Bohemian Weddings


Being identified as “bohemian” has gone from being an outcast to uniquely different. From the colorful flowers to the distinctive ambiance, bohemian weddings are up and coming. The term bohemian in the past has been characterized by someone who is socially unconventional and especially interested in the arts. Over the years the term has turned into a funky and individualistic trait that is to be desired. The word bohemian, used in this sense, comes from the French “gypsy”.


A bohemian groom is known for being slightly hipster; unconventional, if you will. Although his appearance may not be as unique as the bride, his charm brings a whole new element to the term bohemian.


Bohemian’s love color. Color in everything from flowers to tablecloths to cakes. It brings happiness and uniqueness into anything and everything you want. Take the table setting below, for example. We see a green tablecloth with beautiful colorful flowers in the middle in a rustic setting. This will make for a wedding that will not easily be forgotten.

Colorful flowers, such as ranunculus, draw attention to the bride while offsetting her white dress, making her stand out and be memorable.


Little girls can be bohemian too! This lovely flower girl is rocking the messy hair and fashionable forehead headband, making her stand out and adding an extra charm to an already unique wedding.


Bohemian’s are known for being one with nature. Being unconventional and rustic makes the term bohemian what it is today. That being said, earthy cake themes are the perfect addition to your bohemian wedding. The cake above takes nature and turns it into something elegant and, again, memorable.


Bohemian Weddings by First Class Wedding 

Bohemian Bridesmaids and Centerpieces From Green Wedding Shoes

Table Setting From Style Me Pretty

Flowers From Style Me Pretty

Flower Girl From Flickr

Bride in Colorful Garland From Green Wedding Shoes

Man Holding Cake From Green Wedding Shoes

Groom Juggling From Milou and Olin Photography


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Nautical Wedding


Ahoy, Matey! Are you the type of bride who is “Naut-y”? A nautical wedding may be for you! The word nautical pertains to sailors, ships, or navigation through bodies of water… We want to set sail and float away on this love boat!


Sailors’ knots & wooden wheels create waves for the eyes to swim across. When we think of nautical weddings we think of very traditional reds, whites & blues… the deep red cherries add beautiful bold color to the neutral base of the table & are a delicious summer fruit!


White hydrangeas are a great flower to include in a nautical wedding theme. They go well with colored ribbon such as blue & white striped ribbon which is very common with nautical themes.


The gold anchor, pops of red flowers & rope lining the cake make this dessert ship shape! This nautical wedding cake is made of fondant overlay and fondant blue & gold detailing.


Lacy vintage wedding dresses flow very well with the nautical theme. These dresses look traditional & could be short or long depending on your venue or taste. Going along with the blue & white striped theme… the bride’s shoes are a great way to get those wonderful bold colors into the wedding attire…swipe on some red lipstick & you are ready for your first mate!


We have mentioned our love of non-floral bouquets before… but we LOVE this seashell bouquet! This type of bouquet goes wonderfully with the nautical wedding theme and is a memorable keepsake that will last for a lifetime. Tie this bouquet with a little striped ribbon & you are set!


The pinstriped groom’s attire & Sperry shoes are perfect for a nautical wedding. The red, white & blue tie with the starfish boutonniere compliment the bride’s bouquet & overall ambiance of the wedding. Men who boat are typically seen wearing boating shoes such as these & would be comfortable for all the groomsmen as well.

If you have any nautical wedding ideas of your own we would love to see them and chat! Send them to – We can’t wait to hear from you!

Nautical Wedding by First Class Weddings

Love Boat from Skinny Pumpkin Desserts

Nautical Place Settings from Wedding Chicks

Shoes from Style Me Pretty

Ahoy Bride from A Jubilee Event

Anchor Cake from Wedding Bells 

Starfish Bouquet from Somer Anne

Groom’s Lapel from A Stunning Affair


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Gatsby Wedding


Are you Gatsby’d out yet??? We certainly aren’t! This trend took off very quickly in the wedding industry! Brides just cannot get enough of that Gatsby! Who could? Gatsby weddings are classy, high-end & so visually appealing! The black & gold accent colors add instant glamour to these weddings.

Did you know that the word gatsby refers to a type of South African style sandwich? However, the word gatsby is also a synonym for cool, swanky, & impressive – exactly how it is perceived in the movie, The Great Gatsby…the book about the “unattainable dream” is completely attainable with the expertise of First Class Weddings. We encourage you to “Live your Dream”…

Black & gold themed cakes are a major hit in the Gatsby world! These beautiful cakes are elegant and are just too pretty to cut into!

Crystal chandeliers hanging high above the ceiling add a stunning vintage look and make the lighting in the room romantic & intimate! Crystals, gems & pearls make for a lovely old fashioned feel and make you, as a bride, look glamourous!


Are you a roaring 20s bride? Bold black eyeliner & light eyeshadows make bride’s eyes pop! Don’t forget some pearls & gold earrings to hang below that gorgeous roller-style hair!

We LOVE these gorgeous earrings! These cascading tear drop earrings are a bold statement and would look lovely underneath wavy hair!


As depicted in the book & movies, Mr. Gatsby is a rich man who happened to come into a lot of money during his life. He lives a glamourous lifestyle & knows how to throw a party. This Gatsby groom is rockin’ his white tuxedo while looking sharp & is ready to be the life of the party.

All that glitters can be gold! Sparkling confetti falling from the high ceilings screams “Gatsby!”. These luxurious wedding details are extravagant & make for a stunning wedding. Black & gold were considered to be popular colors in the 20s when throwing parties. These colors once signified your status & class.

Gold silverware & gold rimmed plates are simple yet high-end. The fold of the napkin resembles that of a bow tie which all of the gentlemen wore to the parties that Mr. Gatsby threw in his mansion…

If you really want to make a grand exit, think about your transportation! In the 20′s the car was a newer invention that was coming in cool shapes & sizes. Back then cars were for the wealthy who were amongst the few who could afford to own them… & if you were seen driving off in one of these babys you would be making a memorable exit!

Gatsby jewelry, invitations, entryway & place cards from Bridal Guide

Gatsby Cake from Style Unveiled

Gatsby Hair & Make-up from Wedding Bells

Gatsby Groom from Expressionary Events

White Gatsby car from Martha Stewart Weddings

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Place Cards


Escort cards – typically mistaken as place cards, are organized in a central location usually near the entrance to a wedding reception…These cards have the name of the guest & the number or name of table that they are seated at during the reception. Escort cards inform the guests of their assigned table while place cards let your guests know their assigned seat, if you have a specific seating chart,  at that table. First Class Weddings is here to keep you “in the know” about all things weddings!


How adorable are these miniature easels with little canvas paintings displayed on them? Maybe you are a bride that loves to be creative & paint or water color. How cool would it be to have mini paintings & such used as your escort cards…they could even double as your wedding favor! This would be a great way to give something personal to all of your guests. Theses feather escort cards, featured below, would be great especially for a peacock themed wedding! Instead of using these white feathers you could instead use individual peacock feathers to go along with your theme!

Feathers would be great for a light and soft wedding… maybe you’ll be on a beach instead! Check out these awesome beach chair escort cards. Mini umbrellas instantly make me feel like I am on a tropical island!

From beaches to sailboats… these miniature chairs and sailboats make me want to be on the water! These would  also be great little wedding favors to give out at your wedding.


Signature drinks are a great & creative way to have people find their seats! Guests can get thirsty after the ceremony before enjoying a meal… why not have personalized mason jars, little bottles of alcohol or cups with cute straws as your escort cards?


Flowers & plants work perfectly for all season weddings! Once guests find their names and bring their flowers & such to their tables they instantly add beautiful colors & details to the tables. You are decorating without having to lift a finger! Floral escort cards are another great idea for wedding favors!

If you have any cool ideas or escort cards from your wedding please send a picture & description to – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Leaves from Limn and Lovely

Mini Masterpiece Cards from Project Wedding

Beach Chairs from All About Wedding

Succulent Place cards from Intimate Weddings

Feather Place cards from Wedding Chicks

Sail Boat Place cards from Style Me Pretty

Floral & Beverage Cards from Picks on Paper

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Ombré Wedding

Red to white ombre wedding cake

 Ombré Wedding

Ombré is a French term, it means the shading and transition of color from light to dark, from one shade to another.  Traditionally this term referred to fabric and ombré has definitely made it’s mark in the fashion world, however recently this style has blown up! We are seeing ombré designs on everything from hair to nails and of course, all things weddings!  Wedding cakes, invitations, backdrops and flowers, ombré weddings are one wedding trend that is sure to stick around!

Ombre flower centerpiece

 Ombré Wedding Centerpiece

Ombré floral centerpieces can make your reception oh-so-glamorous!  An Ombré Wedding adds a decorative element that works with every color palette, and flowers are a great way to incorporate ombré decor into your wedding ceremony and reception. When creating an ombré flower centerpiece, we recommend choosing different flowers for each color (as seen above).  The different textures mixed with busts of color will create one gorgeous centerpiece!

Ombré Wedding Isle Runner

Ombré was originally associated with fabric, so why not continue your ombré wedding theme into your isleway.  We love a look that is hand crafted and matches your chairs, backdrops, reception table cloths, napkins, centerpieces and more…

Paper ombre wedding decor

 Ombre Wedding Backdrop

Hanging paper art makes for a fabulous backdrop and this ombré wedding backdrop makes this desert table so much sweeter! Hang garlands color by color, moving from one shade to the next to create fun and unique ceremony backdrop, desert table or photo booth areas. You can also  hang above reception tables to create amazing hanging decor!

Pink ombre wedding dress

Ombré Wedding Dress

It’s a bride’s day, so why not express you personal style with a fun and fabulous ombré gown…or have your bridesmaids rock the style. Brides may choose a white dress with colored tool that just peeks out the bottom or make a bold statement with a gown that transitions into a burst of color!

No matter what you wedding wishes, First Class Weddings can make your dream wedding a reality!  Follow us on PinterestFacebook and Twitter for more great wedding inspiration!

Ombré Wedding by First Class Weddings

Ombré Cake from Mod Wedding

Purplé Ombre Flowers from Flourish Designs

Ombré Isle Runner from Wedding Wire

Ombré Paper Backdrop from Little Bird Celebrations

Ombré Wedding Gown from One Wed








Moss Wedding

HEart Shaped Ring Pillow Made of Moss

Moss Wedding Decor

There are so many beautiful natural elements that can be used to create extraordinary event decor. Incorporate moss into your wedding theme and you will love the stunning result!  Moss adds color, texture and a rustic elegance to wedding ceremonies and receptions that we love! There are over 12,000 species of moss on this planet and one thing is for sure, when used as decoration, this gorgeous greenery brings the beautiful great outdoors to any event.

Wedding reception table runner made of moss

Moss Table Runner

Lush moss covered tables and  accented centerpieces have a rustic appeal that creates a earthy wedding theme.  Flower blossoms add color and frangrance to the place settings and dark candles set the mood. Make your wedding reception feel as though you are in a magical garden with this moss wedding theme.

Wedding dessert table covered with moss

Moss place card table

Moss Wedding Tables

Moss wedding decor can transform a standard dessert display, place card or sign-in table into a work of art that will give your guests something to talk about for years to come.  This is one embelleshment  that is easy to create yet packs a huge punch.  If you love this bold look, continue the theme by building a wedding backdrop or arch that is completely covered with moss.  Add fresh flowers, flags, jewels, etc. to make it truly unique. The result is gorgeous!

Moss and floral chandelier create a beautiful hanging centerpiece

Hanging Moss Wedding Centerpiece

Check out this overhead creation of moss, hanging tulips and glass bulbs! Moss chandeliers and hanging centerpieces will transform any table space and add a wow factor to your overall wedding decor.

Table numbers made of moss

Moss Wedding Table Numbers

Looking for a DIY (Do It Yourself) project for your big day? Plan a pre-wedding craft party and create moss covered table numbers, initial monograms, ring pillows or garden inspired flower girl baskets.   Moss wedding table numbers placed in your centerpieces are the perfect addition to reception tables.  Unique, creative and oh-so-fabulous!

Monogrammed Letters made of moss and flowers

Moss Wedding Monogram

Moss wedding monograms are perfect hung in entryways, on walls or as chair decor.  Choose your initials or wedding date for a unique wedding enhancement. We love that the above letters are paired with flowers and hung with ribbon in the weddings color palette.

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Moss Wedding from First Class Weddings

Moss Ring Pillow from One Wed

Moss Table Runner from United With Love

Moss Wedding Dessert Table from Tim Duncan Events

Hanging Moss and Tulip Chandelier from Bridal Banter

Moss Wedding Place Card Table from Simply Perfect Weddings

Moss Table Numbers from Esty

Moss Monogram Letters from Wedding Chicks

Chevron Wedding

Gold Cheveron Wedding Cake

Chevron Wedding

Give wedding decor a modern edge with chevron patterns!  Incorporate the pattern into your over all theme or add a hint of drama with bold accents.  From invitations and signs to the cake and linens, these ziz-zags add instant style.


LOVE sign with chevron

Chevron Wedding “LOVE”

The above chevron wedding “LOVE” sign is the perfect DIY project! Trace and cut letters out of a thick foam core board or pre-purchase the letters, then paint them.  Choose hues that are seen throughout the rest of your wedding decor or add a pop of color for an unexpected twist.


Chevron Backdrop Desert Table

Chevron Wedding Backdrop

Use fabric to create a chevron backdrop for your dessert, favor or guestbook table. Continue the theme into your dinner tables with bold custom linens.


Bold tie die chevron wedding cake

 Chevron Wedding Cake

Your chevron wedding can be bold and dramatic by choosing contrasting colors such as black and white or soft and romantic with more muted pastels and metallics.  Either way, don’t over do the pattern – use solid color fabric, flowers and decor to balance out the intensity of these sharp, clean lines.


Black and White Chevron Ring Pillow

Chevron Ring Pillow

First Class Weddings can help create your dream chevron wedding! Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter for event more great wedding inspiration!


Chevron Wedding by First Class Weddings

Gold Chevron Cake from Erica OBrien Cake Design

Chevron “Love” Sign from One Wed

Chevron Backdrop from Design Indulgences

Chevron Linens and Cake from Love Wed Bliss

Chevron Ring Pillow from Esty




Table Linens

White ruffled rose petal table linens

Table Linens – Flower Petals

Table linens play a huge part in the overall look of your wedding reception.  Unique tablecloths, napkins and chair covers will give your table settings a unique flair. Choose soft palettes and textures to create a romantic look or use bold patterns and bright colors for a dramatic feel. There are rental companies in your area and some have showrooms, others do not. Destination weddings are much more limited so be sure to contact us to give you the scoop on reputable companies in your area.


Eat Cake table linens

Typically you will have a table for the guest book, the cake, seating assignments and most importantly dining tables.  Choose table linens that match your overall color theme and compliment your wedding décor. The most budget friendly options are standard white linens.  You will have plenty of options so don’t be afraid to create your own theme like the one shown above.

Black and White Stripped Table Linens

Table Linens – Bold Stripes

If you are looking for something more unique, striped linens will make the table décor truly your own.  Custom linens come in a variey of colors and sizes.  Colorful, lace, sheer, decal printed, embroidered and sparkle accented linens truly make a lasting impression.


Wooden table runner

Table Linens – Wooden Table & Runner

Consider adding a table runner!  A table runner will add color and frame your centerpieces.  Table runners are available in multiple widths, colors and designs and are not limited solely to fabric.  Wooden or bamboo runners are perfect for rustic or tropical weddings. And Mother Nature can also provide a unique table runner using Monstera leaf, Flower beds, Stones, Sand, and more…


Yellow Bow Napkins

Table Linens – Yellow Bow Napkins

Don’t forget the napkins! Adding a splash of color is a simple way to dress up your tables and tie in your color scheme.  Be creative with napkin folds!  From Bows (as seen above), folded menu pockets, bird of paradise and fans, you literally have a hundred different folds to choose from. If a fold doesn’t tickle your fancy then maybe opt for napkin rings and flower accents to create a look that is fun and unexpected!

Chair Flower Cover

Tables Linens & More – Floral Chair Covers

Dressing up your tables with special linen may also include chairs. One way to incorporate linens onto each chair is  by wrapping fabric around the chair itself and tying into a custom design, floral covers, chair ties and decorative seat cushions also make a huge statement about your personality and style. Whatever you decide we are here to inspire you to choose table linens that will showcase and enhance your wedding decor!


Table Linens by First Class Weddings

White Flower Petal Linens from Dawn E. Roscoe

Cake Table from Rustic Wedding Chic

Striped Table Linens from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Wooden Table Runner from Loving Living Small

Yellow Bow Napkins from Martha Stewart Weddings

Chair Flower Covers from With Style & Grace

Chair Knot from Creative Design Events


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Purple & Red Wedding

Purple & Red Wedding

Dresses can be found  here

Table Decor can be found at Elizabeth Anne Designs

Cake Details by Studio Gems

Invitations by Stationary Hustle

Table Runner by Wedding Bee

Purple & Red Wedding by First Class Weddings

Menu Cards

Menu CardsCustom menu cards add a special touch to any wedding reception

Menu CardsThere are many different ways to display them. This one fits into a linen pocket

Menu CardsWhatever design you choose we encourage you to match your color theme

Menu Cards

The First Class Seal of approval

 Menu Cards by First Class Weddings

Photos by Mike Sidney

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