Peacock Weddings

A First Class Maui Wedding - Peacock Wedding

Peacock Weddings

More and more modern coupes have become very interested in a peacock wedding theme because of the vibrant color palette and the additional look of elegance and wildness. The most popular peacock colors are aqua, teal, green, gold, black and purple…not all of these colors need to be included, mix and match these colors to for your perfect wedding! Elaborate patterns of peacock feathers display colors of beauty, power and protection. The more accurate name for the peacock is a peafowl. They are known for the male’s extravagant display of feathers of their tail or train. The train of feathers resembles the train of a wedding dress with its long flowing trail of beauty draping behind the bride.

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The peacock feather makes for amazing inspiration for wedding themes… In Buddhist philosophy, a peacock represents wisdom and are used in many rituals and ornamentation due to their intricate designs on their feathers. Peacock motifs are widespread throughout Indian temple architecture, coinage, textiles and other types of modern art. Modern brides are including the beautiful peacock feathers in their bouquets mixed with blue, green and purple flowers and plants.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Peacock Wedding

Peacock Weddings

The male peafowl is known as a peacock and the female is known as a peahen. The male is a metallic blue and has greenish-blue feathers throughout its body. His train contains over 200 feathers and each feather ends with an elaborate eye-spot as seen on the royal blue shoes featured above. The female peahen is mostly brown and does not actually have the vibrant colors that the male does. This is because the female needs to remain hidden from predators in order to protect her young while the male is colorful and attractive to female mates.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Peacock Wedding

For a peacock wedding, brides can choose bridesmaid dressed that are completely colors like the colors of a peacock or do more subtle colored dresses with some peacock touches like colored shoes, hairpieces or jewelry.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Peacock Wedding

Peacocks were often kept in menageries and as ornaments in gardens and estates of the wealthy. References in the Bible mention kings owning peacocks to display power. In Medieval times, knights took a “Vow of the Peacock” and decorated their helmets with their plumes, or feathers.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Peacock Wedding

Peacock wedding themes are versatile and can be used for any season of the year. If you are still looking for a theme for your wedding, a peacock theme is a trendy and cool way to have bold beautiful colors incorporated into your wedding!


Peacock Weddings from First Class Weddings

Rings, Bouquet, Bridesmaids and Hair Feathers from Stacy Reeves

Peacock and Peacock Shoes from Amorology


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5 Ways To Use Succulents In Your Wedding

Succulent Weddings

5 Ways To Use Succulents In Your Wedding

Succulents are knowns and grown because of their ornamental plant status. These plants have a striking and unusual appearance – they often apear swollen or fleshy than other plants because of their water storing abilities due to their usual dry climate. Succulents come from the family of cacti and are a good plant to pick to incorporate into your wedding because they are hearty and don’t wilt in the heat! Choose to incorporate these unique plants into your wedding in the 5 ways we, at First Class Weddings,  showcase for you!

Succulent Weddings

5 Ways To Use Succulents In Your Wedding – Bouquets

The first and most simple of ways to include these interesting plants into your wedding is through your bouquet. Modern brides keep it simple by pairing succulents with light colored blooms or berries to make lovely flower arrangements. There are dozens of different kinds of succulents to choose from ranging in colors from light green to dark green, blues and grays… the options are endless!

Succulent Weddings

This beautiful bouquet has vibrant poppies, succulents, ranunculus and black berries… gorgeous! These succulent plants make a bold statement by themselves – pair the green of succulents with bold pops of color for a completely different type of bouquet!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Succulent Wedding

5 Ways To Use Succulents In Your Wedding - Boutonnières

Like the bouquets, boutonnieres are a wonderful way to incorporate succulent plants into your wedding. Hugging guests and dancing can take a toll on your wedding flowers and boutonnieres….succulents are sturdy large or small plants that will hold up during your entire wedding day celebration.

Succulent Weddings

Succulent Weddings

5 Ways to Use Succulents In Your Wedding – Desserts

Create a WOW factor by including bright green succulents on your simple yet elegant wedding cake. Using flowers as decorations for cakes has been becoming very popular with modern brides….choose to use succulent plants instead of typical flowers….dare to be different! Succulents are often found on very simple white cakes or desserts to tie in the theme or flowers used in the bride’s bouquet or the groom’s boutonniere.

Succulent Weddings

Succulent Weddings

Succulent Weddings

5 Ways to Use Succulents In Your Wedding – Favors

The wonderful things about succulent plants is that if a part of it breaks off, it can be replanted and grow again. Imagine having a large succulent plant before the wedding, separating pieces into small pots, and giving them away to guests as wedding favors… now everyone that attended your wedding has a little bit of your home! Using succulents in weddings is a fantastic way to make your wedding more eco-friendly – they can be replanted into a garden for the happy couple or for wedding guests.

Succulent Weddings

Succulent Weddings

5 Ways to Use Succulents In Your Wedding – Hair

How beautiful are these succulent hair pieces? These are very romantic hairstyles and we just cannot get enough! The greens of these succulents look amazing with every single hair color and type. Succulents make for serious hair envy!

Succulent Weddings

5 Ways to Use Succulents In Your Wedding by First Class Weddings

Single Succulent from Pics to Pin

Succulent Cake from Style Me Pretty

Succulent Cake Topper from Style Unveiled

5 Succulent Boutonnieres from 100 Layer Cake

Succulent Place Card and Rings from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Love Grows, Hair and Shoes from Brides of Adelaide

Succulent Bouquet from Etsy

Brunette Hair from Lamb and Blonde

Succulent and Ranunculus Bouquet from The Bottom of the Ironing Basket


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Geeky Weddings

The term geek has gone from something less desired to something people strive to be. The proper definition of a geek, according to Websters dictionary, is “an unfashionable or socially inept person”. Although this definition used to hold true, nowadays being called a geek is something positive. Geeky is the new sexy! Having a geeky themed wedding will set your wedding apart from any and all others.


Geeky Weddings – Cakes

No geeky wedding is complete without the perfect cake. From movie themes to video games, the perfect geeky cake is right in front of you. In the picture above we see a perfectly executed Pac Man cake. From the detail to the toppers, this cake is geeky and elegant at the same time. Need another geeky food idea? Check out these Spiderman sugar cookies. They scream geek yet are cute and fun. Other ideas for cakes and sweets include taking your favorite movie or video game and making it come to life through cakes and cookies.

Geeky Weddings – The Groom

The perfect geeky groom has the right mix of hip and geek. He has style and nerdy flair at the same time. Because being a nerd is something people now strive to be, a geeky groom is one of the sexiest grooms around. The groomsmen of a geeky groom need to add to the geeky feel of the wedding. The picture above is a fantastic idea for your groomsmen to keep the geeky feel of the wedding.

Geeky Weddings – Rings

There are endless possibilities of ways to present your rings. Take the lego bride and groom above, for example. These could be used as anything from a cake topper to a table place holder. They are perfect for pictures, endearing and fun. Another great idea would be to use video game characters (such as Super Mario or Zelda) to hold your rings. Geeky, yet hip and entertaining.

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s… Batwoman Bride!

Geeky Weddings – Escort Card

Every geeky theme has it’s own unique style. Take this Harry Potter theme, for example. The escort cards are around the sorting hat, and each person is assigned to a house. Is is elegantly displayed yet geeky as geeky can be. Because each geeky theme is one of a kind, the ideas are endless. Sticking with one particular geeky theme will make it easy to come up with cute ideas for escort cards and table settings.

Geeky Weddings – Theme Ideas

There are many different directions you can go with your geeky wedding. From movie themes such as Star Wars, Disney, or the Hunger Games (above), to video games such as Super Mario, Pac Man, or Zelda, every theme is specific and special. You can turn a simple theme, such as the Hunger Games, into an adventurous and memorable wedding. Geek is the new sleek!

Geeky Weddings By First Class Weddings 

Hunger Games Wedding From Incredible Things

Batgirl and Pac Man Cake From When Geeks Wed

Cartoon, Superhero Boutonnieres, and Lego Wedding Rings From Wedding Invasion

Spiderman Cookies From Bake Greek 

Harry Potter Wedding From Bridal Guide

Superhero Grooms From Talk Nerdy To Me

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Rainbow Weddings


With so many colors of the rainbow how can you choose just one for your wedding? These days, you don’t have to! Having a rainbow wedding allows you to include the entire spectrum of colors! A Rainbow signifies the beauty after a storm but do you know how is this spectacle created? I’m sure it’s an optical & meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere. This super amazing natural beauty then results in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky – usually taking the form of a multicolored arc.

Rainbow Wedding Dresses

The colors of a true rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. Newton, in 1672, divided the spectrum into five main colors: red, yellow, green, blue & violet…he then later added orange & indigo. There are now seven main colors to go with the analogy to the number of notes in a musical scale. We love the idea of having each bridesmaid wearing a different colored dress according to the rainbow spectrum. Super cute!

Rainbow Wedding Flowers

Flowers come in many different shapes, sizes & colors. Rainbow weddings provide a smorgasbord of all kinds of flowers…and there’s not one single flower you couldn’t include in your bouquet!

The color pattern of a rainbow is actually less saturated than the color wheel yet this doesn’t stop bride from using big beautiful bold colors from the rainbow in their weddings. You could have each bridesmaid carrying a bouquet of flowers for each color of the rainbow or have bouquets with different colors of flowers intermixed.

Rainbow Wedding Cakes

Rainbows form a significant part of human culture…they appear frequently in mythology, in the arts & for gay pride. The rainbow is a natural phenomenon noted for its beauty & its place in the sky – why not place its beauty throughout your wedding & into your wedding cake! The decorations are truly up to the imagination. There are white cakes with small rainbow details and once you cut into the cake you see a rainbow marble cake! This is really cool!  You can be bold or subtle with rainbow weddings.

Rainbow Wedding Attire

Rainbows are painted into works of art that are romantic & filled with landscapes and fleeting effects of light. Rainbow flags have a stereotype to represent gay pride, however, they are also used as a sign of a new era, of hope, or of social change. This representation of hope & starting a new life is a perfect theme to have when starting a completely new chapter in your life.

We love the idea of having a suits in an array of colors to express the rainbow theme, but if you are looking for something more subtle then maybe consider the boutonnieres to be rainbow colored or the cufflinks to be each color of the rainbow. The bridesmaids could also take a more bold or subtle approach to their rainbow attire. This picture of the rainbow dresses below are fabulous! And don’t forget the Rainbow sunglasses, they would be a great accessory for a photo booth!

Hope, love & change – Rainbows can represent new hope & new life. How do you feel about rainbow weddings? Would you take a bold approach or take the subtle road? Tell us what you think in the comments – we would love to hear your opinions!


Rainbow Weddings from First Class Weddings

Rainbow Flowers, Cakes & Sunglasses from Formal Dresses

Bridesmaid’s & Bride’s Flowers & Groomsmen Attire from Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Dress with Yellow Belt from Boho Weddings

Rainbow Rings & Dresses from Pop Sugar

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Naked Wedding Cakes

The tradition of the wedding cake began in Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple. In Medieval England, cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride & groom to kiss over. If they successfully kissed over the huge stack of cake without knocking it down they were guaranteed a prosperous life together. Other traditions included the bride placing a ring inside the couple’s portion of the cake to symbolize the acceptance of the proposal.


Wedding cakes with no frosting or fondant?? Seems absolutely crazy right? We love these untraditional wedding cakes! A wedding cake is served at wedding reception following the dinner. In some parts of England, the wedding cake is served at a big wedding breakfast the morning after the ceremony…cake for breakfast? Can’t say no to that! In modern Western culture the cake is usually on display during the wedding reception…these wedding cakes were traditionally made to bring good luck to all the guests & to the couple. Nowadays wedding cakes are more of a centerpiece for the wedding & can also be a visual stunner!

Wedding cakes without icing don’t have to be ugly! These cakes that do not have fondant on them could have powdered sugar, yummy syrups, vibrant colors or fresh fruit decorating the outside of the cake. We love the idea of having an ombre style layered cake with the wedding colors like this beautiful pink & purple naked cake.


There are so many reasons to love these unconventional wedding cakes! Naked wedding cakes typically have less sugar & calories due to their lack of fondant layers & buttercream toppings. The flavors of the different layers of the cakes will take the forefront & not be overpowered by sugary frosting.

This small naked wedding cake is topped with delicious caramel syrup & is making our mouths water! What type of syrup would you have on top of your wedding cake? This type of cake is an untraditional attention grabber & we love the simple understated look of a “naked” cake.


Naked wedding cakes started to hit the market in late 2012 & now into Spring & Summer 2013 these cakes are taking off! Rustic & simplistic weddings are really diving into the nakedness of these beautiful cakes.

Fondant is not usually the most appetizing dessert on the planet, but it does create a clean cut look – we say 86 the fondant! Most wedding guests peel the fondant off of their slice of cake anyway…save some money by getting rid of it completely with naked wedding cakes.

How do you feel about these naked wedding cakes? Do you think that you would consider a naked cake for your wedding? Or do you hate it and think a cake without frosting or icing isn’t a cake at all? We would love to hear your opinions on the frosting-free debate! Love it? Love it not?

Naked Wedding Cakes by First Class Weddings

Chocolate Bottom & 3 Tier Pink Rose Cake from My Pretty Mummy

Small Rose Cake from Town & Country

Purple Layered Cake from Simply Perfect Wed

Brown & White Caramel Cake from Chicago Wedding Blog

2 Tier Cake from Style Me Pretty

Succulents & Berries Cake from Simply Peachy

3 Tier White Flowers Cake from Style Me Pretty

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Circus Weddings


What better way to have a TON of fun on your wedding day than to have circus themed weddings? A circus is commonly known as a traveling company of performers that typically includes clowns, acrobats, trained animals & other stunt-related artists. All of these acts are introduced by a ringmaster who is the most visible performer in the modern circus.


A traditional circus performance is held in a ring, usually 42 feet in diameter, this dimension was adopted by a Philip Astley to be able to have a horse rider stand upright on a cantering horse to perform a series of acrobatic maneuvers. All of these acts take place inside of the tent also known as “The Big Top”. This size of ring allowed the acts, especially acrobatic acts, to easily retain their balance. A great way to arrange your seating would be to have tiered seating around the ring for the public, like an actual circus, for wedding guests.


The ringmaster is the most important because he manages the stage and the performances. The ringmaster can also be the owner & artistic director of the circus. How cute would it be to have the groom dressed as the ringmaster like the couple above did?? Love the red!


Every color looks wonderful for circus weddings…however, red would be a wonderful main color to have. This color would match The Big Top tent, clown noses & ticket stubs. We love that these bridesmaids have similar bouquets to the bride’s bouquet but have more emphasis on the main color, red!

Love the red shoes on the bridesmaids! The light shades of blue & gray of the bridesmaid’s dresses mixes very well with the pops of red in their bouquets and shoes!

You can enter into a circus after the purchase of tickets! Ticket stubs are inexpensive to purchase in bulk for added detail. This table runner made of ticket stubs is brilliant! We LOVE it. Popcorn is another circus treat – this makes for great centerpieces & flower holders! Bright colors & circus music make everyone feel like a little kid again!


Modern brides have been very creative with wedding cakes. A new trend that keeps popping up is having individual desserts instead of one huge cake! This way there is no time wasted having the cake taken away to be cut and served…now guests can serve themselves with bite-sized brownies or cupcakes! We love the use of ticket stubs on this cake!

Please share your circus wedding pictures & ideas with – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Circus Weddings from First Class Weddings

Tickets Sign from French Kiss the Bride

Wedding Program & Tent from Green Wedding Shoes

Short Wedding Gown & Bouquet from Style Me Pretty

Popcorn Flower & Coke Bottles from Green Wedding Shoes

Carousel Straws & Cake from Ruffled

Tissue Pom Poms & Brownie Cakes from Tara Swain


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Bohemian Weddings


Being identified as “bohemian” has gone from being an outcast to uniquely different. From the colorful flowers to the distinctive ambiance, bohemian weddings are up and coming. The term bohemian in the past has been characterized by someone who is socially unconventional and especially interested in the arts. Over the years the term has turned into a funky and individualistic trait that is to be desired. The word bohemian, used in this sense, comes from the French “gypsy”.


A bohemian groom is known for being slightly hipster; unconventional, if you will. Although his appearance may not be as unique as the bride, his charm brings a whole new element to the term bohemian.


Bohemian’s love color. Color in everything from flowers to tablecloths to cakes. It brings happiness and uniqueness into anything and everything you want. Take the table setting below, for example. We see a green tablecloth with beautiful colorful flowers in the middle in a rustic setting. This will make for a wedding that will not easily be forgotten.

Colorful flowers, such as ranunculus, draw attention to the bride while offsetting her white dress, making her stand out and be memorable.


Little girls can be bohemian too! This lovely flower girl is rocking the messy hair and fashionable forehead headband, making her stand out and adding an extra charm to an already unique wedding.


Bohemian’s are known for being one with nature. Being unconventional and rustic makes the term bohemian what it is today. That being said, earthy cake themes are the perfect addition to your bohemian wedding. The cake above takes nature and turns it into something elegant and, again, memorable.


Bohemian Weddings by First Class Wedding 

Bohemian Bridesmaids and Centerpieces From Green Wedding Shoes

Table Setting From Style Me Pretty

Flowers From Style Me Pretty

Flower Girl From Flickr

Bride in Colorful Garland From Green Wedding Shoes

Man Holding Cake From Green Wedding Shoes

Groom Juggling From Milou and Olin Photography


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Nautical Wedding


Ahoy, Matey! Are you the type of bride who is “Naut-y”? A nautical wedding may be for you! The word nautical pertains to sailors, ships, or navigation through bodies of water… We want to set sail and float away on this love boat!


Sailors’ knots & wooden wheels create waves for the eyes to swim across. When we think of nautical weddings we think of very traditional reds, whites & blues… the deep red cherries add beautiful bold color to the neutral base of the table & are a delicious summer fruit!


White hydrangeas are a great flower to include in a nautical wedding theme. They go well with colored ribbon such as blue & white striped ribbon which is very common with nautical themes.


The gold anchor, pops of red flowers & rope lining the cake make this dessert ship shape! This nautical wedding cake is made of fondant overlay and fondant blue & gold detailing.


Lacy vintage wedding dresses flow very well with the nautical theme. These dresses look traditional & could be short or long depending on your venue or taste. Going along with the blue & white striped theme… the bride’s shoes are a great way to get those wonderful bold colors into the wedding attire…swipe on some red lipstick & you are ready for your first mate!


We have mentioned our love of non-floral bouquets before… but we LOVE this seashell bouquet! This type of bouquet goes wonderfully with the nautical wedding theme and is a memorable keepsake that will last for a lifetime. Tie this bouquet with a little striped ribbon & you are set!


The pinstriped groom’s attire & Sperry shoes are perfect for a nautical wedding. The red, white & blue tie with the starfish boutonniere compliment the bride’s bouquet & overall ambiance of the wedding. Men who boat are typically seen wearing boating shoes such as these & would be comfortable for all the groomsmen as well.

If you have any nautical wedding ideas of your own we would love to see them and chat! Send them to – We can’t wait to hear from you!

Nautical Wedding by First Class Weddings

Love Boat from Skinny Pumpkin Desserts

Nautical Place Settings from Wedding Chicks

Shoes from Style Me Pretty

Ahoy Bride from A Jubilee Event

Anchor Cake from Wedding Bells 

Starfish Bouquet from Somer Anne

Groom’s Lapel from A Stunning Affair


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Gatsby Wedding


Are you Gatsby’d out yet??? We certainly aren’t! This trend took off very quickly in the wedding industry! Brides just cannot get enough of that Gatsby! Who could? Gatsby weddings are classy, high-end & so visually appealing! The black & gold accent colors add instant glamour to these weddings.

Did you know that the word gatsby refers to a type of South African style sandwich? However, the word gatsby is also a synonym for cool, swanky, & impressive – exactly how it is perceived in the movie, The Great Gatsby…the book about the “unattainable dream” is completely attainable with the expertise of First Class Weddings. We encourage you to “Live your Dream”…

Black & gold themed cakes are a major hit in the Gatsby world! These beautiful cakes are elegant and are just too pretty to cut into!

Crystal chandeliers hanging high above the ceiling add a stunning vintage look and make the lighting in the room romantic & intimate! Crystals, gems & pearls make for a lovely old fashioned feel and make you, as a bride, look glamourous!


Are you a roaring 20s bride? Bold black eyeliner & light eyeshadows make bride’s eyes pop! Don’t forget some pearls & gold earrings to hang below that gorgeous roller-style hair!

We LOVE these gorgeous earrings! These cascading tear drop earrings are a bold statement and would look lovely underneath wavy hair!


As depicted in the book & movies, Mr. Gatsby is a rich man who happened to come into a lot of money during his life. He lives a glamourous lifestyle & knows how to throw a party. This Gatsby groom is rockin’ his white tuxedo while looking sharp & is ready to be the life of the party.

All that glitters can be gold! Sparkling confetti falling from the high ceilings screams “Gatsby!”. These luxurious wedding details are extravagant & make for a stunning wedding. Black & gold were considered to be popular colors in the 20s when throwing parties. These colors once signified your status & class.

Gold silverware & gold rimmed plates are simple yet high-end. The fold of the napkin resembles that of a bow tie which all of the gentlemen wore to the parties that Mr. Gatsby threw in his mansion…

If you really want to make a grand exit, think about your transportation! In the 20′s the car was a newer invention that was coming in cool shapes & sizes. Back then cars were for the wealthy who were amongst the few who could afford to own them… & if you were seen driving off in one of these babys you would be making a memorable exit!

Gatsby jewelry, invitations, entryway & place cards from Bridal Guide

Gatsby Cake from Style Unveiled

Gatsby Hair & Make-up from Wedding Bells

Gatsby Groom from Expressionary Events

White Gatsby car from Martha Stewart Weddings

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Cool Cake Toppers


The tradition of having a cake topper has been rumored to originate from western wedding traditions. One story about the origin is based off a baker’s daughter who asked her father to make a symbol of love that would be visible to her guests at her wedding… according to this story, the father made two figurines, the bride & groom, that stood on top of the cake. It wasn’t until the 1920s that cake toppers became common & popular. Now, modern brides are exploring their options of how to express their love through activities that the couple enjoys together…such as bicycling!


Wedding cake toppers can be a great way to show your personality on your wedding cake! Whether it be a depiction of you and your husband atop your cake, your monogram or a couple of love birds… cake toppers are a reflection of you two as a couple. Show your love! Taller cake toppers add height and artistic design to the top of your wedding cake. These colorful pom poms add wedding themed colors to your cake. Or what about a miniature version of you as a couple atop your cake?? We love these adorable figurines.

Hand painted & customizable figures are such cool cake toppers! These little guys can be designed to look like the happy & awesome couple that you are! Unique cake toppers like this are great – you can match flowers and ties to make your cake your own. Monograms are a timeless cake topper idea… Mr & Mrs or your initials is a great way to signify the beginning of your new family!


Love is in the air with these two love birds! What better way to symbolize your love by placing two lovely doves as your cool cake topper? Love birds are a timeless tradition to showcase two people who are madly in love….aww.

Maybe the traditional “bride & groom” cake toppers aren’t your thing… How about a modern spin on love? Geometrically shaped hearts or beautiful wedding flowers that match your bouquet or boutonnieres on top of your wedding cake? Simplicity & elegance make just as big of a statement as any cool cake topper that you may find… It is up to you & your taste to make your wedding day as special as you are.

If you have a cool cake topper that you’d like us to see please send it in with a description to – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Wooden Hand Painted Cake Topper from Etsy

Bicycle Cake Topper from Wedding Chicks

Pom Pom Cake Topper from Style Me Pretty

Cake Topper on Wooden Stand from Etsy

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper from Lisa Leonard Designs

Love Bird Cake Topper from Chic Vintage Brides

Geometric Cake Topper from The Natural Wedding Company

Flower Cake Topper from Project Wedding

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