Wedding Music

Wedding Music

Wedding Music

Over the years First Class Weddings has spent a lot of hours going over musical options with our clients. Now, with our blog up and running we have the ability to freely bring you insider information regarding the many options you have when selecting your wedding music. This decision is important because it fills the air with magic when your guests arrive and ultimately sets the mood for your wedding.

Live Music: This option tends to be the most expensive yet having live wedding music at your ceremony is highly recommended. It truly fills the air with an emotional element that you can’t get from another source. If you’re looking to provide a serene moment in time in which your guests will always remember then live music is the way to go.

DJ: This option can be a nice alternative option to live wedding music. However, if you are considering this option First Class Weddings suggests DJ service at the reception vs. the ceremony to keep each experience separate. Experienced DJ’s can customize your celebration and provide you with what the world offers in music. They make it fun and they can also provide MC services. DJ’s are not for everybody yet can fit in perfectly should you want your music to reach beyond a specific genre.

iPod: This option is by far the most conservative option. First Class Weddings does not recommend an iPod for your wedding yet should you adamantly insist then we can accommodate your request. Just remember that there is a chance that something could happen with either the equipment, the programing, the speaker system or person that’s in charge of ‘hitting play’.

Whatever option you select we would like to remind you that this day happens only once in a lifetime. It is not an ordinary day so we encourage you to make it extra special by hiring a special musician soloist, duo, trio, quartet, band and or DJ.

Wedding Music by First Class Weddings

Wedding Mood

wedding mood

Wedding Mood

Everyone knows that your wedding day is about more than showing off all the amazing little details. It’s about “setting the mood”. Here are a few simple ideas to get you to thinking about what kind of wedding mood you want to create at your wedding.

Live Musicians – This is the number one way you can add ambiance to your wedding mood, and with selective songs you can create the perfect mood for your guests to walk in to and continue to enjoy during your ceremony.

Cultural Elements – Adding a cultural element to your event is a wonderful way to ensure that you are “getting your guests in the wedding mood”. There are Indian flairs, Buddhist traditions, Historical trends and many other ideas in which you can select from.

Non-traditional seating – Creating a different seating arrangement at your wedding will make a lasting impression and definitely set the mood. Seating ideas include: Crescent moon designs that wrap around the alter area, full circle seating, and custom bench seating.

Guest Involvement – There are some great ways that you can give your guests something to do upon their arrival. For example: Guests can write a best wish on ribbons attached to floral picks that they can stick into your floral arch before they are seated. This is a wonderful way to get your guests involved and create a romantic wedding mood for your ceremony.

Custom Lighting – This is by far one of the most brilliant ways to set the mood to any event. The options are endless no matter if you’re getting married indoor or outdoor and there are lighting elements that can totally set the wedding mood to your event.

Whatever you do to set the mood for your wedding we would like to encourage you to be creative, and of course you can follow our posts for more “fresh ideas”.

wedding mood by firstclassweddings

Wedding Music

Wedding MusicWedding Music

Drawing a blank on selecting your wedding music? Daily Candy Weddings just released it’s top picks for getting everybody on the dance floor at your wedding reception. Of course, First Class Weddings also added a few of it’s own classics. Check out this Hit List and listen to it (free of charge) by going to!

Groovy Music

“Ready to Start,” Arcade Fire
(That’s “Ready to Start the Party” to you.)

“I Feel It All,” Feist
(Feeling mighty fine.)

“A-Punk,” Vampire Weekend
(Aren’t they all?)

“Tighten Up,” The Black Keys
(And get down.)

“Say Aha,” Santigold
(Less talk, more dance.)

“Je Veux Te Voir,” Yelle
(It’s French for “good music.”)

“Deadbeat Summer,” Neon Indian
(Children of the ’80s gotta love synth pop.)

“Whirring,” The Joy Formidable
(It’s going by so fast; take a second to dance.)

“Drunk Girls,” LCD Soundsystem
(Never tardy to the party.)

“Electric Feel,” Mgmt
(Better than the electric slide.)

“Creator,” Santigold
(No, that’s not M.I.A.)

“Love Shack,” B-52′s
(Yes, that’s a classic)

“Around the World,” Daf Punk
(Get your groove on)

Wedding Music & Entertainment by First Class Weddings

Wedding Ideas

Be Original with unique Wedding Ideas

Worried that your wedding is going to look like someone elses? Think again! Here are five easy wedding ideas that can set you apart from others.

Add a Little Color

With all the colors of the rainbow to choose from why not use your favorites to create an individual style for your wedding. For example; colored chair sashes with matching table linens provide originality and excitement.


Custom lighting can flawlessly blend into your ceremony and reception. Choose from colored up-lights, twinkle lights, crystal Chandeliers, spot lights, candle lights, submersible lights, torches and more. Lighting always sets the mood so choose something spectacular and you wont regret it.

Special Entertainment

Provide music authentic to the location in which you are getting married. For example: A Polynesian trio with a hula dancer would be a specific type of entertainment unique to Hawaii. Hiring a celebrity to play for a few hours is another way to make your wedding stand out while grooving to the music.


These don’t always have to be made with flowers. take your location under consideration when choosing your centerpieces. Custom weedding ideas allow you can customize your centerpieces with taper candles, lamps, picture frames, sculptures, hanging displays or anything your heart desires. Your guests will be looking at your masterpieces throughout the evening so make them extraordinary.

Start a trend

Trends are great to start and when you get your guests involved it’s even better. Create a way to capture your loved ones wishes and then display them during your ceremony or reception. For example; if you are setting up an arch for your outdoor ceremony you might want to have a table set-up with a display of ribbons attached to a flower pick. Guests take a flower pick and write a special wish for the bride & groom and then stick it in the arch to flutter in the breeze while the couple says “I do”.

These are only a few wedding ideas without breaking the bank or doing what everyone else has done.

Wedding Ideas by First Class Weddings

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