Guestbook Ideas


Guestbooks have come a long way since the traditional book where guests sign there name and that was about it…nowadays, brides and grooms are getting more creative with the ways in which guests will be remembered at their wedding. Guestbook ideas, today,  consist of fun alternatives to the book! Pieces of puzzles and Jenga blocks are fun to put together and play. Once the wedding guests have written down their best wishes, cute weddings tips and signed their names this is a modern way for the bride and groom to cherish their wedding guests.


Instead of a guestbook, how about a globe? Guests can mark their favorite vacation spots for the bride and groom to visit once they are married and show their love in the sea!


Customize a puzzle to be assembled during your honeymoon! How great would it be to spend some time putting together your puzzle piece guestbook and reminiscing on the guests who attended your wedding! Game night could also include playing Jenga! Imagine pulling out each Jenga block and reading what your guests had to say the day that you got married! What a great way to keep the memories alive!


The possibilities are endless for guestbook ideas! Are you an outdoorsy couple? Imagine having your guests sign a cut out of wood that you could later use as a wall decoration or centerpiece for your kitchen table…what a great way to remember your wedding and the guests that were there to witness it!


What about a couple who enjoys sports? Your guests could sign their names on baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks and all other types of sports equipment!

A lot of the guestbook ideas we have seen have been to not only sign your name as a guest but to also write a sweet message to the bride and groom. These loving messages could also be humorous in nature by sharing silly stories about the bride and groom. First Class Weddings is here to inspire you to make your wedding everything that you hope it will be with creative inspirations!

Mailbox, puzzle pieces and key to success guestbook from Bespoke Bride

Globe guestbook from C.R.A.F.T.

Jenga guestbook from Mendocino Weddings 

Wood plaque and baseball guestbook from Exquisite Weddings

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Wedding Guestbook

Guestbook Table

Wedding Guestbook

A guestbook is a great way for the bride and groom to look back and remember their special day and everyone who was a part of it! Guests can sign their names or write the couple a heartfelt note of congratulations! You can stick to the traditional guestbook or think outside the box.  At First Class Weddings we are here to inspire, so check out these creative wedding guestbook alternatives!


Type a note wedding guestbook

Typewriter Wedding Guestbook

You have invited your nearest and dearest love ones to share in your celebration. Have guests write a special note that will be cherished forever! One idea we love for vintage themed weddings is to create a guestbook table with a typewriter and plenty of paper!  Ask your guests to type a letter with wishes for the bride and groom, then after the wedding create a beautiful wedding guestbook with these notes!


Wedding guestbook with notes and envelopes

For a modern take on the traditional wedding guestbook place envelopes on the pages of a scrapbook.  You can use solid or printed envelopes and paper, but use your color scheme for inspiration and let the guestbook compliment the rest for your wedding decor!  Guests will place their notes inside of an envelope for the bride and groom to open after the wedding!  This is a great project for the DIY bride!


Poloroid Photographs for a Wedding Guestbook

Polaroid Wedding Guestbook

Photographs make for a great guestbook alternative!  Combine your seating place cards with your guestbook.  As your guests find their name, have someone take a photograph (we love the Polaroid shots shown above) and then have guests replace their place card with their picture!  Create a photo album with the photographs and have a wedding guestbook you’ll love to look through!


Signed wine guestbook for wedding anniversaries

Anniversary Wine Wedding Guestbook

Are you a wine lover?  Place bottles of wine on a table with a metallic sharpie.  You can create personalized labels to place on any bottle of wine!  Have your guests sign one bottle of wine that the couple can enjoy on their milestone wedding anniversaries!  The bride and groom will have a romantic anniversary tradition and a fabulous keepsake to remember their big day!


"Message in a Bottle" Wedding Guestbook

“Message in a Bottle” Wedding Guestbook

For beach or destination weddings, consider having your guests place a message in a bottle!  This will add to your overall beach theme and create a fabulous display.  Another beach wedding guestbook idea is to have guests sign a surfboard. What a fun item to display after the wedding!  Considering the location is always a great idea when deciding on your wedding guestbook.


Tree finger print guestbook

“Love Tree” Wedding Guestbook

Create a one-of-a-kind piece of art with finger painting fun!  Have your guests leave their own unique (finger) print on your wedding by creating the leaves on a tree with different colored finger paint!  The bride and groom can place the painting in their home and in memory of what a fabulous day their wedding was.


Guitar as a guestbook for weddings

Incorporate your passion into your wedding day with your wedding guestbook! Love music?  Have guests sign your favorite instrument.  Whether you play it or display it, this will be a great way to remember those who attended your wedding!  Whatever wedding guestbook option you choose, be creative and have fun!  First Class Weddings can help to create the perfect guestbook for your wedding!

Wedding Guestbook from First Class Weddings

Wedding Guestbook Table from Inspiring Pretty

Typewriter Guestbook from Loren Routhier Photography

Colored Envelope Guest Book from Martha Stewart Weddings

Polaroid Guest Book from Awesomtastic

Wine Guestbook from Belle of the Ball

“Message in a Bottle” Guestbook from One Wed

Finger Painted “Love Tree” from Apple Brides

Guitar Guestbook from Ruffled





Bridal Party Invites

Be my maid bridesmaid invites

Bridal Party Invite – Be My Maid?

The people who stand by your side as you say your “I Do’s” help make your wedding day extra special. Here are some creative ways for brides to invite their Maid/Matron of Honor and bridesmaids to participate in their wedding. Think outside of the box and make the invite personal and heartfelt.


DIY boxes full of memories and wedding info

Bridal Party Invite – Inside the Box!

Paint a message card or place a hand crafted one inside your box then fill it with little details about your wedding day. Include a picture of the two of you to personalize the invitation. The handmaid box pictured above is the perfect example!  After the wedding your bridesmaids can keep it as a memory box with their favorite pictures of the event.


Charm ring with note inside

Charm ring with message for bridesmaids

Bridal Party Invite – Charm Ring

What girl doesn’t love jewelry?  A charm ring, bracelet or necklace is not only a great gift but also the perfect bridal party invite.  Place a  special note inside the charm and surprise your chosen bridesmaids with a very personalized invitation.


Cake Jars for bridesmaids

 Bridal Party Invite – Cake Jar

Satisfy a sweet tooth with “Will you be my bridesmaid?” treats.  Cake in glass jars (as seen above), cookies with a frosting message or candy in personalized wrappers are great for both men and women. This idea works well as wedding favors too!


Be my groomsman beer

Bridal Party Invite – Personalized Beer Bottles

Bridal party invites aren’t just for the ladies!  Personalized items such as beer bottles, cigar wrappers and golf balls are great for the groom to ask his best man & groomsmen for their support at the wedding.


Groomsman cigar

 Bridal Party Invite – Cigar in Monogrammed Wrapper

Bridal party invites can be sentimental, silly or both.  Yet the overall gesture will go a long way with the ones you love and will also get everyone excited to be a part of your wedding! Happy inviting everyone!


Bridal Party Invites by First Class Weddings

“Be my Maid?” Boxes from Wedding Chicks 

Charm Ring from Grand Volute

“Let them eat cake” Invites from Event Lucky

Personalized Beer Bottles from Bridal Guide

Cigar Invites from Enriched Events

Mustache Invites from Wedding Chicks


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Flowerless Bouquets


Vintage brooch bridal bouquet

Flowerless Bouquet

Flowerless bouquets are an affordable and unique option that can be cherished for years to come. Bouquets can be made out of broaches, fabric, paper, seashells or feathers. The possibilities are endless so be creative! Perfect for the Do It Yourself (DIY) bride.

Paper flower bridal bouquet

Flowerless Bouquet – Paper Roses

Paper or fabric can be used to create flowers that are not only unique but will last. Paper flowers can be crafted with plain or printed paper and made to look like almost any flower.

Fabric flower bridal bouquet

Flowerless Bouquet – Fabric

The above bouquet has flowers made from a variety of fabric and was then wrapped in lace and ribbon to give it an overall elegant, vintage look.


Paper butterfly bouquet by Laura Normandin

Flowerless Bouquet – Butterflies

This stunning butterfly bouquet by Laura Normandin was made with colorful paper.  Each butterfly is attached to wire so that they move as you walk down the aisle.


Floral Brooch bouquets


Brooches can be made into a gorgeous one-of-a kind flowerless bouquet.  Start with a ball of fabric or styrofoam and pin away!  Choose a variety of colors and styles or stick with one color and add some sparkle.


Paper Pinwheel Bridesmaid Bouquets

Flowerless Bouquet – Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels are a fun alternative to the traditional bouquet. This is a great bridesmaid option for an outdoor summer wedding.


Sea shell bridal bouquet

Flowerless Bouquet – Seashells

If you are a beach bride looking for a flowerless bouquet look no further than the sand at your feet.  A seashell bouquet is the perfect beach accessory.

Carrying a one-of-a kind bouquet allows you to add your own personal touch and cut back on costs. Whether you buy or DIY, these flowerless bouquets are sure to be remembered.


Flowerless Bouquets by First Class Weddings

Purple Brooch Bouquet from Pocketful of Dreams

Paper Rose Bouquet from Advantage Bridal

Fabric Floral Bouquet from Elite Bridal Concierge

Brooch Bouquets from Brooch Bouquets

Paper Pinwheels from Masterpiece Weddings

Seashell Bouquet from Bridesmaid Trade


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Wedding Favors

Wedding favor gifts

Super Fun Favors

Thank your guests by giving them a small token of your appreciation. Wedding favors are a great way to personalize your special day!  When deciding on wedding favors take the number of guests into consideration and come up with a budget for what you are able to spend on each. Weddings favors cost between $3-$8 each.  Be creative and choose something that reflects the colors and style of your wedding. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Coral wine bottle Stop

Wedding Favor – Wine Accessories

There are many options when it comes to wine accessories.  Choose one that reflects the overall theme of your wedding, for example, if you are having a beach or destination wedding, opt for a seashell or coral topped wine accessory.

Colorful lollipop wedding favors

Wedding Favor – Lollipops

If you have a smaller budget or a huge guest list, candy treats are a great option since you can often buy in bulk and divide accordingly.   Get creative with candy wedding favors!  If your colors are bold reds, pinks and oranges find treats that match, such as lollipops, candied almonds, colored foil wrapped chocolates or jellybeans.  Don’t forget to incorporate custom tags – let your imagination be your guide.

Tulip bulb wedding favors

Wedding Favor – Daffodil Bulbs

Personalized wedding favor seeds

Wedding Favors – Bulbs & Seed Packets

Send your guests home with seed packets or bulbs to plant in their garden. This is the perfect “green wedding” option!  Individual herb gardens in decorative little travel containers or jars are another fabulous option.  Personalize your gift with a cute message or quote, such as “Love is the seed of all hope.” or “Plant these seeds and watch them bloom, just like the love of the bride and groom”.

Triangle Whole Leaf Tea Bags

Tea comes in many varieties as well as price ranges.  The tea satchels you see above run about $1 each and the trays runs $2.50 each plus your shipping making this particular favor about $5 each when it’s all said and done. There are many companies that also offer personalization, however this will raise the price of each wedding favor.

Personalized note pads

Wedding Favor – Personalized Note Pads

Heart notepad with pencil

Note pads can be personalized and can be very affordable.  From mini flip notebooks, custom photo notepads to note cubes with matching pens or pencils, your guests will be remembering your special day with every word they write!

Personalized miniature champagne bottles

Let the toasts continue… send your guests home with personalized, miniature bottle of wine or champagne. Custom tags and ribbons make the gift complete!

Paper Flower favor

Wedding Favor – Tissue Paper Flowers

Get creative with tissue paper flowers! Wedding favors in color coordinated paper, bags or boxes can be tied with a personalized ribbon matching your wedding colors and theme.   Whichever wedding favors you decide make sure to present them in a way that adds personality to your reception table.


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Wedding Favors by First Class Weddings

Article Resources:

Favor Boxes from The Bargaining Bride

Coral Wine Stopper from Lux Wedding Favors

Lollipops from Icing Designs Online

Daffodil Bulbs from Martha Stewart Weddings

Seed Favors from Esty

Tea Satchels from Beau-Coup

“Love Notes” Notepad from Creative Wedding Favors

Eco Friendly Note Pads from Wedding Favors Today

Chandon Champagne Favors from Chatty Brides

Tissue Paper Flower from Martha Stewart Weddings with a step-by-step DIY guide.




Welcome Bags

Wedding Welcome Bags

Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a great way to surprise your guests upon their arrival and to thank them for coming to your wedding!

What you include in the welcome bags often depends on the location of your wedding.  If you are having a destination wedding, you can place items in a beach bag that can be used during your guests stay.  If you are traveling to a mountain area, wicker baskets or wooden bowls are a great option.

TIP: The items inside your welcome bags should reflect the theme and location of your wedding.  For Topical weddings, we recommend items that are hand made from the area.  For example; Kona coffee and macadamia nuts are good choices since they represent Hawaii and can be enjoyed while in the islands.  Include an activities schedule or wedding itinerary is a great way to keep your guests informed.

Custom Wine Labels

Welcome Bags – Personalized Wine Labels

Personalizing items is a great way to make welcome bags unique.  Include a bottle of wine with a personalized labels. Sunscreen and bottled water are also great options.  Online web sites allow you to personalize everything from Chap Stick to clothing.

Personalized sunscreenWelcome Bags – Personalized Sunscreen

The number of items you choose to include depends on you and your budget, however even one or two items placed in your guests hotel room will make a big impression.  Contact the hotel to arrange delivery or First Class Weddings can put together and deliver welcome bags for your destination wedding.

Personalized Wine Labels By:

Personalized Sunscreen:


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Hawaiian Wedding Certificates

Hawaiian Wedding CertificatesNani Pua Malia – Hawaiian Wedding Certificates


Hawaiian Wedding Certificates

Plumeria Lani – Hawaiian Wedding Certificates

The Plumeria flower is beautifully placed with Hawaiian & English text. Each print is printed on museum quality acid-free paper measuring 12×16. The titles are embossed in gold foil. Plumeria Lani meaning, Plumeria Heaven and Nani Pua Melia meaning, Beautiful Plumeria Flower are exquisite documents that can be framed and cherished forever. Order yours today at $25 each and have your minister officially sign the document on your wedding day. Calligraphy can be added for an additional $50. Either way, these certificates are one-of-a-kind copyrighted editions that are exclusive only to First Class Weddings. Get yours today by emailing

Copyrighted– all rights reserved

Certificate Wording written in Hawaiian and English

As sweet as the beautiful Plumeria flower

I have found within you a special love

With whom I wish to spend the rest of my life

To plan with you and dream with you

To grow with you in love

To do the best to show you how much

I love you with all of my heart

For as long as we both shall live

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Hawaiian Wedding Certificates by First Class Weddings

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Favors – Candied Almonds in Keepsake Bowls

Favors are still a really great way to say thank you to friends and family for sharing in your special day. Here are some “Fresh Favor Ideas” to help get you started.
  • Personalized Mint Tins with colors that match your wedding theme
  • Personalized Playing Cards in Travel Case
  • Personalized Lip Balm
  • Natural Bamboo Coasters
  • Heart Shaped Ice Cream Scoops
  • Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers
For these and many more favors we highly recommend that you visit
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Champagne Flutes

Champagne FlutesTall Tulip Shaped Champagne Flutes

Ever wonder why Champagne flutes are shaped the way they are? Experts say that the small mouth of the glass slows the bubbles. Combine it with the tall shape and you have a perfect glass to preserve the bubbliness from the most expensive Champagnes available. This shape glass also helps to keep the Champagne chilled longer and preserves it’s freshness, unlike the bowl shaped flutes.

The best way to chill your Champagne is in an ice bucket and don’t forget to tilt the glass while pouring it to prevent building up foam and pour slowly to eliminate any bubbles from escaping. This will allow you to fully enjoy the flavor of your fine beverage.

If you’re looking to purchase Champagne flutes for your wedding toast FCW suggests that you check out these amazing brands.

Champagne Flutes by First Class Weddings


Wedding Signs

Wedding Signs

Wedding Signs – Found on

With all the wedding products sold on the internet we felt it necessary to clear through the web clutter and deliver to our readers some of the best places to shop on-line for the latest and greatest wedding signs and other favorite items. is one of our favorites and we hope that you will take a moment to visit their web site. Etsy is a community and a company that spans the globe. From hand made to vintage items, Etsy offers some impressive wedding items to choose from. We proudly invite you to check them out at
Hawaiian Wedding Signs by First Class Weddings