Wedding Bouquets

After the wedding gown, the bride’s flowers are probably the most exquisite element of the wedding. They seem to call to us and remind us of our delicate relationship with our life here on earth. Roses are definitely the most traditional and timeless flower yet there are many other poetic blooms with their own meanings that are prized for their beauty and promises of deep and passionate love. Below is some of the specific styles of wedding bouquets that you will have to choose from. It’s helpful to know what your personal style is so that you can then choose flowers that compliment your color theme and will work well in that particular arrangement.

wedding bouquets


A variety of flowers that are arranged in the more traditional plastic oasis. This style is made into a tightly arranged circle and comes in small, medium and large and works well with most types of flowers.

Wedding Bouquets


A variety of flowers are arranged in the more traditional plastic oasis. This style is similar to the Nosegay yet deliberatly drapes the design downward into a waterfall style. This design comes in small, medium or large and works best with light and airy flowers.


Gerbera Daisy


wedding bouquets


Specific flowers that are strategically gathered together by hand and the stems are tightly wrapped with ribbon and can be secured with pearl pins, a broach, or other keepsake item.




Tossing Bouquets


These are miniature french Bouquets consisting of 3 to 5 stems gathered and tied together with simple ribbon.



Presentation Bouquets
Presentation Style

Long stemmed flowers that are gathered and tied together creating a bouquet that you actually cradle in your arm. Wild flowers, calla lily’s, Protea, antheriums, orchids and other tropical flowers work really well with this style.


Lily Flowers



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