Wedding Reception Food and Beverage

Wedding Reception Food and Beverage

Good things come in small packages… A mini appetizer can be considered something that someone would usually as a whole meal, shrunken down into one or two bites. Mini foods are very appealing to modern brides because they are self serve and are very easy to handle because silverware isn’t necessary. The best way to your guest’s hearts is through their stomachs!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Mini Appetizers

Most of the time guests are socializing and movie around the venue so it is best to offer foods that are smaler and easier to eat while standing whether they are being passed out on trays or at a food station.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Mini Appetizers

Wedding Reception food and Beverage

How great would it be to be able to pair mini foods with mini drinks that complement the food that is being served? Mini burgers and beer are a huge hit at rustic style weddings. These foods are so easy to eat in just one bite and a small amount of alcohol pairs well with it.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Mini Appetizers

When planning your wedding budget, you can expect to spend about half of your money on catering and your venue. It is important to find a caterer that you are happy with and will make food that you are excited about.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Mini Appetizers

Wedding Reception Food and Beverage

Soup shooters are great… choose your favorite soup and serve it in a small glass for easy drinking. Pair this tomato soup with a tiny grilled cheese garnish. YUM. Cold soups like gazpacho are also great to serve in small quantities – guests can sample multiple foods with convenience. One bites, such as these miniature caprese salads, are fantastic for a refreshing cool snack.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Mini Appetizers

What a creative way to represent delicious sandwiches on a small scale…use brushetta or mini loaves of bread to put together tasty mini sandwiches. Super finger foods!

Wedding Reception Food and Beverage

What a better way to end the night than with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee with a tiny donut! Coffee and a pastry are a wonderful after meal dessert and hot chocolate can be substituted for coffee for children…delicious.

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 10.01.25 PM

Modern brides have been known to have individual sized cakes for their wedding guests instead of having one huge cake that slices are cut from. These small wedding cakes save time taken up by cutting individual pieces from one wedding cake and are simply beautiful. Another popular mini food served in restaurants are shot glass desserts. With these types of desserts, it allows people to sample multiple smaller versions of desserts for more of a variety.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Mini Appetizers

Desserts in shot glasses, like these banana cream pies, are easy to serve and are the perfect amount for each wedding guest. Yum!

Wedding Reception Food and Beverage by First Class Weddings 

Patron and Limes from Weddings Illustrated

Burgers and Beer from Colin Cowie Weddings

Rum and Cokes from Elizabeth Anne Designs

Lobster Sandwiches from Colin Cowie Weddings

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup from Brides

Salads, Donuts and cakes from Weddings By Lilly

Shot Glass Desserts from My Sweet and Saucy


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Halloween Wedding

Pumpkin Ring Photo

Halloween Wedding

Halloween, the time of year where children and adults alike dress in costumes, visit haunted houses and carve Jack O’Lanterns.  While Halloween is most often associated with ghosts and goblins, cobwebs and candy, not everyone is saying Trick or Treat on October 31…for many happy couples, this is a day to say I DO!

Elegant Halloween ceremony

With a black, white and orange color palette, this outdoor ceremony is Halloween chic.  A variety of beautiful orange and white blooms pop against sophisticated black flower pots and bold, fabric accented acrylic stands.

Halloween Wedding – Pumpkin Centerpieces

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins.  Carved, painted, big or small pumpkins are a great addition to an October wedding!  Use as centerpieces,  line the ceremony aisle way or pile high for a decorative photo booth backdrop.  Small pumpkins are perfect for favors and place cards alike.  Attach tags with your guests names or display at each place setting for fun festive Halloween wedding decor.

Till Death Do Us Part Pumpkins

Turn pumpkins of any size into a work of art!  This is a great DIY (Do It Yourself) project!  Paint pumpkins with a brush or spray paint and add patterns, lettering or cover completely.

Halloween Wedding Dessert Bar

Halloween Wedding Cake

Say Trick or Treat with Halloween Wedding inspired sweets! Candy apples, candy corn, decorative cookies…the possibilities are endless!   Ask your baker to create a one of a kind Halloween wedding cake for your October 31 nuptials.  How much fun is the spider web cake above?!

Black Wedding Dress

Colorful wedding dresses are on runways everywhere and a Halloween wedding is the perfect time to rock these modern wedding looks! Love the look but dreaming of that little white dress?  Make a wardrobe change after the ceremony and wear a bold black gown or LBD for your wedding reception.

Masked Bride

Masquerade Ball Reception

We love the idea of a masquerade wedding themed reception…after all, whats Halloween without a costume!  Provide a mask for your guests to wear for the evening and then take home as a Halloween wedding favor.

Happy Halloween from First Class Weddings!

Halloween Wedding by First Class Weddings

Pumpkin Ring Photo from Libby James Blog

Black, White, and Orange Ceremony from Karen Tran Florals

Pumpkin Centerpieces from Green Wedding Shoes

Till Death Do Us Part Pumpkins from 100 layer Cake

Halloween Dessert Table from Calligraphy by Jennifer

Halloween Wedding Cake from Half Baked – The Cake Blog

Black Vera Wang Wedding Gown from Hip Hip Gin Gin

Masked Bride from Belle Weddings

Masquerade Ball Reception from Polka Dot Bride

Beverage Displays

Vintage furniture drink display

Beverage Display

If you are looking for a fun and unique beverage display for your wedding then you have come to the right place!  Using old furniture in the color theme of your wedding can be a great way to  display your drinks.  Feel free to utilize different types of props in addition to your beverage choices to make it fun and exciting.


Wedding bar displaied in a boat

Boat Beverage Display

All aboard! Using old wooden boats and canoe’s totally takes you out of the norm and creates a more customized affair. This wooden row boat has been turned into a bar.  Whether you have a bartender to serve drinks or your guests end up serving themselves, this beverage display is sure to impress and we love the hand made sign that the couple made to hang on the back of the boat!


Bottles of Champagne in a red wagon

Red Wagon Bar

This red wagon beverage display is perfect for a farm or country wedding!  Remember that the drinks need to be kept cold so add a bucket or bin and fill it with ice. You can use this in place of a cooler and intermix with othr beverage display stations.


Drinks in large tin buckets with ice

Tin Bucket Beverage Display

A tin bucket is a cute way to display drinks for an outdoor wedding! Add decorative elements to the table and let your guests help themselves!  If serving champagne or wine, as in the picture above, we recommend hiring (or designating) a server.  This will keep the Champagne flowing and the buckets replenished. One thing to keep in mind with all your beverage display’s is that ice melts and buckets sweat so be prepared for wet linens.


DIY martini bar

DIY Martini Bar

Have a specialty bar at your wedding reception!  Wine tasting, a tequila bar or a martini bar, as shown above, are unexpected elements that are fun for both you and your guests. We encourage you to have fun by experimenting at home first. This will allow you to plan for anything unexpected.


Vintage drawer with mason jar cocktails

Vintage Drawer Serving Tray

Servers don’t have to serve drinks on silver trays! A dresser drawer served as the tray for this vintage wedding! If you are capable of some carpentry then adding rope handles, cutting a hand-hold out of the sides, and/or attaching suspenders truly takes this idea to a whole new level. For more wedding inspirations follow us on PinterestFacebook and Twitter.


Beverage Displays by First Class Wedding

Boat Bar by Style Me Pretty

Red Wagon Beverage Display from Exquisite Weddings

Tin Bucket Display from

Martini Bar Display from The Inspired Brise

Vintage Drawer Display from Weddings by Brittney Hogan



Flower Ice Cubes

A Perfect DIY Enhancement

Flower Ice Cubes

These Ice Cube trays by William-Sonoma are the perfect little trick you need to pull off perfect frozen flower ice cubes. Don’t forget to use distilled water that has been boiled then cooled so you get a perfectly crystal clear cube. Also, freezing your edibles in layers (flowers facing down), a little at a time will ensure the perfect look. These trays run you about $7.50 each and can be found here.

Flower Ice Cubes

The edible flower options you have to freeze in your ice cubes are in abundance. This website by Middlepath has an amazing list with some great photos to help you choose what color and style of floral you’d like to see frozen in your ice cube.

Flower Ice Cubes

This flower was frozen in a round ice tray and gives you yet another brilliant idea to enhance your event. Remember you can use this idea for any event, not just your wedding. Bridal parties, engagement parties, baccalaureate parties and much more.

Flower Ice Cubes

These frozen centerpieces would be a hit! The trick here is finding a decorative glass dish to set them. There is a lot of room to play around here and what a fun way to set yourself apart from any other wedding. Click here to read more about this item.

Flower Ice Cubes by First Class Weddings

Star Fruit Martini

Star Fruit martini

Star Fruit Martini

Adding something different to your bar offerings is not only fun, it’s memorable. Here is one of our favorite recipes and it’s sooooo easy!

1.5 shots of citrus Vodka – shaken with ice – strain into a chilled martini glass of choice and place one or two pieces of pierced star fruits (with a toothpick) to perch on the inside edge of the glass or make a one inch cut in the center to sit perfectly on the edge of the glass.

Keep your eye out for more amazing recipes at

Star Fruit Martini by First Class Weddings

Catering Option

Catering Option

Catering Options

Believe it or not there are several different ways to serve your food at your wedding reception. Take a look at some of these catering options and select which one is best for you.

Guests must leave their seats to get food.  The catering staff will attend to the buffet and you can always include a “action station” in which a chef prepares or slices something in front of you. Common action stations include Caesar Salad, Prime Rib, Pasta etc… The most important thing to remember is that this catering option means more socializing and less sitting!

Guests stay seated during the entire course of their meal. You can choose several courses to be served at just the right time all the while socializing with the other guests seated at your table. This catering option offers a more formal atmosphere and tends to be a little bit more expensive than your traditional buffet option.

Family Style:
This is a fairly new option that has caught on over the last few years. The catering staff will prepare decorative platters of food to be displayed around your centerpiece on each reception table. This is a fun and different way of sharing food with your guests because it requires that you use your manners and pass the food appropriately. This is a great catering option for Thai, Chinese or Asian style food.

Heavy PuPu’s (appetizers):
If you are trying to cut down on your costs then this option might be a good one to consider. Of course, the timing of your wedding ceremony may need to be adjusted in order to accommodate for a more pre-dinner experience for your guests. With this catering option you can provide a wide variety of delectable passed hors d’oeurvres in conjunction with a mini cocktail bar. If you choose this option, please allow for at least 8 or more pieces per person.

Catering Options by First Class Weddings

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Chocolate Wedding

Chocolate Wedding



Chocolate Wedding:

A morsel of chocolate is a unique and totally sensuous treat that makes for a great item to incorporate into your wedding as a favor or dessert.  As favors, they will likely be devoured before your meal is even served but who wouldn’t want the combination of true love and chocolate on their wedding day?

Perhaps the most dramatic of chocolate wedding incorporations is the chocolate wedding fountain.   This three tiered, aromatic structure invites guests to grab a utensil and choose from an array of chocolate friendly items to dip with.  From fresh strawberries to Oreos, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t be surprised if you find your guests gathering around the dessert table looking for extras.  And if you find yourself feeling guilty for serving this devilishly delicious dessert, just tell yourself, “It’s a vegetable, how bad can it be?”  No really! Chocolate is derived from a cocoa bean and we all know a bean is a vegetable, need I say more?

Other ways to have a chocolate wedding…

Custom chocolate bars with your initials (as favors), chocolate truffle centerpieces, chocolate dessert bar, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate shells, chocolate martinis, chocolate sculptures and more…

Chocolate, in all its forms not only melts in your mouth but also in your hearts.

Chocolate Weddings by First Class Weddings

Article by: Sarah A.K. Makua
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Signature Drink

Signature Drinkq

Signature Drink

Here in Hawaii not only do we have the freshest food, we also have the freshest drinks. Ever consider skipping the Champagne toast for a completely unique cocktail experience? From Mai Tais that come served in a gutted pineapples to to Mango Margaritas here are a few signature drink alternatives to the traditional Champagne toast.

Pink Squirrel

1 oz creme de wayoux

1 oz White creme de cacao

1 tbsp of light cream

Passion Mimosa

2 oz chilled passion fruit juice



Kiss on the Lips

1 oz peach schnapps

4 oz frozen mango mix

1 tbsp grenadine syrup

There are literally thousands of colorful cocktails to choose from so feel free to start sampling. Once you find your signature drink then you can try to come up with a fun way to serve them to your guests (instead of the traditional passed tray option). This not only is an opportunity to customize your event, it creates a more personalized experience.

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Signature Drinks by First Class Weddings

Wedding Desserts

wedding desserts

ooo la la…wedding desserts

Ever get that mouth watering sensation when looking for something “sweet to eat”? Look no further! Aloha Events Catering in Maui, Hawaii has the perfect wedding desserts solution. A Lava Lava cake topped with a Chocolate dipped Kula Strawberry rolled in Hawaiian Coconut? mmmmmm, yummmmy. Let me at it!

This unique idea is only a small sample of what this company is capable of. When it comes to catering weddings & events in Hawaii they are simply DIVINE! Wedding desserts are delicious with Aloha Events Catering.

A little cake history… Long before the Roman Empire, the tradition was to break a wedding cake over the brides head. This act symbolized the breaking of the woman’s virginity,  publicly showing the man’s dominance over the bride. Thankfully this tradition has adapted with the times. This means that you don’t “have to have a wedding cake for dessert”. These days, modern wedding receptions have been known to provide wedding desserts display (along with some cake) instead of just making everyone “eat cake”.

So ask yourself this question… is cake my most favorite dessert? If not, you may want to consider providing an alternative option for your guests and a custom wedding desserts display may be a perfect fit!

Wedding Desserts by First Class Weddings
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Wedding Champagne

Wedding ChampagneVueve Cliquot Wedding Champagne

A lot of our weddings choose to serve Veuve Cliquot for their wedding champagne toast. The fine people at Veuve apparently took notice and are now offering an innovative way to serve your bottle of Veuve at the perfect temperature with a lot of style! The pink light is actually provided by LED lights, and the rest of the unit is used to keep your bottle of Veuve Champagne at the perfect temperature. Brilliant!

Wedding Champagne by First Class Weddings