The Role of a Flower Girl

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The Role of a Flower Girl?

Here are some helpful tips to help your flower girl feel comfortable in their role. Most flower girls are in their prime adorableness between the ages of 3 and 8. They are old enough to be on their own and understand instructions but still young and cute enough to make your guests generate an overall “awww” as she walks down the aisle.

Although these youngsters are heart-melting, they are sometimes quite young. The thought of walking down the isle to them can be a bit overwhelming. One of our bloggers, Taylor Heist has a younger sister and remembers that right before walking down the aisle, she froze, started to cry and refused to take another step.

To help the little ones overcome their stage fright and become more comfortable with their role we suggest that you take some time and talk to her about the wedding day during the planning process and also include her in specific pre-planning activities in order to nurture her comfort levels. The flower girl should also attend the family bridal shower and the rehearsal in order to familiarize her with the family and get excited to participate!  Here are some other ways you can help.

Get Involved!

More often than not these youngsters love being the center of attention. Taking time to acknowledge your flower girl with a thoughtful card or personalized gift is a great way to build a bond with them. Having lunch with her on occasion doesn’t hurt either. If your girl lives in a different region Skype can be a great way to build a relationship. You can draw a picture together, read a book or sing songs with her. Once she arrives for the wedding include them in all the festivities and rehearsal. This will help them get more familiar with everything and will prepare her for the walk down the isle.

Get A Dress That Your Flower Girl Will Love!

The role of the flower girl is much easier when you find an exciting dress. She is the one paving the way down the aisle for you so make sure she loves what she is wearing and looks as cute as ever. The dress doesn’t have to be white, it can be adorable to have a little girl in a pastels, bold colors or mis-matched themes when walking down the aisle. Whatever colors you choose, make sure your little one is excited to be wearing it. This will raise her confidence and make the hearts of your guests melt as she makes her way down the aisle. When selecting their dress keep in mind that kids grow! When picking out the dress remember that she may completely change in size by the time she will actually be wearing it so adjust your purchase accordingly.

Break Away From Traditions!

This role doesn’t have to carry the typical basket filled with rose petals to sprinkle down the aisle before you. Some other options like having your girl hand flowers to the guests as she makes her way down the aisle, blowing bubbles, waving ribbon wands or carrying a small bouquet or flower ball are all creative options when choosing what role you’d like your flower girl to do as she walks before you.

The Perfect Flower Girl By A First Class Wedding

Cute Flower Girl From Trish Barker Photography

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Maui Sunset Weddings

Nothing is more beautiful than the island of Maui at sunset – the bright pinks, oranges and yellows fill the sky and reflect off of the ocean magically. You are transported to a place of tranquility and happiness as the sun begins to set. Even after the sun lowers past the horizon, the colors still linger in the air for a moment longer to show off its natural beauty.

No matter what time of the day it is, you will be thrilled with your venue choice of Maui, Hawaii. However, the most breathtaking backdrop to our weddings has to be a Maui sunset. The vibrant colors create the perfect scenery for photographs of sunset ceremonies. The entire sky and ocean reflections look like they’ve been photoshopped but we can assure you, they haven’t.

Maui Sunset Weddings

When is the best time to have a Sunset Wedding?

In the later months of the year, Maui sunsets start at about 5:58 pm Hawaii time. In the earlier months of the year, the sun sets around 6:30 pm. The times are always changing so make sure to check for perfect timing on your wedding day for optimal picture taking here! The best time to schedule a sunset wedding would be an hour or two before the sunsets (depending on what size group you have). Below is a chart showing average sunrise and sunset times for Maui, Hawaii.

Maui Sunset Chart

Click here for our infographic version!

Pros and Cons of Having a Sunset Wedding

It is considered to be easier to have a wedding indoors because you don’t have to worry about natural light or weather. We don’t aim for easy, we want you to have perfection! With Maui sunset weddings, or beach weddings in general, it is key to consider lighting, weather and temperatures of the outdoors. Like we said earlier, an hour or two before the sun sets is the best time to allow for the best sunset wedding photographs.

No two sunsets are alike! Your ceremony, depending on how elaborate it is, is only going to be about 10-20 minutes. You will have a limited amount of time for photos before it gets too dark. Since you are dealing with a small window of time it’s important that your wedding starts on time.

After the ceremony, while you are taking couple-only shots the sunset will also make a perfect backdrop for the cocktail hour. The lighting will be warm and beautiful for your photo session and also stunning for your family and friends. Once your photo shoot is over and you rejoin your guests then everyone can make their way towards dinner with lanterns, candles and tiki torches!

Maui is a warm tropical location but keep in mind that when the sun goes down, the temperature will also go down. This could be considered a pro or a con depending on the season you are getting married. For the ladies, it’s helpful to bring a shawl, sweater or light jacket just in case.

Maui Sunset Weddings

Observing a sunset on your wedding night is symbolic because the sun is setting on your single life and your new married life gets to start with the rise of the new sun. If you are still wondering why you should consider a sunset wedding in Hawaii, then you should know that there simply are no words to describe the feeling that each and every person on the planet gets from taking in such a beautiful sight.

Maui Sunset Weddings by First Class Weddings

Pictures by First Class Weddings

Sunset Picture with couple by Mike Sidney

Sunrise Sunset Chart from Hawaii Guide

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Hawaii Sunset Chart

Find out what time the sunsets in Hawaii on any day.

Find out what time the sunsets in Hawaii on any day.

5 Ideas For Your “Snow White” Wedding

Every girl dreams of being a Disney Princess when they get married… Today we are featuring Snow White as our POH (Princess of Honor) What does it take to be as magical as Snow White?

The Story

The classic Snow White story varies slightly from the Disney movie we all know and love. In the original tale, a queen pricks her finger on a needle while sewing. Her drop of blood lands in the snow on the windowsill and she recognized the beauty of the resulting color combination. She then wishes to herself that she had a daughter with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood. Her wish was granted when she had her baby but died giving birth to her daughter, Snow White.

Her father marries a year later to the evil Queen who we all know ends up poisoning Snow White. The evil Queen is in possession of a Magic Mirror whom she asks every day, “Magic Mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?” to which the mirror replies that she is the fairest in the land…until Snow White becomes a thousand times more beautiful than she is. The Queen turns against Snow White and orders a Huntsman to take Snow White into the deep dark woods to be killed. She begs to not be killed and promises to run away into the forest and never return, which he agrees to.

After Snow White wanders through the spooky forest, she discovers a tiny village house which belongs to seven dwarfs. The dwarfs take pity on her and tell her that if she keeps the house clean and cooks then she can stay with them. They warn her to not let anyone in when she is alone and are away at work in the mountains.

The evil Queen learns that she is still not the fairest in the land because Snow White lives! She then disguises herself as an old peddler and arrives at the cottage. Unlike the Disney production, the first time the Queen tries to kill Snow White she offers her laced bodices and laces it so tight that Snow White faints, leaving her for dead. The dwarfs save her just in time and the Queen must try yet again to kill her. This time, she dresses as a comb seller and brushes Snow White’s hair with a poisoned comb but fails again. Eventually she poisons her with a beautiful red apple and succeeds.

The seven dwarfs place her in a glass coffin. As time goes on, a Prince sees Snow White and is enchanted by her beauty and falls in love with her instantly…He may be the only guy to fall in love with a dead girl… The Disney movie lets us believe that true love’s kiss awakens Snow White but in the original story, the dwarfs let the Prince take her coffin. As they are carrying the coffin away they trip and the stumbling causes the piece of poisoned apple to dislodge from her throat and that is what wakes her up! Then they get married and live happily ever after!

This tale features magical elements such as the magic mirror, poisoned apples, a spooky forest, and seven dwarfs! “How could I possibly include all of these elements into my wedding?”, you might ask? Well, our creative minds think you can have the perfect spin off of a Snow White inspired wedding with these 5 steps.

Snow White Inspired Wedding

#1: The Poisoned Apple

In the classic Snow White story, she gets poisoned by an apple which we don’t want you to do! There are many other ways to incorporate this iconic apple into your Snow White wedding. Consider a fall or winter wedding, apples are at the peak of their season in fall and will be delicious when used in your wedding cake or perhaps in your reception food or even in your decorations.

#2: The Seven Dwarfs

Seven dwarfs? How about seven bridesmaids? There are so many ways to incorporate these characters into your wedding day. How about naming your reception tables after each of the seven dwarfs: Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy and Bashful? Each table could have its own theme based off of these seven men.

Snow White Wedding

#3: Spooky Forest

A simple way to create a spooky forest theme into your wedding venue would be to add some branches of trees perhaps as a centerpiece for each of your seven tables. These branches may also be made to look especially spooky with the use of lighting to cast shadows on the walls or floors of your ceremony or reception area.

Snow White Inspired Wedding

#4: Magic Mirrors

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Its going to be you walking down this completely unique mirrored aisle! How magical is that? We have never seen something like this, the reflection of the trees and branches add amazing effects to the details of any wedding. Another great way to incorporate mirrors into your wedding is in your bouquet or jewelry.

Snow White Inspired Wedding

#5: Snow White Beauty

In order to look the part of Snow White don’t forget to make your lips as red as a rose! A clean white dress is key to portraying the beauty herself – go for a simple white princess gown to look as delicate as a flower. Get a deep red manicure to match your ruby red lips.

Even though the classic fairytale of Snow White doesn’t end with her being awoken by true love’s kiss, we think that your kiss after saying “I do!” will make you feel as special as this Disney Princess and you will live happily ever after!


White and Red Cake from Polka Dot Bride 

Forest Centerpieces from Pinterest

Mirrored Aisle Runner from K and S Photography

Snow White Wedding Dress from Ohana Photographers


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Bridal Shower Newlywed Game

Newlywed Game

Do You Remember the Newlywed Game?

Having a bridal shower is are a great way to learn more about a couple that is about to get married! Based on the good old American TV show “The Newlywed Game” that pits newlywed couples against each other in a series of revealing questions to determine how well the spouses know (or don’t know) each other; incorporating this game at your bridal shower can be super fun. Especially if you can get the groom to participate. Everyone will be more than excited to see how much the bride and groom know about the other person.

Back in 2002, Carnival Cruise lines hosted their rendition of the Newlywed Game with newly married couples on the ship. Check out how they played this game with their quirky questions!

The Basics: What You’ll Need

You are going to want to spend some time with the groom before the bridal shower to ask him a list of questions about the bride. These questions may be funny questions about their bad habits, or silly memories that you come up with and ask the groom how they think the bride would respond to those questions. You may also want a video camera if you want to record the newlywed bridal shower game and show people who couldn’t be there for the fun! – Here’s some of our favorite questions to ask…

Where was your first kiss?

What’s the groom’s most annoying habit?

What are you most likely to fight about?

Who is better at handling money?

What is their favorite restaurant?

What is their favorite junk food?

If your house were on fire, what three things would they bring?

If they wanted to go on vacation right now, where would they go?

What is your song?

Newlywed Game

How to Play

The goal of the game is to try and have the bride guess the groom’s responses to the questions asked. You first go to the groom, and ask him a question like, “What is your favorite movie?” He may respond with “Indiana Jones”. During the bridal shower you would ask the bride, “What is your husbands favorite movie?” If she says the same movie she gets a point! If she answers incorrectly then she may have to take a drink or shot or whatever penalty your creative mind can come up with. You can record the game on a video camera if you want to show the groom or anyone else the fun you had playing the newlywed game!

Bonus Round

How well do the guests know the bride?? Have the groom make a list of questions about the bride in advance to ask the bridal shower guests…

What is her favorite ice cream flavor?

What is her favorite place to shop?

Who does she call for advice?

See who can get the most right! Whoever wins gets a prize or bragging rights on who knows the bride best!

The Not-So-Newlywed Game

For all of you not-so-newlyweds, you can play the newlywed game for people who have been married for many years! In this spin off of the newlywed game, husbands and wives are asked questions about their everyday lives. Such as, “What is the color of your spouse’s toothbrush?”, “What is your spouse’s favorite type of wine?”, “What does your spouse eat on their hotdog?”

These questions are for the more advanced stages of marriage! Test how well you know the love of your life! For a list of questions check out Party 411!

Newlyweds from Tru Love

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5 Ways to save money on your wedding

Want your perfect wedding but don’t think you can afford it? Think again! Here are 5 ways you can save money on your wedding with valuable tips from First Class Wedding’s founder, Tammy Ash Perkins, to help you save some money on your big day.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#1: Get picky about who you invite!

We know that you want everyone to celebrate and even parents have an extended guest list… But the more guests, the more money! The key is to only invite the most important people in your life; family, close friends, etc. That old friend that you haven’t spoken to since high school days, or your mom’s 3rd cousin can probably just get an announcement after the wedding. This will save you money on everything from food, tables, linens, centerpieces, etc. or it can help you to spend a little more on your flowers, a band, favors, or gifts.

#2: Buy Flowers That Are In Season / Use Greenery 

Custom flowers such as black magic roses, lily of the valley or rare orchids can be ridiculously expensive. A great way to save money on your wedding is to use standard flowers that are easily available, or include a lot of greenery. Done right, greenery around just a few flowers can look absolutely beautiful. Doing some research before hand will help you to know the names and meanings of the flowers, when they are in season so that you can get clear on what exactly it is that you want. You can then relay the information to your wedding planner or florist and they can give you a quote based on those selections (or provide substitutions to keep the costs down). Seasonal flowers in your region are always in abundance and cost less as well so try to stick with those.

#3: Skip The Big Meal

Most people are under the general impression that they need to serve a full sit down meal with a lot of very fancy food. However, if you are trying to save money on your wedding then it’s perfectly okay to serve heavy appetizers and drinks instead. Planning an extended cocktail hour with filling appetizers, light music, simple cocktail tables with a simple wedding cake & dessert display is a great option and can save money on your wedding costs. Guests love finger foods and tend to be more social at these types of wedding receptions. Moving your ceremony start time up earlier in the day should be another consideration. Doing a luncheon wedding reception is another definite way you can save money on your wedding.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#4: Choose a Simple Wedding Cake

Budget weddings often suggest that you skimp on traditions yet instead we suggest keeping it simple. Stick to basic flavors, fillings and frostings!  Don’t go picking an elaborate artistic creations with fondants as seen on TV. Keeping your wedding cake simple with a few fresh flowers sitting on top will save you hundreds of dollars and allow you to partake in this ancient tradition. Together with a Champagne toast the cake is gobbled up pretty quickly anyway. Spending extra money to make it look fancy when you are trying to save money isn’t worth it. Save money on your wedding by keeping your wedding cake simple!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#5: Be Conservative on your Save The Date Cards 

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on save the date cards. Building a single web page with an email announcement eliminates costs on paper and postage. Making them yourself are another option. Handmade items have a very inviting feel about them so don’t be afraid to experiment. Another economical (and less time consuming) option is to use postcards instead. This works well if you are having a destination wedding. Nothing like getting a postcard from Hawaii to put up on your fridge. Although a little less hands on, it will get the job done just as well.


5 ways to save money on your wedding By First Class Weddings

Rings on Money From Wedding Isque

Cake From Indulgy

Save The Date From Etsy

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Haiku Mill

Haiku Mill

Haiku Mill

This beautiful wedding venue on Hawaii’s island, Maui, is set on the northeastern coast of the island. Haiku Mill covers two acres of ruins and tropical paradises. This sugar mill is also known as pua Le’a or “blossoming passion” in the Hawaiian language. The old world meets the elegance of Europe with this venue. In 1858 this land was turned into a sugar cane company by the Kingdom of Hawaii. It wasn’t until 1861 that sugar was being produced in the mill.

Haiku Mill

The Haiku mill was the first sugar cane mill in Hawaii with a steam engine and was added to the National Register of Historic Places listings in Hawaii in 1986. For over 100 years the sugar mill was abandoned and was overtaken by the lush tropical forests that ended up covering the thick stone walls. The only remaining part of this venue are the breathtaking stone walls that left an open-sky cathedral to let in the light.

Haiku Mill

Couples love Haiku Mill for its amazingly lush gardens flowing over the historic stone walls and into the scenery of their wedding ceremony and reception. This venue captures the beauty of Hawaii with the romance of the abandoned factory.

Haiku Mill

Haiku Mill

The sugar mill lights up stunningly at night with lights cascading through the open windows… the palm trees and greenery take you deep into a tropical paradise in which you never want to leave! How could you? Haiku Mill is one of our favorite places to have a destination wedding on Hawaii’s island of Maui.

Haiku Mill

Haiku Mill Wedding by First Class Weddings

All Photos by First Class Weddings

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Backyard Weddings

Looking for a cheap venue for your big day? Look no further… than your backyard! Obviously not everyone has a backyard that could accommodate an event of such a size, but many simple backyards can be turned into beautiful wedding venues with a little help (and DIY crafts!) Check out these ideas for your own backyard wedding.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings – Tents

Tents can turn a little backyard into party central. They make events fancier and makes the outdoors seems just a little bit smaller and safer. The rent tent can turn a boring backyard into something a little higher class. You can have everything from the ceremony to the reception all taking place underneath a beautiful tent in your backyard. A little tip is to hang lanterns or lights in the top of the tent. It adds a glow and a warm feeling that you can’t get anywhere else but your own backyard. Not to even mention the amount of money you’ll save with this venue….

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings – Table Settings

Backyard weddings are all about DIY crafts. The table setting is no exception to this. Picking a more rustic look for the place settings will add to the venue and scenery. White tables and chairs will match a white tent, tying the whole look together and making it all look classy. Adding a pop of color (like flowers or some sort of craft) to the middle of the table is always a good choice. And stringing up lights around the tables adds an extra fun touch.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings – DIY Crafts

Like mentioned above, DIY crafts are crucial for backyard weddings. From flowers to the alter to the reception, everything can be made better with a few homemade crafts. Take a look at the flowers hanging in the bottles above. How awesome is that? Or the homemade alter below? There are so many different themes and routes you could choose for your own outdoor weddings. These are just a few fun ideas to get your creative gears moving.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Picking a theme for your backyard wedding adds a cute and homey touch.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings By First Class Weddings

Bottle Flowers and Tent From Your Perfect Day

Table Setting From The Sweetest Occasion

Last Four Pictures From Wedding Chicks

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Bridesmaid Dresses

Having a hard time deciding what your bridesmaids should wear for your big day? Let us help. From casual to fancy, we’ll give you some good tips to have your bridesmaids looking snazzy (but not better than you, of course).

A First Class Maui Wedding - Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses – Nude

A nude dress is a great color to pick as a bridesmaids dress for many reasons. First of all, it doesn’t take any attention away from the bride. If you have flashy bridesmaid dresses some of the attention will be taken away from the bride while people admire the bridesmaids… No bride wants that to happen! Nude also matches with many other colors (for shoes and jewelry) and tends to look good on most people. You really can’t go wrong with a nude dress.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses – Pop Of Color

Looking for something with a little more pop? Pick a bright color for your bridesmaids. Picking the right color (such as a vibrant blue or red) will make you stand out even more in your beautiful white gown on your big day. Word of advice; keep the bridesmaids dresses a solid color. When you start picking patterns or anything with intricate details it will take away from the bride and will look too busy up on the alter. A solid bright color is a fun choice.

 Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.55.46 PMA First Class Maui Wedding - Bridesmaid DressesA First Class Maui Wedding - Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses – Long Dresses

Long bridesmaid dresses scream classy. Picking a paler color for long dresses is probably a good choice, like a nude or a lighter blue or red. That way the attention won’t be taken off you in your beautiful white gown. There are many different styles of long dresses that look great on most everyone. Strapless, backless, one strap, two straps… Tons of possibilities, all equally beautiful. Longer dresses make the occasion a little fancier, whereas short dresses are better for outdoor, more casual weddings.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses – Black

A white wedding gown looks fabulous against black bridesmaid dresses. Black looks good on everyone and will keep all the attention on you. Black is a good choice because there won’t be many people who don’t like it and it’ll look good no matter what sort of backdrop; outside, inside, by the water, whatever the venue may be. Black = class.

Bridesmaid Dresses By First Class Weddings

All Pictures From CD Dress

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Red Wedding

We love the color red. It’s sexy and fun, and can be used as an awesome theme for a wedding. Here are a few ideas for a red wedding!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Red Wedding

Red Wedding – Dress

You’ll look stunning walking down the aisle in a deep red wedding dress. Although not conventional, they are unique and stunning. You will certainly be remembered as a red bride. Red wedding dresses come in all styles… Strapless, flowing, puffy, whatever your heart desires. You will looking beautiful, matching with your other red themed wedding things.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Red Wedding


Nothing beats red pumps. Red high heels are a great choice for your big day for both your bridesmaids and yourself. If you choose to wear white during your red themed wedding, adding bright red heels will add that pop of color that you need. If you are walking down the aisle in a white dress against a red background with your red pumps on, you’ll stand out from the crowd while remaining true to the theme.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Red Wedding

A First Class Maui Wedding - Red Wedding


Looking for a good place to have your red wedding? You have options. Outdoors in the fall in a place where the leaves change, you’ll be able to find trees with the most marvelous bright red leaves. Making an outdoor venue around the red trees will give a natural and beautiful look for your red wedding. Using red rose pedals to line the aisle is a beautiful touch. White and red look good together, so pairing them is a great idea. Want an indoor venue? Choose any room and decorate with different red things such as flowers and small trees.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Red Wedding

Bridesmaid Dresses

Instead of wearing a red dress yourself, dress your bridesmaids in bright red! Against your white wedding dress, you’ll look stunning and they will add that pop of color and stay true to the theme. On top of that, red looks good on everyone!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Red Wedding

Red Wedding By First Class Wedding

Red Shoes From Hard Corps Love

Venue From Trendaler

Red Dresses From The Rez Fleetwood

Red Wedding Shirt From Skreened

Bridesmaids From Bridal Guide

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