Garment Services

tuxedo & seamstress services

Garment Services

Standard Tuxedo Rental

We offer 51 different styles of tuxedos, 5 types of shirts, 7 different patterned vests with up to 21 different colors. Custom tuxedo selections are available for an additional fee. Gentlemen will need to go to a reputable shop in their home area to get measured by a professional. First Class Weddings will provide measuring charts to confirmed clients. While you’re in the shop please select a basic tuxedo that you like and then contact your First Class Weddings expert to determine if it’s available without any specialty ordering or fees.

Tuxedo Rentals – $ 150 and up

tuxedo and seamstress services

Tuxedo & Seamstress Services

Dresses and Suit Pressing Services

Wedding gowns, veils, trains, bridal party dresses and tuxedos, our qualified seamstress can accommodate all of your needs.

  • Bridal Gown Pressing – $ 45 & up
  • Bridal Gown Pressing with Delivery – $ 125 & up
  • Veil Pressing – $ 20 & up
  • Wedding Party Dress pressing – $ 45 & up
  • Tuxedo Pressing – $ 45 & up

You may ship your gown by way of FedEx or UPS directly to our Seamstress prior to your arrival in Hawaii or you must call to schedule a time to drop it off at least 2 days prior to the wedding. More information is available to confirmed First Class Weddings clients.

FCW Tip:
We highly recommend that the bride find her wedding dress before arriving on Maui due to the limited amount of selections available on Island (bridal party included).

Tuxedo & Seamstress Services by First Class Weddings