily (in orange/yellow), and greenery. Would you guess what this wedding bouquet costs are $100? $200? or how about $300?  If you guessed $200 then you’d be close. This bouquet cost a recent Hawaii wedding client $255, which is (believe it or not) the going price of a custom medium french bouquet in today’s destination wedding market. Tack on an extra $50 flower delivery fee, taxes and you’re on your way down the isle.

Many brides are under the misconception that actual wedding bouquet costs are cheaper than what they really iare. You have to keep in mind that this particular bouquet shown above is a custom order. If the bride had selected more “standard” flowers such as roses instead of calla lily and orchids, then the cost of this bouquet would be about $185 or less.

There are many variables to consider when ordering your wedding flowers such as size, shape, style, and particular flowers. If you are in the beginning stages of the planning process and are trying to figure out the wedding bouquets costs will be then we recommend as a general rule that you allow at least $200 in your budget for your bouquet. Of course, if you are a girl that oozes “custom”, then you will have to adjust your budget accordingly.

Wedding Bouquet Costs by First Class Weddings

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Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

As an expert wedding planner a common confusion amongst brides is what a tropical looking bouquet would be vs. what a tropical flower bouquet is and these subtle differences are two completely different things. Here are some helpful tips to help brides identify what tropical flowers really are.

Tropical (Looking) Flowers include:
These flowers are light weight and more elegant looking.
  • Orchids (Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Mokara, Phaleanopsis, Cataleya etc)
  • Lily (Calla, Stargazer, etc.)
  • Tuberose
  • Plumeria
  • Pikaki
  • Ilima
  • Crown Flower
Tropical Flowers
A tropical looking arrangement could includes commonly seen orchids and can look like this.  This bouquet has Mokara Orchids, Roses, and Calla Lily.

Real Tropical Flowers include:

These flowers are heavy in weight and large in size.
  • Antherium
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Pin Cushins
  • Protea
  • Ginger
  • Heliconia
  • Jade
Tropical Flowers are not common unless you are in a tropical location. This flower is called a red torch Ginger. Contact your Hawaii wedding expert for more information on tropical flowers.
Tropical Flowers by First Class Weddings

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

Calla Lily Bouquet

The meaning of the Calla Lily has been thought to represent Beauty. However, in the western world it’s meaning best represents “Youthful Innocence”.

The Calla Lily flower looks absolutely stunning when tied into a large french bouquet. Special care must be taken when creating this masterpiece. The leaves are very sensitive, browning occurs at the touch and this flower doesn’t last long out of water. It is important that you select an experienced florist in order to achieve stunning results.

First Class Weddings has tens of thousands of wedding bouquets under their belt! From the fragile Calla Lily to a simple orchid flower we have the experience and expertise to assure outstanding results. Call our expert today!

Calla Lily by First Class Weddings