Wedding Vows

A First Class Maui Wedding - Love Quotes

Wedding Vows

Marriage vows are promises each partner in a couple makes to the other during the wedding ceremony. During the time of the Roman Empire the lower classes had free marriages in which the bride’s father would deliver her to the groom and they both agreed that once they were wed they would keep the vow of marriage by mutual consent. The wealthier Romans would sign documents showing the agreed property rights to declare that their union was legalized and not just a common law marriage. The oldest known wedding vows were traced back to Medieval churches. The couple could promise to love and cherish each other or the groom would promise to love, cherish and worship the bride while the bride would promise to love, cherish and obey the husband.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Vows


The most common vow that we see in Catholic weddings in the United States states: “I, (bride), take you, (husband), to be my lawfully wedding (husband/wife), to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” There are alterations to this typical vow depending on the couple’s religious views and what type of ceremony the couple wants to have.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Love Quotes

Wedding Vows

Modern couples have been altering the traditional vows by adding their own personal promises to each other. These personal vows may be favorite love quotes that the couple feels represent their love, they may be cute agreements the couple has as an oral display of these commitments.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Love Quotes

Wedding Vows – Tips

If you are writing your own wedding vows here are some things to remember… Make sure your ceremony officiant will allow for personalized vows. Some houses of worship may require you to speak the traditional vows…Just ask! Start early – you want to leave yourself a decent amount of time, at least a month, before the wedding so you aren’t rushed and are in the right frame of mind.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Vows

A First Class Maui Wedding - Love Quotes

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Vows

Get inspired – read your favorite books, take lyrics from songs that speak to you and your relationship…use bible passages and your own words of love. Decide on a tone – do you want these vows to be humorous? Intimate? Poetic and romantic? These can be anything you feel would express your love and commitment to your partner.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Vows

Are you on the same page? Will both you and your partner be writing personal wedding vows or will you be writing them together? Needing inspiration? Make a vow date! Talk about your relationship and what marriage means to each of you. Brainstorming what is most important to you two about each other will make vow writing easier. Don’t forget to practice your vows out loud – these words are going to be heard by all of your wedding guests so make sure they sound nice when spoken. Watch out for tongue twisters and long sentences – you don’t want to stumble or run out of breath.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Wedding Vows

“Happy ending? There are no happy endings. Endings are the saddest part, so just give me a happy middle and a very happy start.” – Unknown


Love Quotes by First Class Weddings

Beatles Quote from Lovendar

Bride and Groom from Pinterest

Love Story from One Story Down

Snoopy from LOL Zombie

Peanut to my Butter from Angela Saban Designs

With this Ring and A Loving Relationship from The Lane

I Vow to Help You from Its MOH


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Gatsby Wedding


Are you Gatsby’d out yet??? We certainly aren’t! This trend took off very quickly in the wedding industry! Brides just cannot get enough of that Gatsby! Who could? Gatsby weddings are classy, high-end & so visually appealing! The black & gold accent colors add instant glamour to these weddings.

Did you know that the word gatsby refers to a type of South African style sandwich? However, the word gatsby is also a synonym for cool, swanky, & impressive – exactly how it is perceived in the movie, The Great Gatsby…the book about the “unattainable dream” is completely attainable with the expertise of First Class Weddings. We encourage you to “Live your Dream”…

Black & gold themed cakes are a major hit in the Gatsby world! These beautiful cakes are elegant and are just too pretty to cut into!

Crystal chandeliers hanging high above the ceiling add a stunning vintage look and make the lighting in the room romantic & intimate! Crystals, gems & pearls make for a lovely old fashioned feel and make you, as a bride, look glamourous!


Are you a roaring 20s bride? Bold black eyeliner & light eyeshadows make bride’s eyes pop! Don’t forget some pearls & gold earrings to hang below that gorgeous roller-style hair!

We LOVE these gorgeous earrings! These cascading tear drop earrings are a bold statement and would look lovely underneath wavy hair!


As depicted in the book & movies, Mr. Gatsby is a rich man who happened to come into a lot of money during his life. He lives a glamourous lifestyle & knows how to throw a party. This Gatsby groom is rockin’ his white tuxedo while looking sharp & is ready to be the life of the party.

All that glitters can be gold! Sparkling confetti falling from the high ceilings screams “Gatsby!”. These luxurious wedding details are extravagant & make for a stunning wedding. Black & gold were considered to be popular colors in the 20s when throwing parties. These colors once signified your status & class.

Gold silverware & gold rimmed plates are simple yet high-end. The fold of the napkin resembles that of a bow tie which all of the gentlemen wore to the parties that Mr. Gatsby threw in his mansion…

If you really want to make a grand exit, think about your transportation! In the 20′s the car was a newer invention that was coming in cool shapes & sizes. Back then cars were for the wealthy who were amongst the few who could afford to own them… & if you were seen driving off in one of these babys you would be making a memorable exit!

Gatsby jewelry, invitations, entryway & place cards from Bridal Guide

Gatsby Cake from Style Unveiled

Gatsby Hair & Make-up from Wedding Bells

Gatsby Groom from Expressionary Events

White Gatsby car from Martha Stewart Weddings

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Menu Cards

Menu CardsCustom menu cards add a special touch to any wedding reception

Menu CardsThere are many different ways to display them. This one fits into a linen pocket

Menu CardsWhatever design you choose we encourage you to match your color theme

Menu Cards

The First Class Seal of approval

 Menu Cards by First Class Weddings

Photos by Mike Sidney

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Adrian Photography


Adrian PhotographyAdrian Photography:

Thank you Jon and Jenny from Adrian Photography for spending a little time with First Class Weddings for this really cool interview! After seeing the recent photographs that you took of a Wedding in Maui Hawaii we knew we had to connect with you.



FCW: Aloha! How did the two of you love birds meet?

Adrian Photography:We met in college at graphic design school and the rest is history in the making. After graduation we moved to Canada and got married.

FCW: Tell us a little bit about where you live in Kelowna, BC Canada

Adrian Photography: We are so lucky to be living in Canada’s gorgeous wine country with lakes and mountains all around us. It’s really gorgeous country! And believe it or not, couples actually come here to have their destination wedding. It’s super cool!

FCW: What inspired the two of you to be photographers?

Adrian Photography: When we married in Kelowna, BC Canada we actually hired a husband and wife photography team to photograph our wedding. Having studied photography in college we had the knowledge but had never considered photographing weddings together, until ours. Our photographers (Chris and Lynn out of Vancouver) helped us get started and our goal has been to keep it simple and blend the world of design and photography together. It’s been about five years since we started photographing weddings together and our passion is growing each and every season.  We feel blessed to have one of the best jobs in the world!

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

FCW: You recently shot a wedding & day after session in Hawaii for Lindsey & Jake, tell us about how your client came to hire you?

Adrian Photography: We shot the bride (Lindsey’s) sisters wedding in Kelowna, BC a few years ago. Lindsey and Jake fell in love with our photographs and therefore hired us to shoot their Hawaiian wedding.

FCW: Is this the first time you shot an event in Hawaii?

Adrian Photography: Yes

FCW: Tell us about the details of Lindsey & Jake’s wedding day (from your perspective).

Adrian Photography: We think it was pretty cool, so much so that we really would have considered a destination wedding when we got married. It’s more intimate, everyone there had a level of closeness. The ceremony was emotional (everyone cried including the groom), the  bride designed a lot of her own stationary and even was able to bring her own chair cover rentals. It was “simply” done and the couple accomplished the intimacy of their love vs. spending to much on decor. Another really fun thing they did was two days after the wedding everyone went on a snorkel cruise to Molokini. The couple really made everyone feel welcomed and appreciated for making the long trek to Hawaii to celebrate their day. We even had welcome baskets in our room upon arrival. How cool is that!

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrain Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

Adrian Photography

FCW: Alright let’s get down to the details! About how much do you charge to shoot a wedding & day after session?

Adrian Photogrpahy: We try to keep things as simple as possible – we have a half day package which is 4 hours and focuses on the ceremony only runs approx. $3k a full day is about $4k. Engagement sessions are included in all of our packages which allows us an opportunity to really build a relationship with the couple. The result is that clients feel more relaxed on their wedding day. The most popular photography package we have is our full day extensive. This starts at $7800 which includes a lot of products – leather albums etc.

FCW: Do you charge extra for travel fees?

Adrian Photography: Yes, travel fees typically depends on where they are traveling and is on top of package prices. We invite you to visit our web site for more photos and info. We welcome your inquiry and would be happy to meet you.

Once again thank you Jenny & Jon! First Class Weddings loves your work. the natural moments you capture so beautifully and doing it compliments their approach to weddings.

Adrian Photography

Congratulations Lindsey & Jake!

Photography by Adrian Photography

Wedding Venue at Westin Maui Resort in Ka’anapali, Maui, Hawaii

Reception Venue by Tropica at the Westin Maui Resort

Hawaiian Weddings by First Class Weddings

Adrian Photography Interview by Founder Tammy Ash PerkinsFIrst Class Seal

Wedding Music

Wedding Music

Wedding Music

Over the years First Class Weddings has spent a lot of hours going over musical options with our clients. Now, with our blog up and running we have the ability to freely bring you insider information regarding the many options you have when selecting your wedding music. This decision is important because it fills the air with magic when your guests arrive and ultimately sets the mood for your wedding.

Live Music: This option tends to be the most expensive yet having live wedding music at your ceremony is highly recommended. It truly fills the air with an emotional element that you can’t get from another source. If you’re looking to provide a serene moment in time in which your guests will always remember then live music is the way to go.

DJ: This option can be a nice alternative option to live wedding music. However, if you are considering this option First Class Weddings suggests DJ service at the reception vs. the ceremony to keep each experience separate. Experienced DJ’s can customize your celebration and provide you with what the world offers in music. They make it fun and they can also provide MC services. DJ’s are not for everybody yet can fit in perfectly should you want your music to reach beyond a specific genre.

iPod: This option is by far the most conservative option. First Class Weddings does not recommend an iPod for your wedding yet should you adamantly insist then we can accommodate your request. Just remember that there is a chance that something could happen with either the equipment, the programing, the speaker system or person that’s in charge of ‘hitting play’.

Whatever option you select we would like to remind you that this day happens only once in a lifetime. It is not an ordinary day so we encourage you to make it extra special by hiring a special musician soloist, duo, trio, quartet, band and or DJ.

Wedding Music by First Class Weddings

Wedding Mood

wedding mood

Wedding Mood

Everyone knows that your wedding day is about more than showing off all the amazing little details. It’s about “setting the mood”. Here are a few simple ideas to get you to thinking about what kind of wedding mood you want to create at your wedding.

Live Musicians – This is the number one way you can add ambiance to your wedding mood, and with selective songs you can create the perfect mood for your guests to walk in to and continue to enjoy during your ceremony.

Cultural Elements – Adding a cultural element to your event is a wonderful way to ensure that you are “getting your guests in the wedding mood”. There are Indian flairs, Buddhist traditions, Historical trends and many other ideas in which you can select from.

Non-traditional seating – Creating a different seating arrangement at your wedding will make a lasting impression and definitely set the mood. Seating ideas include: Crescent moon designs that wrap around the alter area, full circle seating, and custom bench seating.

Guest Involvement – There are some great ways that you can give your guests something to do upon their arrival. For example: Guests can write a best wish on ribbons attached to floral picks that they can stick into your floral arch before they are seated. This is a wonderful way to get your guests involved and create a romantic wedding mood for your ceremony.

Custom Lighting – This is by far one of the most brilliant ways to set the mood to any event. The options are endless no matter if you’re getting married indoor or outdoor and there are lighting elements that can totally set the wedding mood to your event.

Whatever you do to set the mood for your wedding we would like to encourage you to be creative, and of course you can follow our posts for more “fresh ideas”.

wedding mood by firstclassweddings

Wedding Photographers

wedding photographers

First of all, if you are working with a wedding planner then this article does not apply. Reason being is because most photographers that are hired for you by a wedding planner already give deals, extra time or add-ons that are over and above their normal package prices (because the planner gives them repeat business). These discounts are passed on to you through your reputable wedding planner.

If you’re planning your wedding and doing everything completely on your own then the first step towards getting a great deal with wedding photographers is to “be nice” and “be flexible”. Photographers are not interested in servicing you if you are going to tell them how to do their job or if you have a “shot list” that is 2 pages long. You have to allow the artist to create and if you are governing their talents then they want no part of it!

Your initial approach with wedding photographers has to be very generous and flattering. Give them the freedom to truly tell your “wedding story”, without giving them any serious demands, then when you politely ask them if there is anything they can do by offering a better price, you are most likely going to get a great deal (more than you ever expected to receive).

Remember that on your wedding day it is extremely important for you to relax and trust the professionals that you have hired. Go with the flow, focus on your lover and truly enjoy your wedding day, it really does go by in a blink.

Wedding Photographers by First Class Weddings

Wedding Music

Wedding MusicWedding Music

Drawing a blank on selecting your wedding music? Daily Candy Weddings just released it’s top picks for getting everybody on the dance floor at your wedding reception. Of course, First Class Weddings also added a few of it’s own classics. Check out this Hit List and listen to it (free of charge) by going to!

Groovy Music

“Ready to Start,” Arcade Fire
(That’s “Ready to Start the Party” to you.)

“I Feel It All,” Feist
(Feeling mighty fine.)

“A-Punk,” Vampire Weekend
(Aren’t they all?)

“Tighten Up,” The Black Keys
(And get down.)

“Say Aha,” Santigold
(Less talk, more dance.)

“Je Veux Te Voir,” Yelle
(It’s French for “good music.”)

“Deadbeat Summer,” Neon Indian
(Children of the ’80s gotta love synth pop.)

“Whirring,” The Joy Formidable
(It’s going by so fast; take a second to dance.)

“Drunk Girls,” LCD Soundsystem
(Never tardy to the party.)

“Electric Feel,” Mgmt
(Better than the electric slide.)

“Creator,” Santigold
(No, that’s not M.I.A.)

“Love Shack,” B-52′s
(Yes, that’s a classic)

“Around the World,” Daf Punk
(Get your groove on)

Wedding Music & Entertainment by First Class Weddings

Wedding Ideas

Be Original with unique Wedding Ideas

Worried that your wedding is going to look like someone elses? Think again! Here are five easy wedding ideas that can set you apart from others.

Add a Little Color

With all the colors of the rainbow to choose from why not use your favorites to create an individual style for your wedding. For example; colored chair sashes with matching table linens provide originality and excitement.


Custom lighting can flawlessly blend into your ceremony and reception. Choose from colored up-lights, twinkle lights, crystal Chandeliers, spot lights, candle lights, submersible lights, torches and more. Lighting always sets the mood so choose something spectacular and you wont regret it.

Special Entertainment

Provide music authentic to the location in which you are getting married. For example: A Polynesian trio with a hula dancer would be a specific type of entertainment unique to Hawaii. Hiring a celebrity to play for a few hours is another way to make your wedding stand out while grooving to the music.


These don’t always have to be made with flowers. take your location under consideration when choosing your centerpieces. Custom weedding ideas allow you can customize your centerpieces with taper candles, lamps, picture frames, sculptures, hanging displays or anything your heart desires. Your guests will be looking at your masterpieces throughout the evening so make them extraordinary.

Start a trend

Trends are great to start and when you get your guests involved it’s even better. Create a way to capture your loved ones wishes and then display them during your ceremony or reception. For example; if you are setting up an arch for your outdoor ceremony you might want to have a table set-up with a display of ribbons attached to a flower pick. Guests take a flower pick and write a special wish for the bride & groom and then stick it in the arch to flutter in the breeze while the couple says “I do”.

These are only a few wedding ideas without breaking the bank or doing what everyone else has done.

Wedding Ideas by First Class Weddings

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