Guestbook Ideas


Guestbooks have come a long way since the traditional book where guests sign there name and that was about it…nowadays, brides and grooms are getting more creative with the ways in which guests will be remembered at their wedding. Guestbook ideas, today,  consist of fun alternatives to the book! Pieces of puzzles and Jenga blocks are fun to put together and play. Once the wedding guests have written down their best wishes, cute weddings tips and signed their names this is a modern way for the bride and groom to cherish their wedding guests.


Instead of a guestbook, how about a globe? Guests can mark their favorite vacation spots for the bride and groom to visit once they are married and show their love in the sea!


Customize a puzzle to be assembled during your honeymoon! How great would it be to spend some time putting together your puzzle piece guestbook and reminiscing on the guests who attended your wedding! Game night could also include playing Jenga! Imagine pulling out each Jenga block and reading what your guests had to say the day that you got married! What a great way to keep the memories alive!


The possibilities are endless for guestbook ideas! Are you an outdoorsy couple? Imagine having your guests sign a cut out of wood that you could later use as a wall decoration or centerpiece for your kitchen table…what a great way to remember your wedding and the guests that were there to witness it!


What about a couple who enjoys sports? Your guests could sign their names on baseballs, basketballs, hockey pucks and all other types of sports equipment!

A lot of the guestbook ideas we have seen have been to not only sign your name as a guest but to also write a sweet message to the bride and groom. These loving messages could also be humorous in nature by sharing silly stories about the bride and groom. First Class Weddings is here to inspire you to make your wedding everything that you hope it will be with creative inspirations!

Mailbox, puzzle pieces and key to success guestbook from Bespoke Bride

Globe guestbook from C.R.A.F.T.

Jenga guestbook from Mendocino Weddings 

Wood plaque and baseball guestbook from Exquisite Weddings

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Rock N’ Roll Bride


Love truly does ROCK! Why not consider the back of an old truck as your alter? The possibilities are endless with themed weddings… one that gets our record spinning is this rocker style wedding! Old trucks, cold beer and vintage records hanging around your wedding reception could keep the party going all night long.


Imagine arriving in the vehicle that is actually your ceremony alter! How fun and unique would it be to arrive at your wedding with your alter all ready to go? For this rock n’ roll bride, a 1956 Dodge pick-up truck was her transportation and alter, which we think is a rockstar way to arrive at your wedding.





Peace, love and rock n’ roll… Getting married like a rockstar can be easy with First Class Weddings. We hope that this couple of rockers will leave you feeling inspired to create your own theme for your wedding. There are millions of ways to make your wedding unique with little details such as records of your favorite music, rockin’ make-up, and kicking back in the bed of an old pick up truck with cold beer. This rock n’ roll party will never die! Rock on!


Rock N’ Roll Bride by First Class Weddings

Make-up by Jen Murphy Artistry

Wedding Dress by Maggie Evans Designs

Venue provided by Bob & Sally Dalton

Flowers by European Flower Shop

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Save the Date Ideas


Getting engaged is such an exciting time for couples and one of the first steps to take is deciding when to get married! Save the date cards and engagement announcements are getting even more creative with each year. Save the date send-outs are a way for the couple to happily announce their engagement and send guests a date to keep open for their wedding. A lot of newly engaged couples get creative and their save the date ideas include things that the couple enjoys such as traveling or color schemes for their weddings.



A save the date card is an important notice giving people the date of a significant event such as a wedding. Save the date cards are typically sent out at least 6 to 12 months before the wedding date which then are followed by a formal wedding invitation. Usually, save the dates come in the form of a card or letter but as people are getting more and more creative, new ideas are coming out in forms of magnets for refrigerators so that the couple’s wedding date is always visible!



Save the Date by First Class Weddings

Save the date photos from Praise Wedding

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Paper Wedding Decor

Hanging paper flowers

Hanging Paper Flowers

Add a new twist to your ceremony and reception with paper wedding decor!  There is so much you can do and you will be surprised at how amazingly chic and affordable paper wedding decor can be!  Get ready to be inspired!


Paper streamers as ceremony decor

Streamer Ceremony Backdrop

Who knew streamers could be so dramatic?  We love this layered paper ceremony backdrop.  Different streamer lengths, hung from the ceiling above create texture and design and give this ceremony space a modern edge!

Paper flower wedding arch

Paper Flower Arch

An arch is not uncommon at weddings however this one is made of floral paper which creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Paper flowers in many shapes, sizes and colors create this fabulously unique ceremony backdrop!  For the DIY bride; When creating your own paper flower arch, make sure the paper is thick enough that it won't blow or change shape with the wind.  Look for cardboard or foam core and create your own custom decor!

Colorful paper pom poms

Paper Pom Poms

These tissue paper pom poms have become quite the wedding trend!  Accessorize your wedding with handmade works of art.  Learn how to create this fabulous paper wedding decor with this step by step guide from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Paper Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels can be bright and vibrant or soft and subtle! The above pinwheels can be made out of heavy paper stock or coffee filters and give a different take on traditional wedding chair decor...and we love it!  These pinwheels are easy to create. Choose paper to match your over all color scheme.  Fold a piece of paper about one inch long then repeat in the opposite direction, continue as if you were creating a fan.  Do the same with another piece of paper.  When you finish, glue both ends of the paper together to create a circle.  Attach a ribbon and hang from a chair as seem above or create an amazing ceremony backdrop!

 Hanging Origami Cranes

Paper Origami Cranes

Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.  Whether you are incorporating tradition into your wedding or you simply appreciate the the beautiful atmosphere the cranes create, this paper wedding decor is a great addition to any wedding.


Colorful paper lanterns

Hanging Chinese lanterns are a great way to create a warm, fun and decorative atmosphere.  We love both colorful paper lanterns or white paper lanterns, so have fun and be creative! For more wedding inspiration follow us on PinterestFacebook and Twitter.


Paper Wedding Decor by First Class Weddings

Hanging Paper Flowers from Rachel Events

Paper Streamer Ceremony Decor from Pretty Lucky Morning

Floral Paper Arch from Party Box Design

Pinwheel Chair Decor from Wedding Bee

Paper Pom Poms from Martha Stewart Weddings

Paper Cranes from Amy Vanmeter Events

Colorful Paper Lanterns from Bridal Guide



Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer with a "Here Comes the Bride" sign

A little history: The exchanging of rings is a tradition that dates back centuries and can be one of the most important moments in any wedding ceremony.    The rings being circular shape symbolizes forever and is a sign of the love & commitment between the husband and wife.   A ring bearer is in charge of carrying the rings down the aisle and presenting them to the bride and groom.   Consider presenting your wedding bands in a unique and creative way.  From ring pillows birds nests, there are many options to choose from!

Birds Nest Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer – Birds Nest

We love the thought of incorporating earthy elements into your wedding.   Placing the rings inside of a bird’s nest is a fabulous idea.  However, don’t show off your tree climbing skills to make this happen!  Esty is a website where you can purchase handmade “bird nests” that are perfect for presenting your wedding bands.

Tree Stump Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer – Branded Wood

Miniature Bale of Hay Ring Bearer Pillow

A slice of a tree stump engraved with the wedding date and couples initials or a miniature bale of hay with the rings attached are great option that compliments mountain or rustic weddings. Try to be super creative & fun!

Starfish Ring Bearer Pillow

Ring Bearer -  Starfish

There are plenty of unique ring bearer ideas for beach weddings.  Place the wedding bands in a seashell or tie to the points on a starfish as shown in the picture above. Wrapping your wedding theme into the little details show that you went the extra mile. We love these ring bearer boxes you see below.

"With This Box I Thee Wed" Ring Bearer Box

Ring Bearer Box

Glass Ring Box with Greenery for Ring Bearer

A small box is a great alternative to the traditional ring pillow.   Find a box that compliments your wedding theme.  Wooden, glass and crystal boxes are all great options.  You can fill the box with a small pillow, handful of moss, loose flower petals or sand to create a soft and decorative space to place the rings.

Bible tied with wedding rings

Ring Bearer Books

Tying wedding bands to a book or cutting out the center pages to create a book box is another creative ring bearer idea.  Choose a copy of your favorite book and tie with ribbon and flowers.  For religious couples using a copy of the bible is a unique way to incorporate your beliefs into the ceremony.

Moss and flower Ring Bearer pillow

Ring Bearer – Moss and Floral Pillow

If you’re a bride from nature try using flowers and plants to make a beautiful creation for your ring bearer to carry.  The picture above is a great example using moss, succulents, floral accents and twine to create a masterpiece from nature. Collaborating with your wedding planner or florist can also help create a one-of-a-kind piece!

Dog Ring Bearer Collar

Whether you choose a child, a friend or even a pet as your ring bearer, make sure to keep the rings secure!  Some objects, such as boxes, will keep the rings safely enclosed, otherwise you can use colorful ribbon to tie the rings in place.  You can do this with almost any option you choose.  If there is not a space to tie a ribbon directly onto the object, use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon.  Consider the color scheme, style or the location of your wedding when choosing what your ring bearer will carry.  With so many bearer ideas it can be hard to choose just one! Remember First Class Weddings is here to help! Follow us here for more inspirations on this topic and many more.

Ring Bearer Ideas by First Class Weddings

“Here Comes The Bride” Sign from Heart Love Weddings

Birds Nest Ring Display from Marilyn Keepsakes

Tree Stump Ring  Display from Esty

Miniature Hay Ring Pillow from Modern Country Designs

Starfish Ring Display from The Knot

Wooden Ring Box from Weddings By Lilly

Glass Ring Box from Bride Bop

Bible Ring Display from Something Turquoise

Moss and Floral Ring Pillow from Every Last Detail

Dog Ring Bearer from Elizabeth Anne Designs



Place Cards

Tree branch place card stand

Tree Trunk Place Cards

Assigned seating is highly recommended if you are planning on providing just enough seating for your guest count. Place cards are a great way to show your guests exactly where to sit while allowing you to be creative and express your personal style.  Place cards are not limited to paper cards, you can choose options that double as wedding favors. Anything is possible so think outside of the box.  Look to your wedding theme, location and color scheme for inspiration!

Hanging wooden place cards

 Hanging Wooden Place Cards

If are having a wedding with more than one table, we recommend that you have a place card display near your reception entrance.  Tables, hanging strands of string and magnetic boards are all great display options. Organize the place cards so that your guests can easily find theirs alphabetically.

Place Cards tied to horseshoes

Keep in mind that outdoor venues may be breezy, so you may want to provide something that will not blow away in the wind.  Consider using cardholders or heavier objects, such as the good luck horseshoes shown above, for your place cards.

Starfish place cards in sand

 Starfish Place Cards

Make your escort cards a continuation of your wedding location and theme. If you are having a beach wedding, there are many creative options and First Class Weddings can help couples achieve their desired arrangement!  Some ideas include looking to the elements and writing names on sand dollars or attaching cards to starfish.  Display in sand to add to your beach theme (this also works with card stock paper place cards)!

Pine cone Place Card Holders

Horseshoes, pine cones and wine corks are all great options for rustic, mountain themed weddings.  Not only will they add to your overall décor but they will keep your place cards in place in case of wind.   These are perfect choices for the DIY couple!

Soda Pop Place Cards

Soda Pop Place Cards

Miniature Cocktail Umbrella Place Cards

Mini Cocktail Umbrella Place Cards

Have fun with your place cards by incorporating color into your display! Colorful soda (as seen above), rock candy, colored straws or even miniature umbrellas work well! Just attach a sticker or string with a name card to each item. Have fun with this and be creative!

Fresh flower place card bouquet

Fresh Floral Place Cards

Mini Flower arrangement place cards in glass jars

Floral displays are a great way to tie in your ceremony and reception décor in with your place cards!  Miniature bouquets, single flowers or glass jar arrangements are just a few of the possibilities.

Skeleton key Place cards

Place cards and displays are one of the areas where you can truly add your own personal touch, show your creativity and have fun!  First Class Weddings can help provide addition ideas to make your reception stand out! Or, submit  your own creation to First Class Weddings for a feature post on it. We love to share new ideas!


Escort Cards by First Class Weddings

Tree Trunk Card Holder from Pinterest

Hanging Wooden Escort Cared from Big Day for 10K

Horseshoe Escort Cards from Bona Fide Bride

Starfish Escort Cards from One Wed

Pine Cone Escort Cards from Project Wedding

Soda Pop Escort Cards from Bellafare

Cocktail Umbrella Escort Cards from Lisa and James

Flower Bouquet Escort Cards from Project Wedding

Flowers in Glass Jar Escort Cards from Esty

Key Escort Cards from Lane



Purple & Red Wedding

Purple & Red Wedding

Dresses can be found  here

Table Decor can be found at Elizabeth Anne Designs

Cake Details by Studio Gems

Invitations by Stationary Hustle

Table Runner by Wedding Bee

Purple & Red Wedding by First Class Weddings