Wedding First Look!

Wedding first looks are becoming increasingly more popular and are gaining more and more hype. So what is a first look? It is a special moment set aside before the ceremony for the bride and groom to spend some quality time together before they say “I do”. This is a very special moment in time that allows you to see your love… your best friend, whom you are about to marry. It’s priceless.


One of the most popular ways that a couple experiences their first look is to have the groom standing, facing away from the bride…from there, the bride walks up behind the groom and taps him on the shoulder or covers his eyes…seeing each other for the first time is a truly magical moment. Some couples say that their wedding first look was one of the most memorable moments on their wedding day and that they will it cherish forever.

We recommend that you make this moment as private as possible… If you are a bride that is skeptical about the groom seeing you before the ceremony… here are a few creative ways to still experience this special moment in time. Couple’s can wrap themselves around corners, be on opposite sides of a door and the grooms can even be blindfolded. This way they can still get their intimate time together before the ceremony!


The tradition of not seeing the bride before the ceremony derived from arranged marriages. The story goes that these couples were not allowed to see each other prior to the ceremony to protect the actual union (the arrangers did this so that nobody ran away from pure looks). Modern brides today choose their own groom and therefore this tradition has somewhat disappeared! Photographers love capturing wedding first look moments, so if you are a modern bride you could easily extend your time into a pre-ceremony photo shoot which allows the couple to capture images of the two of them together that they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Believe it or not, grooms can become quite emotional when they see their bride standing before them for the first time. We, at First Class Weddings, recommend having a wedding first look moment – whether it is captured or not!

First look covered eyes from Shannon Nicole Smith Photography

Opposite sides of door and emotional groom from La Partie Diva

Blindfolded groom #1 and emotional groom from Audrey Hannah Photo Blog

Black & White blindfolded groom from Chicago Wedding Blog

Emotional Groom #1 from One Wed

First look corner wall from An {ontherun} Wedding

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Wedding Photos

wedding photos

Wedding Photos – Smile for me Baby!

When shopping around for a great wedding photographer it is imperative that you ask to see more of their work than what is available on their web site. In addition, we suggest that you ask these important questions.

  • Will you personally be taking my wedding photos?
  • Will you be bringing an assistant?
  • Can my family take photos at the same time as you?
  • How much do you charge for overtime?
  • What will you (and assistant) wear on my wedding day?
  • Do you bring back-up equipment?
  • How long after the wedding will it take to receive my proofs and album?

A FRESH IDEA: In addition to securing a great photographer for your wedding day we suggest picking up the camera yourself (if time allows) and taking a picture or two of your life long partner. Taking your own images are great fun and you may possibly capture some adorable moments.

Wedding Photos by First Class Weddings

Wedding Yentas

Wedding Yentas

Wedding Yentas and Callaway Gable Photography

Wow! Wedding Yentas has featured A First Class Wedding on their blog. Check out this feature article of our lovely couple with many photographs by Callaway Gable Photography. To read the article and see some of the custom details to this wedding check out the following links.

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Happy reading eveyone!

Wedding Photographers

wedding photographers

First of all, if you are working with a wedding planner then this article does not apply. Reason being is because most photographers that are hired for you by a wedding planner already give deals, extra time or add-ons that are over and above their normal package prices (because the planner gives them repeat business). These discounts are passed on to you through your reputable wedding planner.

If you’re planning your wedding and doing everything completely on your own then the first step towards getting a great deal with wedding photographers is to “be nice” and “be flexible”. Photographers are not interested in servicing you if you are going to tell them how to do their job or if you have a “shot list” that is 2 pages long. You have to allow the artist to create and if you are governing their talents then they want no part of it!

Your initial approach with wedding photographers has to be very generous and flattering. Give them the freedom to truly tell your “wedding story”, without giving them any serious demands, then when you politely ask them if there is anything they can do by offering a better price, you are most likely going to get a great deal (more than you ever expected to receive).

Remember that on your wedding day it is extremely important for you to relax and trust the professionals that you have hired. Go with the flow, focus on your lover and truly enjoy your wedding day, it really does go by in a blink.

Wedding Photographers by First Class Weddings