Our Maui Wedding

Hawaii Bride

Our Maui Wedding at Sugarman Estate

Our Maui wedding took place at sunset with our closest family present. The venue, Sugarman Estate, is a private property overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the Southern coast of Maui. When I arrived I was in awe at the beauty that surrounded me. This already picturesque venue had been transformed into my dream for our Maui wedding.

Our Maui Wedding Day

Our Maui Wedding Ceremony Location

By the water sat 12 bamboo chairs attached with purple hydrangeas. An aisle way lined with pink orchids lead to a custom wooden arch adorned with hydrangeas, roses and orchids in shades of my favorite colors which were purple and pink. Glass bulbs with pink orchids submerged in water hung perfectly alongside hanging votive candles, framed the backdrop of the ocean.

Glass Wedding Bulbs

Our Maui Wedding – Hanging Orchids in Glass Bulbs

My bridal party consisted of my two nieces, a flower girl and a Junior bridesmaid.  Guests were greeted with my nieces placing Hawaiian leis around their necks as they entered the property. I had not seen my fiancé the day of the wedding and peered out the glass doorways to watch while everyone took their places.

Junior Bridesmaid

Flower girl in Makena, HI

Our Maui wedding ceremony began as the officiate, dressed in traditional Hawaiian robe, blew a conch shell.  The string quartet began to play and the flower girl, then junior bridesmaid made their way down the aisle.  I walked down the aisle to Pacelbell’s Cannon in D, with my mother and father by my side.  I approached my now husband, just as the sun began to set.

Sugarman Estate WeddingOur Maui Wedding – Sugarman Estate Ceremony

We incorporated Hawaiian tradition into our ceremony by placing leis around each others necks and each of our parents.  We exchanged traditional wedding vows, placed wedding bands on the others finger and shared our first kiss as husband and wife.  After we were officially named Mr. and Mrs. Waggoner, we concluded our Maui wedding with the release of two white doves.

Hawaii Wedding Reception

Our Maui Wedding Dinner at Sunset

After the ceremony, our guests sipped Hawaiian cocktails while my husband and I took sunset photographs along Makena’s beautiful coves. To the side of the ceremony site was a white canopy which hung Chinese lanterns over a long rectangular table covered with white and purple linens. Floating candles and square vases of green, blue, white, pink and purple flowers sat atop a bamboo table runner.  Being as our Maui wedding was such a small and intimate affair, we opted for an elegant 4-course meal for our reception.

Wedding Cake with Orchids
Our Wedding Day Cake

We sat down to dinner as a jazz duo played, and shared our first dance before the first course arrived.  We ate, were toasted by our families and enjoyed orchid decorated cake.  As we drove off in the limo at the end of the night I couldn’t help but think what an amazing day it had been.  Thanks to First Class Weddings our Maui wedding completely exceeded our expectations.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to begin a life together.


Hawaiian Wedding

Post By: Hawaiian Bride – Phoebe Waggoner

Wedding By: First Class weddings

Photography By: Mike Sidney

Venue: Sugarman Estate aka: Honua Kai Lani

Flowers By: Country Bouquets

Wedding Vendor Seal

Wedding Mood

wedding mood

Wedding Mood

Everyone knows that your wedding day is about more than showing off all the amazing little details. It’s about “setting the mood”. Here are a few simple ideas to get you to thinking about what kind of wedding mood you want to create at your wedding.

Live Musicians – This is the number one way you can add ambiance to your wedding mood, and with selective songs you can create the perfect mood for your guests to walk in to and continue to enjoy during your ceremony.

Cultural Elements – Adding a cultural element to your event is a wonderful way to ensure that you are “getting your guests in the wedding mood”. There are Indian flairs, Buddhist traditions, Historical trends and many other ideas in which you can select from.

Non-traditional seating – Creating a different seating arrangement at your wedding will make a lasting impression and definitely set the mood. Seating ideas include: Crescent moon designs that wrap around the alter area, full circle seating, and custom bench seating.

Guest Involvement – There are some great ways that you can give your guests something to do upon their arrival. For example: Guests can write a best wish on ribbons attached to floral picks that they can stick into your floral arch before they are seated. This is a wonderful way to get your guests involved and create a romantic wedding mood for your ceremony.

Custom Lighting – This is by far one of the most brilliant ways to set the mood to any event. The options are endless no matter if you’re getting married indoor or outdoor and there are lighting elements that can totally set the wedding mood to your event.

Whatever you do to set the mood for your wedding we would like to encourage you to be creative, and of course you can follow our posts for more “fresh ideas”.

wedding mood by firstclassweddings

Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremony

Modern Sand Ceremony

What is a sand ceremony anyway? Well, it basically is a new and modern approach that takes the place of a Unity Candle Ceremony. You see, outdoor weddings can’t necessarily keep a flame lit so… a sand ceremony has pretty much taken it’s place.

How does this happen? During the wedding ceremony the minister provides time for the bride and groom to symbolically join their two lives into one by combining two vases, jars or viles of sand (in any color you choose) and pouring it into one main keepsake container.

Normally, the groom begins first, setting the foundation while the bride follows with loving support and then the combination of the two together create equality. Now, what you have to remember is that not all the sand is poured into the third container. A little bit of sand is always kept to represent that each person still remains as the beautiful individual they are. Then the keepsake container of combined sand is kept forever as a reminder of this symbolic blessing.

Sand Ceremony by First Class Weddings

Wedding Yentas

Wedding Yentas

Wedding Yentas and Callaway Gable Photography

Wow! Wedding Yentas has featured A First Class Wedding on their blog. Check out this feature article of our lovely couple with many photographs by Callaway Gable Photography. To read the article and see some of the custom details to this wedding check out the following links.

The Wedding Yentas Blog: http://www.theweddingyentas.com/jewish-real-weddings/real-weddings-maui-hi

Here is the link to Callaway Gable Photography. If you’re in L.A. and are looking for an amazing photographer you have to check them out: http://www.callawaygable.com/

And here is the link to our destination wedding site: http://www.afirstclasswedding.com

Happy reading eveyone!



Honeymoon – How Sweet it is to be Loved by you!

Take me somewhere that we don’t ever have leave our room, a scenic drive, a walk on the beach or dress up for a romantic dinner and completely loose ourselves in each others arms. That’s where I want to go for my honeymoon!

If you’re looking for a honeymoon sweet spot we highly recommend Hawaii. There are seven amazing islands to choose from and we can guarantee that once you visit any of them, a part of your heart will remain there forever.

The top three islands we recommend to consider for your Hawaiian island getaway are Kauai, Maui and Lanai. In the near future we will be offering valuable wedding perks to make visiting Hawaii much easier on your pocketbook. Of course, you will have to become an exclusive member of our wedding network in order to receive them so visit firstclassweddings.com and sign up today!

Honeymoon by First Class Weddings

Hawaiian Road Trip

Hawaiian Road Trip
Hawaiian Road Trip…

Grab a cooler and start driving! This marks the beginning of what we here in Hawaii like to call a Hawaiian Road Trip. There is no rhyme or reason for a spontaneous trip such as this. Typically it is the call of the ocean that entices the gathering of friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon but mostly it is the chance to see what sort of trouble you can get yourself into. Anything goes so be prepared to get wet, maybe do a little cliff jumping, or hike into a remote waterfall, or you may simply never get out of the vehicle. What ever happens, you most likely will get hooked and start craving your next wild adventure, Hawaiian Road Trip Style.

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Contributing Writer: Michael DuPonte

Hawaiian Road Trip by First Class Weddings

Wedding Crasher

Wedding CrasherWedding Crasher 411…


You might want to keep a watchful eye for any guests that are shamelessly eating your hundred dollar lobster and drinking from your custom bar. Or how about a guest that makes an awkward speech and ends it by saying “Congratulations to a life of imprisonment”? All the while everyone is wondering, “who the hell is that?!?”.

If you have a guest that doesn’t appear to have close ties to anyone then maybe they’ve come just to crash your wedding. That my friends, is what we call “The Wedding Crasher”. In Hawaii, wedding crashers show up in surf shorts and sand covered feet. They start dancing to the wrong beat as they go straight for the booze. Unfortunately this may end up in a call to the police. But just think, you’ll have one hell of a story to tell!

Oh, and don’t forget the ever obvious X girlfriend or boyfriend that has had a few drinks and has either come to pledge their undying love for you or is on a mission from hell. These lovely people  are also known as wedding crashers. It is in situations like this where the best man comes in handy. That’s right best men! You do have a job to do yet you just didn’t know it.

Tips to keep a wedding crasher out of the party:

Hire Security and provide them with a guest list. Hire a wedding planner that keeps a head count. Select a private reception location that can be closed off. Or, keep the party small enough to spot any intruders.

Wedding Crasher by First Class Weddings

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Wedding Decor

wedding decor

Wedding Decor and More!

From custom freshly pressed linens, colored up lights, and chivari chairs, to ice sculptures, canopies, signage and more; First Class Weddings has the expertise to satisfy any pallet.  From delivery, set-up and removal it’s like little angels are flying all around the event, sprinkling magic decor dust all over the place! Then when it’s all done, they come back and clean it all up. What more could you ask for?

Wedding decor by First Class Weddings