5 Ways to save money on your wedding

Want your perfect wedding but don’t think you can afford it? Think again! Here are 5 ways you can save money on your wedding with valuable tips from First Class Wedding’s founder, Tammy Ash Perkins, to help you save some money on your big day.

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#1: Get picky about who you invite!

We know that you want everyone to celebrate and even parents have an extended guest list… But the more guests, the more money! The key is to only invite the most important people in your life; family, close friends, etc. That old friend that you haven’t spoken to since high school days, or your mom’s 3rd cousin can probably just get an announcement after the wedding. This will save you money on everything from food, tables, linens, centerpieces, etc. or it can help you to spend a little more on your flowers, a band, favors, or gifts.

#2: Buy Flowers That Are In Season / Use Greenery 

Custom flowers such as black magic roses, lily of the valley or rare orchids can be ridiculously expensive. A great way to save money on your wedding is to use standard flowers that are easily available, or include a lot of greenery. Done right, greenery around just a few flowers can look absolutely beautiful. Doing some research before hand will help you to know the names and meanings of the flowers, when they are in season so that you can get clear on what exactly it is that you want. You can then relay the information to your wedding planner or florist and they can give you a quote based on those selections (or provide substitutions to keep the costs down). Seasonal flowers in your region are always in abundance and cost less as well so try to stick with those.

#3: Skip The Big Meal

Most people are under the general impression that they need to serve a full sit down meal with a lot of very fancy food. However, if you are trying to save money on your wedding then it’s perfectly okay to serve heavy appetizers and drinks instead. Planning an extended cocktail hour with filling appetizers, light music, simple cocktail tables with a simple wedding cake & dessert display is a great option and can save money on your wedding costs. Guests love finger foods and tend to be more social at these types of wedding receptions. Moving your ceremony start time up earlier in the day should be another consideration. Doing a luncheon wedding reception is another definite way you can save money on your wedding.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#4: Choose a Simple Wedding Cake

Budget weddings often suggest that you skimp on traditions yet instead we suggest keeping it simple. Stick to basic flavors, fillings and frostings!  Don’t go picking an elaborate artistic creations with fondants as seen on TV. Keeping your wedding cake simple with a few fresh flowers sitting on top will save you hundreds of dollars and allow you to partake in this ancient tradition. Together with a Champagne toast the cake is gobbled up pretty quickly anyway. Spending extra money to make it look fancy when you are trying to save money isn’t worth it. Save money on your wedding by keeping your wedding cake simple!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#5: Be Conservative on your Save The Date Cards 

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on save the date cards. Building a single web page with an email announcement eliminates costs on paper and postage. Making them yourself are another option. Handmade items have a very inviting feel about them so don’t be afraid to experiment. Another economical (and less time consuming) option is to use postcards instead. This works well if you are having a destination wedding. Nothing like getting a postcard from Hawaii to put up on your fridge. Although a little less hands on, it will get the job done just as well.


5 ways to save money on your wedding By First Class Weddings

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Hand Made Paper

hand made paper

Hand Made Paper

Hand made paper thank you notes, menu cards, place cards, favor tags add a huge personalized touch to your event. There are several companies that you can buy these specialty papers from or you can make the paper yourself (depending on how crafty you are). For those of you who love DIY, this is a great project.

Items you can Recycle that you will need for hand made paper:

Playing Cards
Paper Bags
Egg Cartons
Supplies you will need:
Window Screen in a frame of any size
A container to totally submerse frame
White Felt
Liquid Starch

Instructions for Hand Made Paper:

  1. Fill blender half full with ripped pieces of items and then add warm water and blend until smooth with no pulp.
  2. Fill your container half full and add at least 3 blender loads to it (the more you add, the thicker the paper), mix well.
  3. Stir 2 teaspoons of liquid starch into mix.
  4. Submerge frame with screen into mix and move it back and forth to place pulp onto the screen.
  5. Gently lift frame up and flatten pulp onto area.
  6. Take felt and place on top of pulp, use your sponge to press water out and off of pulp.
  7. Very gently peel fabric and paper away from the frame and screen (this may take practice).
  8. Stack paper with felt onto a plate or baking sheet, press sheets together and squeeze out excess water with another plate or pan if needed.
  9. Carefully separate sheets and hang to dry on clothes line or placing them on dry newspaper.
  10. Cut to desired size and they are ready to use.

Hand Made Paper by First Class Weddings

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Plan a Wedding in 7 Days

Plan a Wedding in 7 days

How to Plan a Wedding in 7 days!

Felling the urge to get hitched without going through the hoopla of a long planning process. Keep it simple girls. Be flexible and don’t sweat the small stuff. Your local yellow pages and “Google” is your key to success. Here are the basic information that you need to plan a wedding in 7 days – based on a small wedding with a few attendants. Break it up over the week so that it flows smoothly into your schedule.

  1. Select your date and preferred time.
  2. Select a Free Venue location – the key word here is Free. This could be your local church, a mountain top or a back yard etc.
  3. Hire a Minister - There are many non-denominational ministers that do just weddings which may work for you. If you want a specific faith then you will need to contact a minister of that faith to find out their fees and availability.
  4. Hire a Musician – a simple soloist of your choice will be perfect. Choose from guitar, piano, violin, harp, saxophone etc.
  5. Hire a Photographer – This can be tricky unless you know of somebody. I would highly suggest searching on Google for images that you love and then call them to see if you connect with them find out their prices and check availability.
  6. Hire a Florist - To plan a wedding in 7 days you will need to determine what your favorite colors are and/or flowers are before speaking with your florist. Remember, you MUST know what you want before you place your order. For example: small french bouquet with white roses, single white rose boutonniere and multi-colored flower petals for the isle, white arch flora etc.
  7. Hire a Rental Company – Determine how many chairs you will need (if any), arch if you want and any other items that will need to be brought into your wedding location. Rental companies will deliver, and remove the items (and some companies will help you set-up as well).
  8. Create and send out an e-vite to all the special people that you would like to attend. Call them to follow-up with them the day after and count how many will come.
  9. Create and Print your own announcements/thankyou’s – You can do this by purchasing custom software, or simply create them in Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, etc. and send them to your local Office Max to have them printed and ready for pick-up in less than 24 hours. Otherwise just pick them up after the wedding.
  10. Get your dress dialed in – In order to plan a wedding in 7 days you will need to be flexible on your wedding dress. I would suggest a simple sun dress (if it’s summer), you can also go to a vintage clothing company or look around at consignment shops. bridal boutiques and department stores. If you remain focused you are bound to score something that will work just perfect.
  11. Get your grooms clothes worked out - If your groom doesn’t have something to wear already you will need to equally find something perfect for him to wear as well.
  12. Decide what you are going to do after the ceremony. A restaurant, a privately catered affair, honemoon etc. Make the calls and/or secure the reservations.
  13. Practice doing your own hair and make-up! No time to waste here, you can do it!
  14. Think about how your are going to arrive at your location and hire a car if you need.
  15. Show up as your beautiful self and remember that the most important thing to remember is that you are uniting together to the person you love from this point forward. Nothing else really matters.

Plan a wedding in 7 days by First Class Weddings