Winter Proposal

Winter Proposal

A Romantic Sleigh Ride – Winter Proposal…

If you’re wondering how to propose to your soul mate or if you’re thinking about how your partner will propose then we have a snowy idea for you. How about an intimate sleigh ride through the snow kissed mountains? Add a warm cozy blanket, hot cocoa, or even some Champagne and there you have it, a unique winter proposal that will surely achieve success.

In Colorado there is a small little town called Breckenridge that can supremely accommodate this type of request. This quaint little town is only an hour and a half drive from Denver and they specialize in this type of romance. With prices starting at $295, the custom ride is well worth your consideration.

For more information visit , or call 970-453-0222. This little company in the heart of the mountains has what it takes to make your winter proposal everything you imagined and more…

Winter Proposal by First Class Weddings

Wedding Workout

Wedding WorkoutUpper Body Wedding Workout!

Come on girls! Let’s get your upper body looking the best that it can be for your wedding day. Extreme results can be accomplished if you follow the golden rules for the best wedding workout ever!


  • You must commit to doing this workout one day a week.
  • Perform each set as SLOWLY as you can.
  • At the end of the set if you feel like you can do one more, then do it!
  • You must do each set until failure. Make your muscles shake!
  • Stretch out afterwords!


Push-ups (on knees) – X7 – This move will supremely tone your chest. It will NOT flatten your boobs! Oh, and remember to do these as slow as you can!

Push-downs (plank) – X10 – That’s right, just start in a regular push-up position and go down to the ground as SLOW as you can. Roll off to the side and get back up for more!

Biceps (10lbs) – X15 – Sit with your elbow resting on the inside of your knee or stand up and bring your dumbbell up to your shoulder. Remember, as SLOW as you can!

Deltoids (5lbs) – X5 – Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Hold your 5lb dumbbells in each hand (down by your side) and slowly lift arms straight out in front of you to shoulder height (palms down) and gently roll arms out away from you and back down to starting position. Slow, slow and slower!

Stay in the loop! Look for our next workout routine will teach you how to have sexy abs without going to the gym three days a week.

Wedding Workout by First Class Weddings

The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love

Love overcomes all things…

Love: all consuming, deceptive, exciting, wonderful, and the delicious symptoms of the inability to eat or sleep, racing heart, nausea, lightheaded feelings, contentedness with the world at large (when you are with that special someone), and maybe a tingling all over– these are some of the many ways in which to define the mystery of “love”.

One mystery of love is how each and every day we play the game of cat and mouse all in the search of “true love.” I think we all know by now that true love is a lot harder to catch than we ever imagined. A famous poet once said, “True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen.”

The thought of two people coming together and having the ability to overcome all obstacles, no matter what the circumstance and to honor, protect, accept, and rise above anything life brings your way is truly the all American dream.

The race of our inner being towards another is something we simply can not deny! And the thought of being able to stare into an others eyes and for a moment, or an hour, or even a lifetime, nothing else in the world matters, is truly divine.

Franklin Jones said” “Love doesn’t make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

Whether or not you have just found your true love, or have discovered that your love for another was unconditional and true by overcoming extreme obstacles, we wish you the greatest of love and happiness for the remaining days of your life.

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The mystery of love by First Class Weddings

Stress free wedding

Stress Free WeddingHow to have a Stress Free Wedding

1. Remember that you can’t please everybody – Be gentle to yourselves and remember the most important reason why you are getting married. Nothing else matters more than that.

2. Include your partner as much as you can – From selecting your invitations, choosing a special song for your first dance, tasting cakes, planning your honeymoon or doing gift registry, it is important to do as much as you can together. This allows for a stress free wedding.

3. Decide if you want (and can afford) to hire a wedding planner – This is a very important first step and could very well be the only solution for some couples in order to have a stress free wedding.

4. Allow as much time as you can to plan your wedding – Making a guest list, Interviewing vendors/planners, allowing extra time to select and print your invitations/thank you’s etc., shopping for the perfect wedding attire, writing special vows, practicing a first dance etc., all of this and more will be easy if you’re not in a rush.

5. Try and bring both families together – In a way, it’s their special day too. Try and give them special attention so they feel the love that you share together.

6. Select a color theme – Choosing two or three colors and sticking to them will set the tone and help you coordinate your flowers, linens, chairs, ribbons, favors, menu cards and all sorts of items. Doing this will definitely pave the way for a stress free wedding.

7. Do your research – Find out things like, what flowers are readily available within your color scheme and how formal of an event you both want makes things so much easier.

8. Write everything down and keep an organized binder - this will help you to effectively communicate your wedding wishes and help you keep track of all the details to your special day.

9. Arrange for a rehearsal if you have more than two attendants on each side - this will make things go a lot more smoothly on your wedding day.

10: Don’t let any unexpected problems ruin your day. This is the biggest way you can have a stress free wedding!


Stress free wedding by First Class Weddings

Holiday Wedding

Holiday Wedding

Holiday Wedding

Happy Fourth of July!

Some people would say that the fourth of July signifies the independence of America from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Others however might say that it is the day that they married their best friend.

Believe it or not, choosing to have a holiday wedding (such as on the fourth of July) is more common than you think. Why? Because couples like to choose a date in which they have fond memories, such as the day they proposed, the day they fell in love, or the day they first met. Sometimes these special days happen to fall on a holiday.

While the fourth of July may not be your holiday wedding day of choice, it most definitely may be the perfect day to for others. Now, if the actual calendar dates are not as important to you as the act of getting married itself then you might want to follow this simple guideline in order to help you select your official wedding date.

First you need to choose a month. When undertaking this task there are many things to consider such as work & school schedules, peak travel times, the weather, and so on and so forth. After you have selected your month choose two to three days in that month (this allows for flexibility with selecting locations and vendors). The exact date of choice could be a favorite number, your favorite two single digit numbers put together, a special date, weekends etc.

Whatever you decide it is important to remember that your wedding day or holiday wedding date will be a constant reminder each and every year of the love that you have for the other. Take some time off from your busy schedules to truly enjoy each other. If that day happens to be the fourth of July then Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

Holiday Wedding by First Class Weddings

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Wedding Make-up

The history of make-up dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians who used copper and lead ore to create the world’s first beauty products.  With the advancement of technology, today there are a number of effective beauty products, tips and tricks to help enhance your overall wedding day look (minus the harmful substances of course!).

Check out these fabulous beauty and make-up tips!


Beautiful skin is the ultimate “beauty accessory” so care for it wisely. Do your research and plan on making a line item in your wedding budget for some high-end products. And when the moment comes that you find something that really works, don’t change it!


Sunscreen is essential to helping maintain an even skin tone.  It is important that you find a product that provides exceptional protection from the sun and neither leaves your face feeling greasy or oily like so many other products do. Our favorite is Shiseido 55, it doesn’t leave a film, make-up sits nicely on top of it and it has amazing protection.


The most common misconception of foundation is that the color should match your face when in fact the perfect foundation or mineral powder should blend flawlessly with the color of your neck.  And most women tend to have a more pink to olive (yellow) skin tone so it is important to remember that products out there are mostly on the pink side of the spectrum. Our favorite is mineral make-up by Bare Essentials


Whatever you may or may not think, eyebrows are an important facial feature, especially on your wedding day. Find a skilled technician that you can trust. By doing so, the right shape and color fill can take years off your face.


Yes, white eyeliner brightens the overall look of the eye (when used correctly) and the color of your eyes plays an important role in the make-up you wear on your eyes.


Yes, white teeth are a must! There are a lot of different options out there so find out what works best for you and do it!

Make-up by First Class Weddings

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Public Restroom

Public Restroom
Even Princesses Have to Pee

Public Restroom

Whoever designed wedding dresses obviously never took under consideration that there might be one point throughout a wedding in which the bride would need to pee. If you are having a fairy tale wedding with a fairy tale dress it might be a good idea to strategically plan how your are going to let if flow. Take the public restroom for example. Small stalls, little privacy, and a lot of dress can make it extremely challenging without some serious help. Ways to get around wetting your dress.
  • Be sure that your dress is bustled up first (if applicable)
  • Recruit a few friends to help you with buttons, ties or lifting each side of your dress
  • Consider removing your dress completely before entering the stall (just be sure to lock the door first)

Now I don’t know about you, but the only time I feel compelled to even consider using a public restroom is when I REALLY need one! So be one step ahead of the game. Consider your public restroom facilities at your ceremony and reception venue(s) prior to the big day (or know the alternative options). And remember, no matter what kind of dress you have, there is no doubt that your public restroom experience will be one of a kind!

Public Restroom by First Class Weddings

Wedding Ethics

wedding ethics

Wedding Ethics

Often, there are certain unspoken rules of engagement when working with other people. This silent protocol is extremely important in establishing who we are as people. Wedding ethics include these types of engagement:

All businesses dealing with a client
A client dealing with businesses
Business working with other businesses
Employees working for a company
Companies that employ peopleIt’s simple really. The five codes of wedding ethics listed below will allow each of us to sustain ourselves in a place where we all are proud to work, live and play. If we all get on board with this silent language, then we all together equally create a healthier, happier world.


Act with integrity.

Be honest.

Follow the law.

Comply with the Code.

Be accountable.

No matter what way you spin it, a person or companies “Wedding Ethics” matter!
Now we all know that there are some people and businesses that make up their own rules of engagement. The funny thing is that these rules are so far off of the five that we have listed above that it makes you wonder what planet they’re on. It is for this reason that we would like to help those that are unclear by reiterating the true meaning of certain words pertaining to Wedding Ethics.


Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.


The quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness
Truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness
Freedom of deceit or fraud


Obliged to accept responsibility
Liable to being called to account; answerable
Capable of being explained
Acting with these wedding ethics means acting honestly. It means that you have done the right thing.

Wedding Ethics by First Class Weddings

Children at weddings

Children at weddingsChildren at Weddings

Children – to have, or not to have at your wedding? Some couples don’t mind, while others do. Which are you? At some point in the planning process children at weddings become a topic of discussion for several reasons and here are a few.

Why couples may not want children at weddings:

Because it’s a formal affair
They don’t’ want to worry about disturbances
Children aren’t their forte
To cut down on costs
To create Buzz
Hire a Nanny or two
Hire a clown or magician
Provide a kids table with activities (coloring, crafts, ipods, etc)
Provide a mini buffet table with finger/favorite foods
Set-up a “build your own” dessert table

In Hawaii, the culture believes that it’s extremely rude if you don’t allow children at weddings. However, in general; each couple sets their own rules when it comes to allowing children at their event.

Consider this! If kids are not your forte than a destination wedding may be the perfect solution to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Children at weddings by First Class Weddings

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Wedding Guest


GOOD Wedding Guest – BAD Wedding Guest

Bad to the bone or good to go? Let’s talk about it because this subject has been completely overlooked for as long as I can remember. If you are a guest at a wedding good manners & proper etiquette go hand in hand like a flame to a candle.  Here are a few Do’s & Don’ts to consider if you happen to know that you are going to be a wedding guest.

Arrive on time! Not only out of respect but it will also save the couple money by preventing overtime charges for vendors that are waiting on you to begin
Help other guests whenever possible!
Take a picture over the photographers shoulder!
Peek over fences, jump over walls, or trespass to see the wedding venue without prior permission
Don’t micromanage the wedding!  Just relax and enjoy this special day.


  • Never wear red to an American wedding unless you want to steal attention away from the bride
  • Remember that private venue’s are just that “private”
  • Respect the photographer and/or videographer’s work! It’s not cool to follow these professionals around taking photos of the poses, scenes, and shots that they’ve already set up., . It’s actually a big “No No”.

Wedding guest by First Class Weddings

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