Wedding Veils

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils – History

Wedding veils date back for centuries. Their significance, although shifted over time, holds a special meaning to many. In the olden days, the lifting of the veil meant presenting the virgin bride to her husband. The bride would wear her hair down and flowing down her back to symbolize virginity and purity. Nowadays, the veil is used more as a symbol of beauty. When the veil is lifted, the bride in all of her magnificince is revealed to her groom and to the wedding guests. They are very fashionable and came tie together a wedding ensemble. Take a look at a few different style veils that we suggest for your big day!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils – Cascading

These long, cascading veils (both above and below) are a classic choice for your wedding day. They are very long and flowing, symbolizing the brides virginity (more so in the olden days). They are perfect for covering your face to later reveal your beauty to your groom. They also add elegance to your whole wedding day ensemble and create mystery… Who is the beautiful bride behind the veil? These veils can be worn with any style of dress and with your hair up or down.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils – Fine Mesh

Fine mesh veils are a unique choice for your big day. Although they do no cover the face, they add a touch of class and fashion. They are a good choice for people who do not want their faces covered and who do not want to deal with flipping it over your head for your wedding kiss. Although not traditional, they are very trendy.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils – Black

Looking to spice things up a bit? A black veil is the perfect way to do so! Perfect for both the ceremony and the reception, black veils are trendy and draw attention to the brides face. Black looks good with any complexion and adds even more mystery than a simple white veil would. Although unconventional, they add some flair.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

White trim around your wedding veil is timeless. Although it doesn’t match with every style of dress (anything with an intricate pattern would clash), against the right dress it’s beautiful.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils – Flower Girls

Did you know that flower girls can wear veils too? It is such a fun way for the flower girls to feel involved and to make believe it’s their big day too! Flower girls want to be just as beautiful as the bride (I know from experience!) so dressing them in a veil is a way to make them feel like a princess walking down the aisle.

Wedding Veils By First Class Weddings

All Pictures From David’s Bridal

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Wedding Shoes

From white to pink to black, the perfect wedding shoes are waiting for you (and for cheap!)

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes – Classic White Heels

Looking for a classic shoe for your big day? Check out these white pumps. A little bit of glitter for pop, these shoes will tie in nicely with any style of wedding dress. They do not draw too much attention to the feet, but compliment the ensemble as a whole. A first class shoe for a first class bride (and only $39.50!)

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes – Reds and Pinks

Looking for something with a little more pop and pizazz? Red and pink are always a good choice with a simple white wedding dress. Sometimes a blast of color is what every bride needs. The bow on the red shoes above are fun and cute, while the pink ruffles below are sexy! Both shoes priced less than $60, these are a great choice for the fashionable bride.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Shoes

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes – Glitter!

Wow, what is the sparkle coming down the aisle? It’s you in your glittery pumps! These heels are for the daring attention seekers out there. Matched with the right dress, these shoes can be so fun and stunning. Although glittery shoes are fun, they are not for everywhere. If you have beading or glitter of any kind on your wedding dress, these shoes will be a little over the top. They are matched best with a simpler dress to add the “wow” factor. These Vera Wang shoes above come in at $88.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes- Black

Black shoes never fail. These black strappy heels are sexy yet very classy. With a little bit of shine to them, you’ll be sure to stand out as you walk down the aisle. These shoes are also perfect for the reception! These shoes, also Vera Wang, are priced at $118.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes – Flats

Not a heels gal? (It’s okay, I’m not either…) There are SO many fun flats to choose for your big day. All colors and fashions are available, but these silver flats above are so cute! The right mixture of flashy and simple, these shoes are only $24.99! A steal. You will be more comfortable walking down the aisle, and are fabulous for dancing the night away with your new hubby :)

Wedding Shoes By First Class Weddings

All Pictures From Davids Bridal 

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Wedding Garters

Wedding Garters

Garters are narrow bands of fabric fastened around the leg used to keep stockings up. These dainty accessories are just a few inches in width and are usually made of leather, lace, cotton, and silk. Wedding garters are adorned with small belts and ribbons to add decor. In the 18th and 19th centuries garters were tied just below the knee which was the most slender part of the leg to keep the stocking from slipping out of place.

Garters can be as simple or as complex as the bride wants them to be. Vintage lace garters are becoming more popular with modern brides. These vintage garters are usually made of lace and have some silver detailing or beadwork on sides.

Garters range is pricing – DIY brides can make their own with lace and elastic or find them on DIY websites for a reasonable price. You can also pay larger amounts of money for more intricate garters such as the thin one featured above. Garters can have diamonds, gems and jewels in the detailing…it all depends on what kind of style you have!

The Garter Toss

The tradition of the garter toss originated in Europe and is one of the oldest surviving wedding traditions that evolved from the Middle Ages. Towards the end of the wedding reception, the groom removes his new partner’s garter then tosses to the unmarried male guests. This tradition relates to the belief that taking an article of the bride’s clothing would bring good luck. In the Middle Ages, the groomsmen would rush towards the bride to take her garter off as a prize…this often resulted in the destruction of the bride’s dress. Yikes! Nowadays, the privilege of removing the bride’s garter is reserved for the groom.

According to the superstition,  the unmarried male wedding guest who catches the garter will be the next man to get married. The bride’s bouquet toss has the same notion as the garter toss… whomever catches the bouquet will be the next to get married. Traditionally, the two people who caught the bouquet and garter would share the next dance.

Wedding Garters

Garters were very popular in the 30s and 40s for their convenience of storing small valuables in place of a small purse. In Elizabethan fashions even men wore garters. They wore them with their hose and colorful garters were an object of display.

Since the 1960s, men’s magazines have featured images of women in underwear and the garters have added an erotic element to these photographs. Brides have been known to include their “something blue” on their garter with a small ribbon or bow for an intimate touch.

Wedding Garters

Today, most brides wear two garters – one to keep and one for the groom to throw during the garter toss. The wedding garters are usually placed on the bride’s right leg by her father. It was popular for the groom to remove the garter with his teeth…in more recent years it has been viewed as more appropriate for the garter to be removed with their hands.

Wedding Garters by First Class Weddings

Black & White Garter Shot from Juxtapose

Diamond Studded Garter from Classy Bride

Thick Tulle Garter from Indulgy

Vintage Lace Garter in Hands from Style Me Pretty

Offwhite Dress & Garter from Etsy

Blue Fabric Flower Garter from Love & Lavendar

3 Individual Gem Garters from La Gartier


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Wedding Lingerie

Wedding Lingerie

Surprise your future partner a few hours before the wedding with some sexy wedding lingerie pictures. Have a secret photo shoot a few months before the wedding and get the pictures developed to give to your partner to keep them excited all day long! If you are shy in front of the camera get your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to take the pictures for you. 

In the English language lingerie is applied specifically to the undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic. Oh la la. In the French language, the term lingerie applies to all undergarments for either gender. This work derives from the French word linge or “washables, do the laundry and washable linen”. European lingerie was made of cotton from Egypt and India. Lingerie are fashionable and typically alluring undergarments. Lingerie may refer to undergarments including flexible, stretchy, sheer or decorative materials like lycra, nylon, polyester, satin, lace, silk and sheer fabric. Certain cotton or synthetic undergarments can also be considered lingerie.

Wedding Lingerie

The concept of lingerie as a erotic and visually appealing underwear was developed in the late nineteenth century. Lady Duff-Gordon was a pioneer in developing lingerie that freed women from the restraints of tight uncomfortable corsets. In the first half of the twentieth century, women wore underwear for three reasons…to alter their shape with corsets, girdles or bras, for hygienic reasons and for modesty. Unlike the smaller versions of lingerie that we see today, it used to be significantly more bulky and large typically covering larger amounts of the body.

The first bra was patented in the twentieth century by Mary Phelps Jacob. When the first World War broke out women were filling in for men’s jobs and a more practical, lightweight fabric was created for these undergarments.

Wedding Lingerie

Lingerie comes in many different types and forms. The most popular kinds of lingerie are babydolls, which are short nightgowns worn with panties…these are loose-fitting with an empire waist and thin straps. Robes or bedjackets can be worn over a nightgown for warmth and modesty…like this beautiful lace robe!

Wedding Lingerie – Styles

Bodystocking , bodysuit or a unitard type of lingerie is worn over the torse and possibly over the thighs and abdomens…usually used to appear slimmer. This lace unitard pictured below has a beautiful “something blue” bow tied to the back. This picture features gorgeous vintage style lingerie that we love!

Simplistic wedding lingerie is very seductive. Pairing a simple white bra with white panties makes a lovely modern bride. In most cases brides wear white lingerie under their wedding gowns.

Wedding Lingerie – White

The color white signifies innocence and purity. Some religions believe in abstinence, which is when a couple waits until they are married to engage in intercourse…this is typically symbolized by the color white. Although not every couple does not practice abstinence, brides do wear the traditional white attire with their gowns and sexy wedding lingerie.

How do you feel about Brides wearing white as a symbol of innocence on their wedding day? Which type of lingerie do you like best? Tell us what you think in the comments!


Sexy Wedding Lingerie by First Class Weddings

Model on Bed from Style Me Pretty

Lacy Robe from That Inspirational Girl

Model with Bulky Necklace from Wedd Book

Lace with Blue Bow from Style Me Pretty

Model with Rose Bouquet from Victoria’s Secret

Lacy Bra & Panty Set from Wedd Book

Garter Picture from We Love It

Flower Hairpiece Model from Peachy Lingerie

Model on White Chairs from F & O Forgotten Nobility

Pearl & Big Bow from Belle de Jour


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Open Back Wedding Dresses – Sexy or Skanky?

Open Back Wedding Dresses

Open Back Wedding Dresses… Sexy or skanky? This has been a debate that has been around for many years. You may ask yourself, “What is considered skanky?” According to Websters Dictionary, skanky is “very unpleasant” and “sleazy”. Sexy, on the other hand, is “attractive and exciting”. Although showing a little skin can be elegant and sexy, a fine line distinguishes that from trashy and skanky. In this post we will look at a handful of open back wedding dresses and debate which is sexy and which is skanky, and small changes that can turn something from skanky to sexy.

Open Back Wedding Dresses – Verdict: SEXY

This dress shows just the right amount of skin while keeping it elegant. The lace on the shoulders and the top of the back leave a little up to the imagination but still screams “I’m sexy and I know it”. It cuts off at the right spot towards the bottom of the back, but not low enough to show any unwanted booty. The hair in a side bun also adds to the elegance of the dress.

Open Back Wedding Dresses – Verdict: SKANKY

We deem this dress skanky because it shows just a little too much skin and lacks any sort of modesty. This is the opposite of leaving something for the imagination. Not only can we see a lot of skin, but we can see every curve of the body. The dress goes a little bit lower down the back than it needs to and the straps are a little too thin. Easy solution to making this dress more elegant and sexy: Thicken the straps and add a little fabric above the behind. Doing this will keep the dress sexy but will make this dress a tad more tasteful.

Open Back Wedding Dresses – Verdict: SEXY

This just screams “sophistication”. The open shoulders and upper back are classy and elegant, while still making a statement. The beautiful pattern down the back adds a little sexiness but still leaves some room to wonder. The flow at the bottom of the dress works nicely with the tighter upper part around the hips and waist. Any groom would be proud to have his bride in a dress like this one!

Open Back Wedding Dresses – Verdict: SKANKY

This is a tough one. While the thick lacy straps are very elegant and sexy, the bottom of the back is where we run into some issues. The dress is very low in the back, almost exposing something that we would rather not see. Although the bow covers up any unwanted skin, you can still make out every curve of the body without leaving anything up to the imagination. Another easy fix: bring the bow up a few inches. It will still be very sexy with the open shoulders and upper back but will refine the beauty of the dress.

Open Back Wedding Dresses – Verdict: SEXY

This dress shows just the right amount of skin. The long sleeves adds elegance while the open back and shoulder blades screams sexy and sophisticated. Long sleeves is always a good choice to off balance an open back showing a lot of skin.

Open Back Wedding Dresses – Verdict: YOU DECIDE!

This last dress is open to interpretation. Our opinion? Could go either way! Although the upper back is very exposed, it doesn’t dip low enough to be considered completely skanky. The straps are very thin and the shoulders are very revealing, but the material of the dress leaves room for wonderment. This is a dress that, at the right time and place, could be great. On the other hand, worn to a more conservative wedding or in front of old family members… maybe not so much!


Open Back Wedding Dresses – Sexy Or Skanky? From First Class Weddings 

Lacy Back Dress with Purple Flowers From Bridaldressin

Open Back Thin Strap Dress From Watters

Open Shoulder Dress From Essensedesigns 

Open Back Bow Dress From Weddingsbylilly

Long Sleeve Open Back From Weddingpartyapp

Open Back Dress with Flower in Hair From Petzsa 


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Groom Style

Black Tuxedo

Groom Style

We always admire the wedding gown, but girls don’t forget about your handsome man.  The groom’s style should showcase his personality and the and the wedding location. From suits to tuxedos, ties and bow ties, hats to suspenders, there are many fashionable options for grooms to look and feel their best. Check out these stylish looks to inspire the most important man in your life!

Tan suits for a beach wedding

Warm Weather Groom Style

Light colored suits are perfect for beach or summer weddings. They have a more casual feel than a black or dark grey suit but look just as sharp!  Suits come in a variety of  fabrics and weights and for weddings in hotter climates some suits can make the groom feel as if he’s about to overheat. To keep from burning up on your big day we recommend choosing a suit in a lighter weight fabric (summer weight).

Beach – Groom Style

For a more casual look grooms may want to ditch the jacket completely and choose to rock a white dress shirt and slacks.  This easy going look is great for weddings in the sand!

Check Shirt

Bold – Groom Style

To spice up groom’s style try adding a shirt in a bold color or pattern like the checkered shirt shown above.  Another way that grooms can to make their wedding style their own is to pair a classic shirt up with a bold tie or a bow tie that compliments his wedding color theme.

Let the groom stand out among his groomsman with a look that is all his own.  For example, the groom can wear a jacket with the groomsman wearing vests or the groom in a vest and the groomsman in suspenders.  This look works great for vintage or rustic weddings and they give the groom and his men a unique and stylish flair!

White Tuxedo

Classic Tux – Groom Style

Tuxedos are always a great look for your handsome groom! A black or a white tuxedo is one look that is classic and will never go out of style.   

Groom Socks

Groom in Hat

Groom Style Accessories

Accessories are a man’s best friend when looking to express personality through their wardrobe.  Colorful socks, unique cufflinks, a beautiful watch, great shoes or even a stylish hat will make him stand apart from the rest of the crowd while expressing his personal style.

Grooms can accessorize their groom style and thank their groomsman at the same time by gifting cufflinks for them to wear on this special day.  Check out the monogrammed cufflinks above!  For more wedding inspiration find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Groom Style by First Class Weddings

Black Tuxedo from Style Me Pretty

Tan Suits from One Wed

Beach Groom from Michelle Turner Photography

Check Shirt and Navy Suit from Buttons & Pockets

Groom in a Vest from Ruffled Blog

White Tuxedo from Desibaytan Photography

Colorful Socks from Every Last Detail

Groom in Hat from Snippit & Ink

 Cufflinks from One Wed


Winter Bride

Winter Bride

From a chill in the air to snow on the ground, winter brides have so many fabulous wardrobe options when it comes to staying warm.  Accessorize your wedding dress with cozy jackets, add a pop of color with a fitted cardigan or step out in the snow and rain in a pair of stylish boots! Cold weather accents are not only fashionable but they will make your wedding style unique.

Bride in boots, scarf and sweater

Winter Bride

A scarf, jacket and boots will help winter brides look good while braving the elements.  For weather that is not so extreme, try a light weight infinity scarf in your wedding colors.  This is easy to put on and take off, it will switch up your wedding look and will create one-of-a-kind photos.

Winter Bride – Faux Fur

A faux fur jacket is a great choice for winter weddings!  Black, brown or winter white, this look is always elegant.

Bride in green cardigan

Winter Bride – Cardigan

Cardigans are the perfect choice for weddings in a mild winter climate.  Add a burst of color and it will totally transform your Winter Bride look!

Nontraditional Winter Wedding Dress

Winter Bride – Glimmer

With the spirit of the holidays in the air, winter brides can choose glamourous attire.  Three Quarter sleeved glitter top over a rich wedding dress is winter wedding perfection.  There is no better time to sparkle than the holidays! Go crazy with sequins, a bolero or a shall.

Bride in Stripped Tights

Winter Bride – Tights

Tights are a winter staple and they are the perfect winter wedding secret.  Nude, black, patterned or bright and colorful, tights will keep brides warm in cold weather without changing the overall look of the wedding dress. And for something super sexy try garter belt stockings :)

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Winter Bride by First Class Weddings

Bride in Winter White from Sweet November Events

Bride in Boots and Jacket from Sarajane Case Photography

Bridal Party in Faux Fur from Green Wedding Shoes

Bride in Green Cardigan from Lovely Girls Weddings

Bride in Pink Cardigan from The Look on TODAY

Bride in Velvet Dress from Pass The Bouquet

Bride in Tights from Erin Ever After

Bride in Sequin Bolero from Chocolate Moose


Colorful Wedding Dresses

Vera Wang Bush Gown

Colorful Wedding Dresses

One of the first things brides do when they become engaged is start searching for the perfect wedding dress. While many brides opt for the traditional white wedding gown, others are choosing a bolder, more modern look for their big day.

We started seeing colorful wedding dresses a few years back and this trend is only gaining speed for 2013!  Silver and gold, pastels, patterns and dramatic shades of red are just some of the colorful wedding gowns we have seen on the runways for the upcoming year.  Check out some of these sizzling styles in a variety of gorgeous hues below!

Carol Hannah Spring 2013

Colorful Wedding Dresses – Carol Hannah – Spring 2013

Vera Wang 2013

Vera Wang 2013

Colorful Wedding Dresses – Vera Wang – Spring 2013

Reem Acra 2013

Colorful Wedding Dresses – Reem Acra – Resort 2013

Douglas Hannant Spring 2013

Colorful Wedding Dresses – Douglas Hannant – Spring 2013

Sarah Seven Fall 2013

Colorful Wedding Dresses – Sarah Seven – Fall 2013

Elie Saab Couture

Colorful Wedding Dresses – Elie Saab Couture

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Colored Wedding Dresses by First Class Weddings

Blush Gown from Grey Likes Weddings

Grey Carol Hannah Gown from Brides

Red Vera Wang Gowns from Wedding Countdown

Purple Vera Wang Gown from Zankyou Magazine

Ombre Reem Acra Gown from Dress Safari

Floral Douglas Hannant Gown from Huffington Post Weddings

Gold Sarah Seven Gown from Green Wedding Shoes

Mint Elie Saab Gowns from Demoislle

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Patterend and solid bridesmaid dresses

Mismatched Bridesmaid Maxi Dresses

There is a new trend in wedding attire….mismatched bridesmaids! No longer are the days that a bride has to choose one dress to please all of her bridesmaids. Nowadays brides are mixing it up and choosing to deliberately mismatch their bridal party.  Stick to one color palette, or rock a rainbow of shades, go for solid dresses or unexpected printed styles. Mixing and matching your bridesmaid looks creates a wedding style that is truly your own.


Pastel Bridesmaids

Pastel Mismatched Bridesmaids

Pastels are great color choices for mismatched bridesmaids as they all go together so nicely! Whether your girls are wearing the same style dress in different colors or have chosen both different styles and colors (as shown above), these sweet shades are light, fresh and oh-so romantic.


Rainbow of bridesmaid dresses

Bright and Colorful Bridesmaids

Check out this outrageous burst of color! There is no right or wrong when you’re a trend setter. From bright and bold to ombre inspired dresses, your options are limitless.  Pick one or two stand out shades or go for every color of the rainbow!  Stay neutral with your flowers to prevent going over board.


Indian saris in a variety of colors

Some cultures ooze color and therefore have way more experience classically pulling it off.  Pay attention to the vibrant colors and bold patterns of these traditional Indian saris!


bridesmaid dresses in a variety of coral hues

Different shades of one color is a great compromise when incorporating more color into your wedding. Shoes can also be mixed up and personalized to each girl’s preference.  Don’t be afraid to experiment ahead of time in order to reach your desired look.


Sequin separates for bridesmaids

Sequin and Lace Bridesmaids

Adding bling is another option when it comes to mismatched bridesmaids dresses.  Two piece ensembles can work fabulously for the right personality.  Just look at the shimmering skirt and top numbers shown above.  These maids wore pieces with the same metallic sequin and lace fabric but in different combinations.  Love this modern take on mismatched bridesmaid attire.

Print bridesmaides dresses

 Mismatched Printed Bridesmaids

Stripes, chevron, dots or floral and lace patterns are an up and coming trend that we should keep our eye on! Mixing fabrics while keeping within the same color tones can also work beautifully. We love these bridesmaids dresses!


Same color bridesmaiddresses in different styles

Mismatched Bridesmaid Styles

Subtle differences in dress styles can go a long way! Have each bridesmaid choose a different dress in the same color! This will make everyone happy, with a dress that is reflects their own personality and body, that they are sure to wear again.

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Mismatched Bridesmaids by First Class Weddings

Mismatched Bridesmaid Maxi Dresses from Molly Sims

Pastel Bridesmaids from Green Wedding Shoes

Colorful Mismatched Bridesmaids from Plenty of Colour

Sari Bridesmaid Dresses from Bridal Banter

Coral Mismatched Dresses from Madeline’s Weddings and Events

Sequin and Lace Bridesmaids from Society Bride

Printed Bridesmaids from Wedding Window

Mismatched Styles from Strictly Weddings




Wedding Shoes

"I do" wedding shoe

Wedding Shoes – I DO Bottoms

You have found your dream gown and now its time to choose the shoes you’ll walk down the aisle in. Shoes are an important addition to any look and your wedding day is no exception.  Wedding location, personal style and comfort are all important factors when choosing your wedding shoes.

Cream wedges with bows

Wedding Shoes – Wedges

If you are saying “I Do” on the grass or beach, stilettos may not be the most practical option as your heels will sink into the ground when you walk.  If you are wanting to wear heels on your big day, opt for a great pair of wedges.  Wedges come in all heights and are more comfortable than shoes with thinner heels.  Most importantly they will keep your heels above ground!

Sparkly TOMS shoes

Wedding Shoes – TOMS

After walking down the aisle, standing for pictures, greeting guests and dancing the night away, your feet will be begging for a break!  Flats are not only comfortable, but can also be very stylish!  Ballerina flats or even sparkly TOMS are a great option for wedding shoes.  Slip on a pair of embellished flats to compliment the rest of your wedding day and save those beautiful feet.

Jeweled wedding foot jewelry

Wedding Shoes – Foot Jewelry

If you are having a destination or beach wedding then flat sandals, sneakers or even no shoes at all are the perfect choice. The foot jewelry seen above adds a touch of sparkle while keeping your feet firmly set on the sandy beach.

Groom's shoes

 Wedding Shoes – Indian Groom

In India the groom’s shoe is just as important as the bride’s. The above photo is from one of our Indian grooms. It is traditional to remove the shoes before entering the ceremony alter which is how we managed to sneak in this shot.  No matter what type of wedding shoe you choose, be sure to make the look unique by expressing your own personal style.  Groom’s too!

Blue Louboutin Wedding Shoes

Add a playful touch to your wedding day look! Incorporate your color scheme into your bridal wardrobe with bold, colorful wedding shoes. Christian Louboutin (seen above) is not only one of  the most sought after and luxurious shoe designers but his trademark red heels will make a bold statement!

Bride putting on wedding shoes

Compliment an elegant wedding look with a satin or lace pair of  heels to match your gown.  Feel free to adorn wedding shoes with shoe clips (think flowers, feathers or jewels) to make any shoe truly unique.

Hand painted wedding shoes

Wedding Shoes – Hand Painted

Attach a hidden message! Write on or place a rhinestone applique on the bottom of you and/or your grooms shoes… or go all out and wear a pair of hand painted wedding shoes (like seen above). Shoes are an important part of your special day so kick up your heels and get the party started!


First Class Weddings Seal


Wedding Shoes by First Class Weddings

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