Honeymoon – How Sweet it is to be Loved by you!

Take me somewhere that we don’t ever have leave our room, a scenic drive, a walk on the beach or dress up for a romantic dinner and completely loose ourselves in each others arms. That’s where I want to go for my honeymoon!

If you’re looking for a honeymoon sweet spot we highly recommend Hawaii. There are seven amazing islands to choose from and we can guarantee that once you visit any of them, a part of your heart will remain there forever.

The top three islands we recommend to consider for your Hawaiian island getaway are Kauai, Maui and Lanai. In the near future we will be offering valuable wedding perks to make visiting Hawaii much easier on your pocketbook. Of course, you will have to become an exclusive member of our wedding network in order to receive them so visit firstclassweddings.com and sign up today!

Honeymoon by First Class Weddings



Making Honeymoons fun!

With all the hype about the wedding day nuptials, you’d think that we forgotten about the honeymoon?  Not a chance! These sexy board game ideas will give you a new meaning to the word “honey & moon”. Check it out!

Naked Twister – Dare to be Bare and let it all hang out?  The basic rules of Twister are simple.  Someone spins the spinner, and then places the selected body part on the designated color.  Any player that touches the mat with an elbow or knee or falls to the mat is disqualified.  The last person still on the mat wins. Now, imagine playing naked with a few little amenities nearby. This is a fun idea perfect for honeymoons!

Strip Scrabble- Just about everyone has heard of strip poker so why not strip scrabble?  Yes, it is quite possibly the nerdiest way to get naked but games that involve losing your clothes do not have to be limited to card games.  And when you think about, the possibilities are endless!

Monopoly and Mimosas- This game is a morning game, to be played during or after breakfast. Divide up an equal amount of properties and follow these “new” rules. You must finish your mimosa before you make it around the board. Every time you land on your partner’s property you have to give up a piece of clothing, and finally the first person to go to jail can only get out by negotiating sexual favors (wash my hair, bath me, breakfast in bed etc.).

Lingerie Candy-Land Fondue Party – You’re probably thinking out loud “what the hell is that?” which is a perfectly normal response. This game is definitely for the Brides that likes to dress up in Lingerie on their honeymoons. Add your favorite Fondue (feel free to feed each other), then add a game of Candy Land and there you have it. A board game feast for two!

Honeymoons by First Class Weddings

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