5 Ways to save money on your wedding

Want your perfect wedding but don’t think you can afford it? Think again! Here are 5 ways you can save money on your wedding with valuable tips from First Class Wedding’s founder, Tammy Ash Perkins, to help you save some money on your big day.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#1: Get picky about who you invite!

We know that you want everyone to celebrate and even parents have an extended guest list… But the more guests, the more money! The key is to only invite the most important people in your life; family, close friends, etc. That old friend that you haven’t spoken to since high school days, or your mom’s 3rd cousin can probably just get an announcement after the wedding. This will save you money on everything from food, tables, linens, centerpieces, etc. or it can help you to spend a little more on your flowers, a band, favors, or gifts.

#2: Buy Flowers That Are In Season / Use Greenery 

Custom flowers such as black magic roses, lily of the valley or rare orchids can be ridiculously expensive. A great way to save money on your wedding is to use standard flowers that are easily available, or include a lot of greenery. Done right, greenery around just a few flowers can look absolutely beautiful. Doing some research before hand will help you to know the names and meanings of the flowers, when they are in season so that you can get clear on what exactly it is that you want. You can then relay the information to your wedding planner or florist and they can give you a quote based on those selections (or provide substitutions to keep the costs down). Seasonal flowers in your region are always in abundance and cost less as well so try to stick with those.

#3: Skip The Big Meal

Most people are under the general impression that they need to serve a full sit down meal with a lot of very fancy food. However, if you are trying to save money on your wedding then it’s perfectly okay to serve heavy appetizers and drinks instead. Planning an extended cocktail hour with filling appetizers, light music, simple cocktail tables with a simple wedding cake & dessert display is a great option and can save money on your wedding costs. Guests love finger foods and tend to be more social at these types of wedding receptions. Moving your ceremony start time up earlier in the day should be another consideration. Doing a luncheon wedding reception is another definite way you can save money on your wedding.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#4: Choose a Simple Wedding Cake

Budget weddings often suggest that you skimp on traditions yet instead we suggest keeping it simple. Stick to basic flavors, fillings and frostings!  Don’t go picking an elaborate artistic creations with fondants as seen on TV. Keeping your wedding cake simple with a few fresh flowers sitting on top will save you hundreds of dollars and allow you to partake in this ancient tradition. Together with a Champagne toast the cake is gobbled up pretty quickly anyway. Spending extra money to make it look fancy when you are trying to save money isn’t worth it. Save money on your wedding by keeping your wedding cake simple!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Budget Weddings

#5: Be Conservative on your Save The Date Cards 

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on save the date cards. Building a single web page with an email announcement eliminates costs on paper and postage. Making them yourself are another option. Handmade items have a very inviting feel about them so don’t be afraid to experiment. Another economical (and less time consuming) option is to use postcards instead. This works well if you are having a destination wedding. Nothing like getting a postcard from Hawaii to put up on your fridge. Although a little less hands on, it will get the job done just as well.


5 ways to save money on your wedding By First Class Weddings

Rings on Money From Wedding Isque

Cake From Indulgy

Save The Date From Etsy

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Backyard Weddings

Looking for a cheap venue for your big day? Look no further… than your backyard! Obviously not everyone has a backyard that could accommodate an event of such a size, but many simple backyards can be turned into beautiful wedding venues with a little help (and DIY crafts!) Check out these ideas for your own backyard wedding.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings – Tents

Tents can turn a little backyard into party central. They make events fancier and makes the outdoors seems just a little bit smaller and safer. The rent tent can turn a boring backyard into something a little higher class. You can have everything from the ceremony to the reception all taking place underneath a beautiful tent in your backyard. A little tip is to hang lanterns or lights in the top of the tent. It adds a glow and a warm feeling that you can’t get anywhere else but your own backyard. Not to even mention the amount of money you’ll save with this venue….

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings – Table Settings

Backyard weddings are all about DIY crafts. The table setting is no exception to this. Picking a more rustic look for the place settings will add to the venue and scenery. White tables and chairs will match a white tent, tying the whole look together and making it all look classy. Adding a pop of color (like flowers or some sort of craft) to the middle of the table is always a good choice. And stringing up lights around the tables adds an extra fun touch.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings – DIY Crafts

Like mentioned above, DIY crafts are crucial for backyard weddings. From flowers to the alter to the reception, everything can be made better with a few homemade crafts. Take a look at the flowers hanging in the bottles above. How awesome is that? Or the homemade alter below? There are so many different themes and routes you could choose for your own outdoor weddings. These are just a few fun ideas to get your creative gears moving.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Picking a theme for your backyard wedding adds a cute and homey touch.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Backyard Weddings

Backyard Weddings By First Class Weddings

Bottle Flowers and Tent From Your Perfect Day

Table Setting From The Sweetest Occasion

Last Four Pictures From Wedding Chicks

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Wedding First Look!

Wedding first looks are becoming increasingly more popular and are gaining more and more hype. So what is a first look? It is a special moment set aside before the ceremony for the bride and groom to spend some quality time together before they say “I do”. This is a very special moment in time that allows you to see your love… your best friend, whom you are about to marry. It’s priceless.


One of the most popular ways that a couple experiences their first look is to have the groom standing, facing away from the bride…from there, the bride walks up behind the groom and taps him on the shoulder or covers his eyes…seeing each other for the first time is a truly magical moment. Some couples say that their wedding first look was one of the most memorable moments on their wedding day and that they will it cherish forever.

We recommend that you make this moment as private as possible… If you are a bride that is skeptical about the groom seeing you before the ceremony… here are a few creative ways to still experience this special moment in time. Couple’s can wrap themselves around corners, be on opposite sides of a door and the grooms can even be blindfolded. This way they can still get their intimate time together before the ceremony!


The tradition of not seeing the bride before the ceremony derived from arranged marriages. The story goes that these couples were not allowed to see each other prior to the ceremony to protect the actual union (the arrangers did this so that nobody ran away from pure looks). Modern brides today choose their own groom and therefore this tradition has somewhat disappeared! Photographers love capturing wedding first look moments, so if you are a modern bride you could easily extend your time into a pre-ceremony photo shoot which allows the couple to capture images of the two of them together that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Believe it or not, grooms can become quite emotional when they see their bride standing before them for the first time. We, at First Class Weddings, recommend having a wedding first look moment – whether it is captured or not!

First look covered eyes from Shannon Nicole Smith Photography

Opposite sides of door and emotional groom from La Partie Diva

Blindfolded groom #1 and emotional groom from Audrey Hannah Photo Blog

Black & White blindfolded groom from Chicago Wedding Blog

Emotional Groom #1 from One Wed

First look corner wall from An {ontherun} Wedding

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Winter Bride

Winter Bride

From a chill in the air to snow on the ground, winter brides have so many fabulous wardrobe options when it comes to staying warm.  Accessorize your wedding dress with cozy jackets, add a pop of color with a fitted cardigan or step out in the snow and rain in a pair of stylish boots! Cold weather accents are not only fashionable but they will make your wedding style unique.

Bride in boots, scarf and sweater

Winter Bride

A scarf, jacket and boots will help winter brides look good while braving the elements.  For weather that is not so extreme, try a light weight infinity scarf in your wedding colors.  This is easy to put on and take off, it will switch up your wedding look and will create one-of-a-kind photos.

Winter Bride – Faux Fur

A faux fur jacket is a great choice for winter weddings!  Black, brown or winter white, this look is always elegant.

Bride in green cardigan

Winter Bride – Cardigan

Cardigans are the perfect choice for weddings in a mild winter climate.  Add a burst of color and it will totally transform your Winter Bride look!

Nontraditional Winter Wedding Dress

Winter Bride – Glimmer

With the spirit of the holidays in the air, winter brides can choose glamourous attire.  Three Quarter sleeved glitter top over a rich wedding dress is winter wedding perfection.  There is no better time to sparkle than the holidays! Go crazy with sequins, a bolero or a shall.

Bride in Stripped Tights

Winter Bride – Tights

Tights are a winter staple and they are the perfect winter wedding secret.  Nude, black, patterned or bright and colorful, tights will keep brides warm in cold weather without changing the overall look of the wedding dress. And for something super sexy try garter belt stockings :)

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Winter Bride by First Class Weddings

Bride in Winter White from Sweet November Events

Bride in Boots and Jacket from Sarajane Case Photography

Bridal Party in Faux Fur from Green Wedding Shoes

Bride in Green Cardigan from Lovely Girls Weddings

Bride in Pink Cardigan from The Look on TODAY

Bride in Velvet Dress from Pass The Bouquet

Bride in Tights from Erin Ever After

Bride in Sequin Bolero from Chocolate Moose


Halloween Wedding

Pumpkin Ring Photo

Halloween Wedding

Halloween, the time of year where children and adults alike dress in costumes, visit haunted houses and carve Jack O’Lanterns.  While Halloween is most often associated with ghosts and goblins, cobwebs and candy, not everyone is saying Trick or Treat on October 31…for many happy couples, this is a day to say I DO!

Elegant Halloween ceremony

With a black, white and orange color palette, this outdoor ceremony is Halloween chic.  A variety of beautiful orange and white blooms pop against sophisticated black flower pots and bold, fabric accented acrylic stands.

Halloween Wedding – Pumpkin Centerpieces

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins.  Carved, painted, big or small pumpkins are a great addition to an October wedding!  Use as centerpieces,  line the ceremony aisle way or pile high for a decorative photo booth backdrop.  Small pumpkins are perfect for favors and place cards alike.  Attach tags with your guests names or display at each place setting for fun festive Halloween wedding decor.

Till Death Do Us Part Pumpkins

Turn pumpkins of any size into a work of art!  This is a great DIY (Do It Yourself) project!  Paint pumpkins with a brush or spray paint and add patterns, lettering or cover completely.

Halloween Wedding Dessert Bar

Halloween Wedding Cake

Say Trick or Treat with Halloween Wedding inspired sweets! Candy apples, candy corn, decorative cookies…the possibilities are endless!   Ask your baker to create a one of a kind Halloween wedding cake for your October 31 nuptials.  How much fun is the spider web cake above?!

Black Wedding Dress

Colorful wedding dresses are on runways everywhere and a Halloween wedding is the perfect time to rock these modern wedding looks! Love the look but dreaming of that little white dress?  Make a wardrobe change after the ceremony and wear a bold black gown or LBD for your wedding reception.

Masked Bride

Masquerade Ball Reception

We love the idea of a masquerade wedding themed reception…after all, whats Halloween without a costume!  Provide a mask for your guests to wear for the evening and then take home as a Halloween wedding favor.

Happy Halloween from First Class Weddings!

Halloween Wedding by First Class Weddings

Pumpkin Ring Photo from Libby James Blog

Black, White, and Orange Ceremony from Karen Tran Florals

Pumpkin Centerpieces from Green Wedding Shoes

Till Death Do Us Part Pumpkins from 100 layer Cake

Halloween Dessert Table from Calligraphy by Jennifer

Halloween Wedding Cake from Half Baked – The Cake Blog

Black Vera Wang Wedding Gown from Hip Hip Gin Gin

Masked Bride from Belle Weddings

Masquerade Ball Reception from Polka Dot Bride

Flower Girls

Flower girl with a flower crown and bouquet

 Flower Girls

Flower girls are an adorable addition to any wedding!  While we OOOO and AWE over the dresses, the flowers, and the sheer cuteness of the flower girl, children equally consider this an exciting occassion. Flower girls of all ages are a extra special part of the ceremony, scattering petals, holding signs or carrying a pomander flower ball and walking down the aisle is a moment that you and your guests will cherish forever!


Flower Girls tossing petals down the aisle

Flower Girls Tossing Petals

Traditionally walking just before the bride, the flower girl(s) will sprinkle petals down the aisle way during the wedding ceremony. Your wedding colors, location and overall theme can help to guide you in what option is best for your big day. Rose petals matching the bouquets are always a great option.  Many of our brides, having a destination wedding in Hawaii, choose to use orchids or multi-colored rose petals to compliment their Hawaiian wedding and a Haku Head Lei is a great addition to the flower girls overall look!

There are many options for both flowers and flower girl baskets to make your wedding unique.  Woven, adorned with flowers or moss, accented with ribbons or even monogrammed with the bride and grooms initials are all cute…the possibilities are endless! To make your flower girls feel extra special, attach a wooden sign, or paint her name onto the basket.


"Here Comes The Bride" flower girl sign

Flower Girl Sign

A more modern role for the flower girls are to carry a sign down the aisle. This is a trend that we can’t seem to get enough of, and your guests will feel the same! A slab of wood or a printed banner with the words “Here Comes The Bride” or a personalized sign that reads “Uncle Jessie, Here Comes Your Girl!” is an adorable way to announce the bride!


Flower girl carrying a flower pomader

Flower Girls Pomander Ball

One option we love is having flower girls carry a Pomander Ball.  This flower ball is great for children who may be nervous (or too young) to scatter flower petals.  Pomanders can also be a great decorative option for your wedding reception.  Use as chair decor, hang them in trees, line an aisle way, doorway or place on table tops as reception centerpieces.


Flower Girl being pulled in a wagon

Flower Girl Wagon

When the time comes to walk down the aisle things can go super smoothly or slightly unpredictable.   We have had flower girls go from happy to sad and tired to terrified in a matter of minutes. Having a rehearsal the evening before or having several flower girls (especially for young girls) can help ease the walk down the isle. For the very young, we recommend having either an adult or an older child accompany them down the aisle.  We also love the idea of pulling young cuties in a wagon as seen above!


Custom Flower Girl dress and headband

Flower Girls Attire

Of course you can’t forget about flower girl fashion!  Go traditional or dress your flower girls in fun tutu’s or petticoats. Add flower headbands to finish off the look. Accessorizing your flower girl to compliment your wedding theme will add even more cuteness to the already adorable kiddos!


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Flower Girls by First Class Weddings

Flower Crowned Flower Girl from Polka Dot Bride

Tossing Petals from Inspired By This

“Here Comes The Bride” from Brides of Oklahoma

Flower Girl Pomander from Indulgy

Flower Girl in Wagon from Every Last Detail

Tool Flower Girl Dress and Flower Headband from Savvy Britches Boutique

Fall Wedding

Bridal Party throwing fall leaves

Fall Wedding

It is time to embrace the changing of the leaves and the return of the rich colors of fall! There are many different decorative options to choose from that will make your fall wedding reflect the spirit of the season! Stick to the traditional fall color palette of brown, orange, red and yellow or opt for a wedding with richer tones such as merlot, plum or moss green.  Incorporate leaves and greenery or pumpkins and pie into your decor for a wedding celebration that screams fall!

Fall color wedding bouquets

Fall Wedding Bouquets

Mix a burst of color into bouquets and floral arrangements and give your decor an unexpected twist.  We love that fall’s hottest hues are mixed with the lavender roses in the above bouquets!  Lavender is one color that you may not traditionally associate with fall but by adding in this pop of color the arrangements are truly transformed.

Wooden Wedding Arch

Fall Wedding Arch

Fall is the perfect season to incorporate a woodsy, rustic vibe into your wedding and this natural ceremony arch is the perfect example!  Wooden table and chairs, an unfinished slab of wood with table numbers and names as a seating display or tree stump cake/flower stands will give your entire reception a rustic feel.

Pumpkin Ceremony decor

Pumpkin Wedding Decor

Pumpkins are one of the staples of fall and they are great additions to your fall wedding decor.  Pumpkin vases with fresh blooms, a pumpkin patch venue or a pumpkin lined aisle way are all creative ideas. Continue this theme into your food and beverage choices by featuring a dessert table where pumpkin pies are accompanies by other fall favorites such as caramel apples or cider with cinnamon sticks.

Rock and Roll Fall Wedding

Mix your passion into your wedding.  A record guestbook, beautiful fall flowers and your favorite beer makes for a fun celebration for the rock and roll loving couple!  Display them in a wooden crate and you’ve got a fabulous photo op reflecting your wedding style!  This photo is from a First Class Weddings Rock and Roll wedding inspiration shoot. There are more great fall wedding inspiration photos to come so keep checking back!

Fall Chair Decor

Wheat chair decor

Fall Wedding Chair Decor

Chair decor is a great way to incorporate fall into your wedding.  Adorn your ceremony chairs with fall accents as seen with the  orange and green, twig and berry chair decor above.  Another great fall accent, wheat! Whether chair decor or a bridal bouquet, wheat is a fall wedding favorite.

Bride in cowboy boots

The colder weather means fall brides can rock boots and jackets! For bridesmaids or brides, cowboy boots paired with a dress make the perfect fashion statement. A shrug, cardigan or a faux fur jacket will keep you warm and stylish.

Whether your wedding has a few fall accents or is a full on celebration of the season, we’ve got you covered! First Class Weddings can help you plan your fall wedding and provide you with great wedding inspiration.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Fall Wedding by First Class Weddings

Fall Leaf Confetti from Fairy God Mother Weddings

Fall Bouquet from Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

Wooden Arch Every Last Detail

Pumpkin Aisle Decor from One Wed

Twig and Berry Chair Decor from Oh Lovely Day

Wheat Chair Decor from Wedding By Color

Bridal Cowboy Boots from Lover.ly

Mismatched Bridesmaids

Patterend and solid bridesmaid dresses

Mismatched Bridesmaid Maxi Dresses

There is a new trend in wedding attire….mismatched bridesmaids! No longer are the days that a bride has to choose one dress to please all of her bridesmaids. Nowadays brides are mixing it up and choosing to deliberately mismatch their bridal party.  Stick to one color palette, or rock a rainbow of shades, go for solid dresses or unexpected printed styles. Mixing and matching your bridesmaid looks creates a wedding style that is truly your own.


Pastel Bridesmaids

Pastel Mismatched Bridesmaids

Pastels are great color choices for mismatched bridesmaids as they all go together so nicely! Whether your girls are wearing the same style dress in different colors or have chosen both different styles and colors (as shown above), these sweet shades are light, fresh and oh-so romantic.


Rainbow of bridesmaid dresses

Bright and Colorful Bridesmaids

Check out this outrageous burst of color! There is no right or wrong when you’re a trend setter. From bright and bold to ombre inspired dresses, your options are limitless.  Pick one or two stand out shades or go for every color of the rainbow!  Stay neutral with your flowers to prevent going over board.


Indian saris in a variety of colors

Some cultures ooze color and therefore have way more experience classically pulling it off.  Pay attention to the vibrant colors and bold patterns of these traditional Indian saris!


bridesmaid dresses in a variety of coral hues

Different shades of one color is a great compromise when incorporating more color into your wedding. Shoes can also be mixed up and personalized to each girl’s preference.  Don’t be afraid to experiment ahead of time in order to reach your desired look.


Sequin separates for bridesmaids

Sequin and Lace Bridesmaids

Adding bling is another option when it comes to mismatched bridesmaids dresses.  Two piece ensembles can work fabulously for the right personality.  Just look at the shimmering skirt and top numbers shown above.  These maids wore pieces with the same metallic sequin and lace fabric but in different combinations.  Love this modern take on mismatched bridesmaid attire.

Print bridesmaides dresses

 Mismatched Printed Bridesmaids

Stripes, chevron, dots or floral and lace patterns are an up and coming trend that we should keep our eye on! Mixing fabrics while keeping within the same color tones can also work beautifully. We love these bridesmaids dresses!


Same color bridesmaiddresses in different styles

Mismatched Bridesmaid Styles

Subtle differences in dress styles can go a long way! Have each bridesmaid choose a different dress in the same color! This will make everyone happy, with a dress that is reflects their own personality and body, that they are sure to wear again.

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Mismatched Bridesmaids by First Class Weddings

Mismatched Bridesmaid Maxi Dresses from Molly Sims

Pastel Bridesmaids from Green Wedding Shoes

Colorful Mismatched Bridesmaids from Plenty of Colour

Sari Bridesmaid Dresses from Bridal Banter

Coral Mismatched Dresses from Madeline’s Weddings and Events

Sequin and Lace Bridesmaids from Society Bride

Printed Bridesmaids from Wedding Window

Mismatched Styles from Strictly Weddings




Beverage Displays

Vintage furniture drink display

Beverage Display

If you are looking for a fun and unique beverage display for your wedding then you have come to the right place!  Using old furniture in the color theme of your wedding can be a great way to  display your drinks.  Feel free to utilize different types of props in addition to your beverage choices to make it fun and exciting.


Wedding bar displaied in a boat

Boat Beverage Display

All aboard! Using old wooden boats and canoe’s totally takes you out of the norm and creates a more customized affair. This wooden row boat has been turned into a bar.  Whether you have a bartender to serve drinks or your guests end up serving themselves, this beverage display is sure to impress and we love the hand made sign that the couple made to hang on the back of the boat!


Bottles of Champagne in a red wagon

Red Wagon Bar

This red wagon beverage display is perfect for a farm or country wedding!  Remember that the drinks need to be kept cold so add a bucket or bin and fill it with ice. You can use this in place of a cooler and intermix with othr beverage display stations.


Drinks in large tin buckets with ice

Tin Bucket Beverage Display

A tin bucket is a cute way to display drinks for an outdoor wedding! Add decorative elements to the table and let your guests help themselves!  If serving champagne or wine, as in the picture above, we recommend hiring (or designating) a server.  This will keep the Champagne flowing and the buckets replenished. One thing to keep in mind with all your beverage display’s is that ice melts and buckets sweat so be prepared for wet linens.


DIY martini bar

DIY Martini Bar

Have a specialty bar at your wedding reception!  Wine tasting, a tequila bar or a martini bar, as shown above, are unexpected elements that are fun for both you and your guests. We encourage you to have fun by experimenting at home first. This will allow you to plan for anything unexpected.


Vintage drawer with mason jar cocktails

Vintage Drawer Serving Tray

Servers don’t have to serve drinks on silver trays! A dresser drawer served as the tray for this vintage wedding! If you are capable of some carpentry then adding rope handles, cutting a hand-hold out of the sides, and/or attaching suspenders truly takes this idea to a whole new level. For more wedding inspirations follow us on PinterestFacebook and Twitter.


Beverage Displays by First Class Wedding

Boat Bar by Style Me Pretty

Red Wagon Beverage Display from Exquisite Weddings

Tin Bucket Display from Gorgeous.com

Martini Bar Display from The Inspired Brise

Vintage Drawer Display from Weddings by Brittney Hogan



Paper Wedding Decor

Hanging paper flowers

Hanging Paper Flowers

Add a new twist to your ceremony and reception with paper wedding decor!  There is so much you can do and you will be surprised at how amazingly chic and affordable paper wedding decor can be!  Get ready to be inspired!


Paper streamers as ceremony decor

Streamer Ceremony Backdrop

Who knew streamers could be so dramatic?  We love this layered paper ceremony backdrop.  Different streamer lengths, hung from the ceiling above create texture and design and give this ceremony space a modern edge!

Paper flower wedding arch

Paper Flower Arch

An arch is not uncommon at weddings however this one is made of floral paper which creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Paper flowers in many shapes, sizes and colors create this fabulously unique ceremony backdrop!  For the DIY bride; When creating your own paper flower arch, make sure the paper is thick enough that it won't blow or change shape with the wind.  Look for cardboard or foam core and create your own custom decor!

Colorful paper pom poms

Paper Pom Poms

These tissue paper pom poms have become quite the wedding trend!  Accessorize your wedding with handmade works of art.  Learn how to create this fabulous paper wedding decor with this step by step guide from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Paper Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels can be bright and vibrant or soft and subtle! The above pinwheels can be made out of heavy paper stock or coffee filters and give a different take on traditional wedding chair decor...and we love it!  These pinwheels are easy to create. Choose paper to match your over all color scheme.  Fold a piece of paper about one inch long then repeat in the opposite direction, continue as if you were creating a fan.  Do the same with another piece of paper.  When you finish, glue both ends of the paper together to create a circle.  Attach a ribbon and hang from a chair as seem above or create an amazing ceremony backdrop!

 Hanging Origami Cranes

Paper Origami Cranes

Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.  Whether you are incorporating tradition into your wedding or you simply appreciate the the beautiful atmosphere the cranes create, this paper wedding decor is a great addition to any wedding.


Colorful paper lanterns

Hanging Chinese lanterns are a great way to create a warm, fun and decorative atmosphere.  We love both colorful paper lanterns or white paper lanterns, so have fun and be creative! For more wedding inspiration follow us on PinterestFacebook and Twitter.


Paper Wedding Decor by First Class Weddings

Hanging Paper Flowers from Rachel Events

Paper Streamer Ceremony Decor from Pretty Lucky Morning

Floral Paper Arch from Party Box Design

Pinwheel Chair Decor from Wedding Bee

Paper Pom Poms from Martha Stewart Weddings

Paper Cranes from Amy Vanmeter Events

Colorful Paper Lanterns from Bridal Guide