Catering and Private Dining

The catering and private dining (food and beverage) portion of the wedding usually carries a great expense, so review your options very carefully!  Private properties allow for private catering services vs. resorts and restaurants that prohibit using any outside caterer – let’s just say that those peeps prefer to keep it “in-house”.  Deposits are always required in order to reserve your wedding date and time exclusively to you.

A worthy wedding planner can earn their keep in this department alone. The pre-contracts that you make and lock in with your caterer BEFORE you actually get your mind set on the location/venue  (or before they know you have) is key to saving a LOT of money. This is a crucial tipping point because once a resort, restaurant, ranch etc. knows that your heart is set on their location they will do everything and anything to get you (a one-time client) locked in directly…in order to be in control and charge you full rate for everything…and then some.

A worthy wedding planner knows what the fair market value is for catering and private dining services are and can lock you in at prices that you would never be able to entertain going it on your own. Unless of course you have a pro in your pocket or know someone that is interested in “gifting” their costs.

Either way, interviewing your caterer in order to find out what services they provide, how they handle food prep, delivery, on-site service, equipment rental, setup and cleanup, liquor, bartenders, and decor is absolutely vital…unless you have an unlimited budget.

Amongst other things, First Class Weddings specializes in contract negotiations, making sure all the costs involved are transparent and up front, we know about assigned seating, grand entrances, rituals, bars etc., and also is fully capable of helping you to select a menu that is interesting without being extreme… These are the kind of secret wedding choices that save you time and money while keeping your wedding vendors from taking advantage of you.

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Private Dining and Catering Services

Whether you prefer traditional Hawaiian, Contemporary American, Vegetarian, Indian, Hindu, Pacific-Rim inspired etc., your dining experience is an integral part of your wedding day. First Class Weddings works with the finest catering companies in order to customize a memorable evening inspired by your own personal tastes.

Catering Menus:

The possibilities are as endless! First Class Weddings begins by providing catering options that you can use as a base when customizing your event. Plated, buffet, or family-style catering is available. Special diets, allergies, and custom requests are no problem!


Create a signature cocktail, select your wines and campagnes from a wide variety of selections, or allow our expert chefs and sommeliers to recommend their ideal pairings.

Catering Fees:

There are often additional fees associated with privately catered events, so it is important to keep these in mind when planning your special day. These items can include (but are not limited to): lighting, rentals, set-up & delivery fees, staffing, gratuity etc… Each event is unique; therefore, catering costs will vary depending on your personal selections. Your wedding expert will be happy to provide you with pricing details, quotes and menu options.