The Role of a Flower Girl

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The Role of a Flower Girl?

Here are some helpful tips to help your flower girl feel comfortable in their role. Most flower girls are in their prime adorableness between the ages of 3 and 8. They are old enough to be on their own and understand instructions but still young and cute enough to make your guests generate an overall “awww” as she walks down the aisle.

Although these youngsters are heart-melting, they are sometimes quite young. The thought of walking down the isle to them can be a bit overwhelming. One of our bloggers, Taylor Heist has a younger sister and remembers that right before walking down the aisle, she froze, started to cry and refused to take another step.

To help the little ones overcome their stage fright and become more comfortable with their role we suggest that you take some time and talk to her about the wedding day during the planning process and also include her in specific pre-planning activities in order to nurture her comfort levels. The flower girl should also attend the family bridal shower and the rehearsal in order to familiarize her with the family and get excited to participate!  Here are some other ways you can help.

Get Involved!

More often than not these youngsters love being the center of attention. Taking time to acknowledge your flower girl with a thoughtful card or personalized gift is a great way to build a bond with them. Having lunch with her on occasion doesn’t hurt either. If your girl lives in a different region Skype can be a great way to build a relationship. You can draw a picture together, read a book or sing songs with her. Once she arrives for the wedding include them in all the festivities and rehearsal. This will help them get more familiar with everything and will prepare her for the walk down the isle.

Get A Dress That Your Flower Girl Will Love!

The role of the flower girl is much easier when you find an exciting dress. She is the one paving the way down the aisle for you so make sure she loves what she is wearing and looks as cute as ever. The dress doesn’t have to be white, it can be adorable to have a little girl in a pastels, bold colors or mis-matched themes when walking down the aisle. Whatever colors you choose, make sure your little one is excited to be wearing it. This will raise her confidence and make the hearts of your guests melt as she makes her way down the aisle. When selecting their dress keep in mind that kids grow! When picking out the dress remember that she may completely change in size by the time she will actually be wearing it so adjust your purchase accordingly.

Break Away From Traditions!

This role doesn’t have to carry the typical basket filled with rose petals to sprinkle down the aisle before you. Some other options like having your girl hand flowers to the guests as she makes her way down the aisle, blowing bubbles, waving ribbon wands or carrying a small bouquet or flower ball are all creative options when choosing what role you’d like your flower girl to do as she walks before you.

The Perfect Flower Girl By A First Class Wedding

Cute Flower Girl From Trish Barker Photography

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Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer with a "Here Comes the Bride" sign

A little history: The exchanging of rings is a tradition that dates back centuries and can be one of the most important moments in any wedding ceremony.    The rings being circular shape symbolizes forever and is a sign of the love & commitment between the husband and wife.   A ring bearer is in charge of carrying the rings down the aisle and presenting them to the bride and groom.   Consider presenting your wedding bands in a unique and creative way.  From ring pillows birds nests, there are many options to choose from!

Birds Nest Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer – Birds Nest

We love the thought of incorporating earthy elements into your wedding.   Placing the rings inside of a bird’s nest is a fabulous idea.  However, don’t show off your tree climbing skills to make this happen!  Esty is a website where you can purchase handmade “bird nests” that are perfect for presenting your wedding bands.

Tree Stump Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer – Branded Wood

Miniature Bale of Hay Ring Bearer Pillow

A slice of a tree stump engraved with the wedding date and couples initials or a miniature bale of hay with the rings attached are great option that compliments mountain or rustic weddings. Try to be super creative & fun!

Starfish Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer -  Starfish

There are plenty of unique ring bearer ideas for beach weddings.  Place the wedding bands in a seashell or tie to the points on a starfish as shown in the picture above. Wrapping your wedding theme into the little details show that you went the extra mile. We love these ring bearer boxes you see below.

"With This Box I Thee Wed" Ring Bearer Box

Ring Bearer Box

Glass Ring Box with Greenery for Ring Bearer

A small box is a great alternative to the traditional ring pillow.   Find a box that compliments your wedding theme.  Wooden, glass and crystal boxes are all great options.  You can fill the box with a small pillow, handful of moss, loose flower petals or sand to create a soft and decorative space to place the rings.

Bible tied with wedding rings

Ring Bearer Books

Tying wedding bands to a book or cutting out the center pages to create a book box is another creative ring bearer idea.  Choose a copy of your favorite book and tie with ribbon and flowers.  For religious couples using a copy of the bible is a unique way to incorporate your beliefs into the ceremony.

Moss and flower Ring Bearer pillow

Ring Bearer – Moss and Floral Pillow

If you’re a bride from nature try using flowers and plants to make a beautiful creation for your ring bearer to carry.  The picture above is a great example using moss, succulents, floral accents and twine to create a masterpiece from nature. Collaborating with your wedding planner or florist can also help create a one-of-a-kind piece!

Dog Ring Bearer Collar

Whether you choose a child, a friend or even a pet as your ring bearer, make sure to keep the rings secure!  Some objects, such as boxes, will keep the rings safely enclosed, otherwise you can use colorful ribbon to tie the rings in place.  You can do this with almost any option you choose.  If there is not a space to tie a ribbon directly onto the object, use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon.  Consider the color scheme, style or the location of your wedding when choosing what your ring bearer will carry.  With so many bearer ideas it can be hard to choose just one! Remember First Class Weddings is here to help! Follow us here for more inspirations on this topic and many more.

Ring Bearer Ideas by First Class Weddings

“Here Comes The Bride” Sign from Heart Love Weddings

Birds Nest Ring Display from Marilyn Keepsakes

Tree Stump Ring  Display from Esty

Miniature Hay Ring Pillow from Modern Country Designs

Starfish Ring Display from The Knot

Wooden Ring Box from Weddings By Lilly

Glass Ring Box from Bride Bop

Bible Ring Display from Something Turquoise

Moss and Floral Ring Pillow from Every Last Detail

Dog Ring Bearer from Elizabeth Anne Designs




LoveSay I Love You Today

One lovely summer evening as I was walking beneath the full moon with a lovely being beside me, suddenly, like a bolt of lightening I was overcome with immense love in my heart for him. I could feel this love bubbling and bursting through me, a tender warmth overwhelmed me.

Thoughts of what to say came and went. Thoughts of past heartache came and went. Thoughts of how he might feel came and went. The only way through this energetic pull of oneness was through expressing this love to him. Without fear, I gathered my courage. Without fear of what may come to pass or how this may change my friendship with him, I took the leap of faith. “I feel so much love in my heart for you,” were the words of truth that rang through my being and into the dark crisp summer evening air. Breathing in my authentic voice I could only express what I felt at that moment without thought of the impact of this expression.

It felt amazing to be in this authentic place of knowing and expressing myself without fear. To say, “I love you,” and to know and feel it. To this day, I am often overwhelmed by the depth and truth of this love and continue to share and express what I feel. Without fear. And as I do, my heart continues to open, feel and express more love.

In the midst of our current state of high rates of separation and divorce, I feel we are being called to reflect upon our relationships, our love for ourselves as well as for others. Are we to define a new way of being in relationship with others? Are we supposed to find “the one?” Are we to continue the roller coaster of marriage and divorce?

Deep in my heart, I believe that when we truly love, respect and care for ourselves, we open ourselves to the possibility of true love with others. Until then, we continue to learn what we need to learn and grow in ways that bring us closer to our place of truth and knowing.

Just for today, look into the mirror and repeat many times to yourself, “I Love You.”
Notice inside your heart how this feels.

Just for today, look into the face of your loved ones and express what your heart feels for him or her. Whether it is, “I feel so much love in my heart for you” or in the case where you have drifted away from your loved one, “I am saddened that we do not express as much love as we once did.”

Honor your feelings toward yourself and others. Express in kind ways how you feel. Invite more love into your heart and into your life. Enjoy!

LoveFirst published on elephant Journal – Helene Rose, MS, CRM dedicates her life to the practice of mindfulness; creating peace within her self, her family, her community and our world. She is a poet, teacher and healer in Boulder, Colorado. Her book is Blessed Womb – Inspirational Poems to Warm the Heart & Womb. Find her at

Love by First Class Weddings

Purple & Red Wedding

Purple & Red Wedding

Dresses can be found  here

Table Decor can be found at Elizabeth Anne Designs

Cake Details by Studio Gems

Invitations by Stationary Hustle

Table Runner by Wedding Bee

Purple & Red Wedding by First Class Weddings

Getting Married

Getting Married

Will you marry me?

Getting Married:

Now that you’re getting married we would like to help you balance out the euphoria of being engaged with the actual planning of the wedding itself. After all, with the abundance of information on the web you could develop a case of “wedding clutter syndrome” and that would be a “couples” disaster!

So, before you begin gathering information on the web we highly suggest that you first make the following 3 decisions (together).

1. Will you be having a Home or Destination Wedding?

2. Will you be hiring a Wedding Planner?

3. And your preferred Wedding date is…

Now if you decided on having a home-town wedding then First Class Weddings feels that weddingdetails is a great place to begin. This site offers a wealth of valuable information and is an excellent resource for any bride and groom.

For the adventurous couple that would like to explore having a destination wedding then we suggest you consider Hawaii as your landing spot and gohawaii is a great site to begin drooling over the island life. However if a tropical wedding isn’t for you we invite you to check out majestic Colorado. This state offers some spectacular wedding venues in the mountains, lakeside, riverside, canyons, meadows, forests, and other beautiful venues worthy of your attention.

Finally, should you choose to hire a wedding planner we invite you to take a peek at A First Class Wedding. This is a company that truly has your best interest at heart, we have serviced thousands of clientele and continually strive to work in the best interest of you.

 Getting Married is easy with First Class Weddings

Wholesale Wedding Supplies

Wholesale Wedding Supplies

Wholesale Wedding Supplies:

If you are in the process of deciding on your wedding decor then you have got to check out this web site! It’s jam packed full of crystal garlands, diamond wraps, lighted centerpieces, simple vases, swagging, custom favors, specialty gifts, invitations, cupcake towers, specialty wedding items and so much more… You can literally spend a few hours on this site and I recommend that you bookmark it for future use! Take a look at and let us know what you think.

Wholesale Wedding Supplies by First Class Weddings

The Best of Hawaii Wedding Book

Wedding imagesThe Best of Hawaii Wedding Book

If you’ve dreamed about getting married in paradise, The Best of Hawaii Wedding Book will take the guesswork out of planning your destination wedding. Find the perfect location and hire the best professionals with the most complete tell-all for getting married in Hawaii. Expert planner Tammy Perkins reveals her local wedding favorites—from a variety of venues to caters, florists to photographers—and presents exclusive insider info, plus tips on making the most of what the Islands have to offer.

“Tammy wrote the book on Maui marriages—literally. With one fairy tale wedding after another in 12 years of planning, she has decided to share the invaluable contents of her little black book. The Best of Hawaii Wedding Book is a jacketpot of information with an industry insider’s point of view.” — Maui No Ka ‘Oi Magazine

Wedding book

Click to purchase at

About the Book
Each section of The Best of Hawaii Wedding Book offers all the little details to help you make the best wedding decisions.

Part 1 provides general information about marrying in Hawaii, including marriage requirements and weather considerations, and also specific information about Maui, Kauai, and Lanai so you can decide which island fits you best.

Part 2 offers reviews of the top wedding and reception sites including beaches, gardens, churches, resorts, and restaurants. Reviews contain an intimate portrait of each venue, plus details such as capacity, grounds fees, and policies. There are also suggestions for nearby dining options. Each type of site has an introduction with general information and summaries of things to consider prior to finalizing your decision. There is also a color insert which showcases photography of a selection of the locations.

Wedding Book Kindle Version

Kindle Edition Now Available at

Part 3 contains valuable information about professional services ranging from officiants to florists, plus handy listings of recommended vendors. Get the inside scoop on licensing requirements, fees, and vendor guidelines specific to our islands, which aren’t publicly displayed anywhere else.

Travel and accommodation information can be found in Part 4 which is an important resource for any destination wedding.

In Part 5 you will find a destination planner with worksheets, plus many tips on making your day run smoothly. Fill out the destination planner worksheet with the key points of your dream wedding so that you can get a better handle on your vision. Part 5 also outlines the benefits of enlisting the help of a professional planner.

The vendor listings are the best of what Maui , Kauai, and Lanai have to offer. Inclusion in this book is based on good business ethics, working relationships, the ability to consistently deliver a quality product, the level of skill, experience in the field, and most important, the ability to deliver outstanding customer service.

The Best of Hawaii Wedding Book by Tammy Ash Perkins, founder of First Class Weddings



Marriage Will Last a Lifetime!

A little research would tell you that marriages that last a lifetime are at an all time low. Several reports, reviews and opinions on the sensitive subject of making marriage work are indifferent so we make no guarantees on how long your marriage will last  However, we would like to suggest that these ten things would make a significant difference on the overall health, happiness and length of your marriage… should you take them to heart.

  1. Time
  2. Patience
  3. Honesty
  4. Love
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Commitment to Marriage
  7. Loyalty
  8. Respect
  9. Communication
  10. Partnership

And when times get hard, remember the love that you once shared together and please try and make an effort to celebrate your commitment together as often as you can. Telling each other that you love them every single day, how much you admire them, or how special they made you feel by doing something for you is a few of many ways you can keep the love alive. We also encourage you to remember that you are in it for better and for worse. The love you have for each other must be strong enough to endure all obstacles, and with a little luck, it can.

Marriage by First Class Weddings

Winter Proposal

Winter Proposal

A Romantic Sleigh Ride – Winter Proposal…

If you’re wondering how to propose to your soul mate or if you’re thinking about how your partner will propose then we have a snowy idea for you. How about an intimate sleigh ride through the snow kissed mountains? Add a warm cozy blanket, hot cocoa, or even some Champagne and there you have it, a unique winter proposal that will surely achieve success.

In Colorado there is a small little town called Breckenridge that can supremely accommodate this type of request. This quaint little town is only an hour and a half drive from Denver and they specialize in this type of romance. With prices starting at $295, the custom ride is well worth your consideration.

For more information visit , or call 970-453-0222. This little company in the heart of the mountains has what it takes to make your winter proposal everything you imagined and more…

Winter Proposal by First Class Weddings

Beach Bags

Beach Bags

Honeymoon Beach Bags

Whatever you do… and wherever you go, these are “must pack” items for your beach bags.

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Extra Shorts & Top, Undies and/or Sundress
  • Lotion
  • Lip Balm
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses
  • Tissue
  • Water
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic Bag (for your wet suit)
  • Favorite Snack Items
  • A little Money
The most relaxing way to spend your honeymoon is on a beach or at least most think so. For the best beaches to visit in Hawaii, sign up for our newsletter and become an exclusive member of First Class Weddings.