Bridezilla Quiz

Bridezilla Quiz

Take our Bridezilla Quiz:

Are you frowning more than smiling?

Are you bossy?

Do you find yourself making demands and giving orders?

Do you have a lot of reasons to complain?

Have you ever gotten angry at your fiance for not being a mind reader?

Are you having a hard time making up your mind?

If you answered “yes” to 3 of these questions then you are definitely behaving like a bridezilla.

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions then you are officially on your way to a full-on bridal meltdown (grooms beware).

Bridezilla Quiz – Meltdown Remedy’s

A spa day with the girls

Plan a fun activity with your friends that has nothing to do with weddings

Find some alone time to re-connect with your fiance

Practice gratitude, patience & understanding

Pour a glass of wine and work in the garden


Stop and Smell the Roses

Bridezilla Quiz by First Class Weddings



(from a wedding planners perspective)

BridzillaWhat makes a Bridzilla?

 1. The bride is planning things without their hired wedding planners knowledge. To relieve the stress of planning your own wedding Brides will often hire a wedding planner. However, many continue to plan things without any communication with their expert. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

2. Contacting your wedding planner daily when the wedding is months away. A Bridezilla can easily overwhelm their wedding planner on a daily basis having multiple conversations about a particular shade of pink. If this is your style, we suggest that you try to write down your thoughts (keep a journal) and collect at least 3 before calling your wedding planner.

3. Changing your mind, again and again. Putting in an order to change something about your wedding over and over again is…well; it’s cruel. Try to make sure you are certain of something before committing to it. Another words, once you make up your mind, stick with it! Be the beautiful and confident bride you are.

Bridezilla by First Class Weddings