Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Congratulations! Now that you’re engaged, you and your partner are about to begin one of the most exciting times of your life. No doubt you’ve been asking yourself, “Where do I begin and how much is it all going to cost”?

It’s likely that you have figured out that the details to any wedding & reception are endless! And believe it or not, couples almost always spend more then what they ever think they’re going to spend.

The 3 biggest expenses are most likely going to be your wedding planner, your venue your food and beverage. Then, you have to factor in a quality photographer your minister, musician, flowers, decor, chairs, etc…

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to “be realistic”. I know that there are several other resources out there that are eager to gain your business by telling you what you want to hear vs. what the truth is.

A First Class Hawaii Wedding client on average, spends anywhere from $250 TO $600 per person (all inclusive) for a wedding & reception at a private estate in Hawaii. The final amount fluctuates based on how simple or extravagant you are. However, to be realistic we recommend setting aside an amount within this range for your wedding budget.

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Wedding Budget by First Class Weddings

Wedding Crasher

Wedding CrasherWedding Crasher 411…


You might want to keep a watchful eye for any guests that are shamelessly eating your hundred dollar lobster and drinking from your custom bar. Or how about a guest that makes an awkward speech and ends it by saying “Congratulations to a life of imprisonment”? All the while everyone is wondering, “who the hell is that?!?”.

If you have a guest that doesn’t appear to have close ties to anyone then maybe they’ve come just to crash your wedding. That my friends, is what we call “The Wedding Crasher”. In Hawaii, wedding crashers show up in surf shorts and sand covered feet. They start dancing to the wrong beat as they go straight for the booze. Unfortunately this may end up in a call to the police. But just think, you’ll have one hell of a story to tell!

Oh, and don’t forget the ever obvious X girlfriend or boyfriend that has had a few drinks and has either come to pledge their undying love for you or is on a mission from hell. These lovely people  are also known as wedding crashers. It is in situations like this where the best man comes in handy. That’s right best men! You do have a job to do yet you just didn’t know it.

Tips to keep a wedding crasher out of the party:

Hire Security and provide them with a guest list. Hire a wedding planner that keeps a head count. Select a private reception location that can be closed off. Or, keep the party small enough to spot any intruders.

Wedding Crasher by First Class Weddings

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