Gatsby Wedding


Are you Gatsby’d out yet??? We certainly aren’t! This trend took off very quickly in the wedding industry! Brides just cannot get enough of that Gatsby! Who could? Gatsby weddings are classy, high-end & so visually appealing! The black & gold accent colors add instant glamour to these weddings.

Did you know that the word gatsby refers to a type of South African style sandwich? However, the word gatsby is also a synonym for cool, swanky, & impressive – exactly how it is perceived in the movie, The Great Gatsby…the book about the “unattainable dream” is completely attainable with the expertise of First Class Weddings. We encourage you to “Live your Dream”…

Black & gold themed cakes are a major hit in the Gatsby world! These beautiful cakes are elegant and are just too pretty to cut into!

Crystal chandeliers hanging high above the ceiling add a stunning vintage look and make the lighting in the room romantic & intimate! Crystals, gems & pearls make for a lovely old fashioned feel and make you, as a bride, look glamourous!


Are you a roaring 20s bride? Bold black eyeliner & light eyeshadows make bride’s eyes pop! Don’t forget some pearls & gold earrings to hang below that gorgeous roller-style hair!

We LOVE these gorgeous earrings! These cascading tear drop earrings are a bold statement and would look lovely underneath wavy hair!


As depicted in the book & movies, Mr. Gatsby is a rich man who happened to come into a lot of money during his life. He lives a glamourous lifestyle & knows how to throw a party. This Gatsby groom is rockin’ his white tuxedo while looking sharp & is ready to be the life of the party.

All that glitters can be gold! Sparkling confetti falling from the high ceilings screams “Gatsby!”. These luxurious wedding details are extravagant & make for a stunning wedding. Black & gold were considered to be popular colors in the 20s when throwing parties. These colors once signified your status & class.

Gold silverware & gold rimmed plates are simple yet high-end. The fold of the napkin resembles that of a bow tie which all of the gentlemen wore to the parties that Mr. Gatsby threw in his mansion…

If you really want to make a grand exit, think about your transportation! In the 20′s the car was a newer invention that was coming in cool shapes & sizes. Back then cars were for the wealthy who were amongst the few who could afford to own them… & if you were seen driving off in one of these babys you would be making a memorable exit!

Gatsby jewelry, invitations, entryway & place cards from Bridal Guide

Gatsby Cake from Style Unveiled

Gatsby Hair & Make-up from Wedding Bells

Gatsby Groom from Expressionary Events

White Gatsby car from Martha Stewart Weddings

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Confetti Alternatives

At the end of a wedding, guests will typically throw confetti or rice as the bride and groom are making their grand exit…hmmm, who started this tradition and why do we throw confetti up in celebration? First Class Weddings has discovered that the word “confetti” originated from the Italian word “confectionary” which refers to sweets such as sugared almonds or candied fruits. These sweets were typically handed out during special celebrations. In America we refer to confetti as shreds of paper. The throwing of confetti to the couple is a very old tradition to bless the couple so that they can be as fruitful as the grain or rice thrown upon them.  Today, modern brides have been personalizing this outdated tradition to include more fun and creative ways to bless their departure… check out these cool and modern wedding confetti alternatives!


Paper planes are a great photo opp! These planes could be made of your wedding colors, hung in trees, used as a theme and are great for pictures! This confetti alternative is environmentally friendly. They can easily be picked up and taken as a wedding favor or something fun for the children at the wedding to take home and enjoy!


For a light and simple alternative for confetti why not look at making yarn pom poms? These DIY pom poms are soft and bouncy and adorable for your grand exit! You could use any color of yarn to make these confetti alternatives!


Maybe you’re the type of couple who doesn’t want to clean up thousands of pieces of confetti – luckily there are alternatives! The guests could use bells to ring in the newlyweds! The sweet sounds of love ringing in the air is delightful!


The great thing about using glitter as confetti is the unlimited color schemes you can create! What a wonderful flash of color photographers can capture as you leave your wedding. This option is ideal on grassy locations. Sparkle sparkle!


Lavender is a great confetti alternative especially if your wedding colors coordinate with the purple color of lavender. You can place the lavender in custom linen bags, fill cones, or hand made paper envelopes. This confetti is very romantic and aromatic!


Traditional American confetti consists of paper shreds. You can keep the tradition alive by modernizing it and cutting or stamping shapes out of newspapers or old books for a unique spin on the old ways of doing confetti celebrations!


What a great way to use the resources of Mother Earth! Filling paper bags with leaves for fall wedding confetti would be so beautiful! Everyone has loved to throw leaves in the air since they were young… think about entering a new stage of your life under a cascading flow of gorgeous fall leaves!


Environmentally conscious? Bird seed is a great confetti alternative! Toss as much bird seed out on the sidewalk as the newlyweds walk out but make sure to keep it off the grass – it causes weeds to grow! However, the birds will thank you!


Paper plane, pom pom, bell, lavender and leaves confetti from One Fab Day

Glitter confetti from Wedding O’ Mania

Paper hearts confetti from Wedding Friends

Bird seed confetti from Tamryn Kirby


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Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release

A Memorable Butterfly Release

If you love butterflies, you might want to consider doing a butterfly release after the wedding ceremony. It’s fun and adds a special touch to everyone’s experience. There are several companies that will sell and ship you butterflies in cute little boxes. You can refrigerate them until the day of the wedding (to keep them sleeping). The more you release, the better! When the temperature reaches 70 degrees or more the butterflies fly out of the boxes and often cling to the color White. This makes the bride the center of attention with many wonderful photographic opportunities. For more information on butterflies we recommend visiting
Hawaiian Butterfly Release by First Class Weddings

Aisle Runners

Aisle Runners

Modern Aisle Runners

Is there such a thing? The traditional aisle runners have been “a thing of the past” until now. The Original Runner company ( has literally recreated the aisle runner. Using modern designs and non-slip backings, these aisle runners are something to talk about. From flower petals to custom monograms if you’re curious, we encourage you to take a peek!

Check out for photos and more!

Aisle Runners by First Class Weddings

Menu Cards

Menu Cards

Menu cards add personality and style to your reception table

Menu cards can be tucked in the front pocket of a carefully folded napkin and then strategically placed in the center of a beautiful charger. Hotels & Resorts are famous for adding little details such as this to enhance the overall look and feel of your reception.

First Class Weddings loves Ceci New York and they can create custom menu cards specifically tailored to your event. So, if your looking for save-the-date cards, invitations, programs, place cards, menu cards, gift tags, announcements etc., check out Cici New York!

This company is truly amazing!

Menu Cards by First Class Weddings