The Rose

the rose

The rose means more than “I love you”

Sure, we all know the meaning of a red rose, right? Whether receiving a single rose or a bouquet of long stemmed roses, most will agree in it’s universal meaning as a symbol of “love”. Have you ever wondered how that came to be? Of all the beautiful flowers in the world, why the rose and not a tulip, carnation or even a rose of a different hue? The answers may not only surprise you, but impress upon you the significance in history of a simple, single flower.

“In Victorian times, bouquets called “tussie-mussies” were given by suitors to young women; the arrangement changing as the relationship progressed, giving the intended clues as to the present standing of the relationship. Two roses, taped together was a sign of an engagement but if full in bloom and placed over two single buds it signified secrecy.

The spiritual meaning of the rose can be traced to prehistoric times, as petrified wreaths have been uncovered in ancient Egyptian tombs. The Romans and Greeks too, worshiped the rose, and were especially fond of the aroma, using petals to fragrance themselves and their bathwater.

Many species were brought to Europe by the Crusaders. In fact, England chose the rose as their national emblem.

In mythology, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was often depicted wearing roses around her feet, neck and head. In numerology, three roses indicates love, life and light; eight petals a message of rebirth and renewal and seven a symbol of universal understanding and order.

In religion too, a rose bush it is said grew at the site of Christ’s death and the Catholic rosary was originally a string of 150 dried roses.

In the Tarot, the rose is a symbol of balance. It’s beauty represents hope, new beginnings and a promise of sorts.

Looking back in history, the rose has clearly defined its magical essence. It’s timeless, beautiful and most importantly, means much more than “I love you”. For these reasons and more FCW suggests that you consider adding the rose into your flower arrangements.”

Written by: Robin L. Curran

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