Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers

Florals truly speak the language of love.

Whether you are looking for some traditional floral creations or unique tropical arrangements, we can help you design floral masterpieces that are unique and inspiring. First Class Weddings can help you fine tune your vision in order to provide as much or as little flora as you want.  We accept and share photographs, provide you the names of flowers, provide event design concepts, get custom price quotes for specific requests and so much more.

Standard Wedding Florals Include:

When you select one of our wedding packages that includes florals the exact flowers are automatically chosen for you matching your color theme with flowers that are in season (Roses, most orchids, most lilies, most varieties of hydrangea, etc.).

Custom Wedding Florals Include:

This is when you have chosen to build your own wedding package and want to choose specific florals. Some flowers may not be readily available in Hawaii and may have to be shipped in from out-of-state (Calla Lilies, Lily of the Valley, specialty orchids, specialty roses, tulips, etc.). These flowers are considered “special order,” and may incur a higher cost than the standard flower selections. Your wedding planner will be happy to provide you with a quote based on your specific selections. Custom florals will incur an upgrade to the First Class Weddings Packages. A La Carte packages incurs a $50 flower delivery fee.

Bouquets Wedding Bouquets
What fragrant treasures will you hold in your hand while you walk down the aisle? Choose from an array of tropical and delicate varieties in exotic colors to create the essence of your style and personality. $200 and up.

Jasmine Florals

Wedding Flowers Boutonnierres and Other Florals
From artistically designed boutonnieres and corsages to personalized petal cones, it’s the little things that can really enhance your special day. Whatever your heart desires First Class Weddings has the expertise to accommodate any floral request. Contact First Class Weddings today for more details.

white rose florals

Leis Mariah Lyons Hawaiian Leis
Immerse yourself in the culture and add a touch of the islands with a traditional Hawaiian lei exchange. In Hawaii, the minister incorporates the exchange into the ceremony. Each lei is then given to the other with a kiss on the cheek. Hawaiian lei’s come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit the royal couple or simply to grace the shoulders of your bridal party and guests. Maile Lei – $ 75 and up. Tuberose Lei – $ 30 and up. Orchid Lei’s – $ 15 (depending on how many you order)

Camellia Flower Florals

Floral decor Stockwell Floral Decor
The décor you choose can inspire and delight your senses as well as set the mood for one of the most significant days of you life. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Whatever your inspiration, you can trust that one of our wedding specialists have the expertise to help you design something truly sensational.WeddingHydrangea Florals 

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