Katie Couric Gets Engaged!

Start spreading the news! Newscast veteran Katie Couric gets engaged to her longtime boyfriend, John Molner on a beach in East Hampton, New York. According to the Huffington Post, John Molner proposed to Katie Couric over Labor Day weekend with an amazing diamond ring right as the sun was setting – could there be a more perfect set up for this happy couple? We don’t think so!

After Katie Couric’s first husband died of colon cancer in 1998, she was left a widow but was always open to remarry. Over the years, Katie Couric had had various boyfriends but never thought of them as being “the one” – says People. Then in early 2012, Katie Couric and John Molner made their relationship public and everyone was thrilled! Once the wedding bells ring Molner will become step-father to Katie Couric’s two daughters, Ellie, 21, and Carrie, 17.

Katie Couric Gets Engaged

Katie Couric is such a loving and charitable person. With her amazing spirit, Katie Couric took part of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month and broadcasted her own mammogram on the Today show in the hopes of recreating the “Couric Effect” around the issue of breast cancer!  If she can do it, so can you! She has also been doing voiceovers for cancer campaigns – from pancreatic cancer, to myeloma research foundations, Katie Couric was there with a smile on her face ready to battle the cancer for everyone. This popular newscaster has helped raise awareness all over the country and who could possibly be better for her than the one who loves her most? John Molner!

John Molner gave Katie Couric the perfect end to her summer with his proposal – he was very successful with her astounding, “Yes!” but did you know that he’s also successful in his own right?? He’s an executive at the Chicago-based investment firm, Brown Brothers Harriman and Co. according to E Online where he is the head of Merges and Acquisitions. This graduate with honors from both Trinity College and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is six years younger than Katie Couric. This lovebird always accompanies his girl to all sorts of events such as basketball and galas. What a charmer!

This flawless couple will tie the knot on a day that has not yet been released but we will keep you updated; it will be a wonderful wedding and a new beautiful start for this successful power couple. Congratulations to both Katie Couric and John Molner on their lovely engagement!

Katie Couric Gets Engaged by First Class Weddings

Katie Couric at the U.S. Open from People

Katie Couric and John Molner on Red Carpet from The Hollywood Reporter

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Engagement Rings

A First Class Mau Wedding - Engagement Rings

Traditional Engagement Rings

“Will you marry me?” – Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of your life. Love is in the air, plans are being made and families are joining together to become one all thanks to one little word – “Yes!”Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles….so how do you make a decision on what will represent your taste and reflect who you are? First Class Weddings is here to assist you in all of your decision making for you perfect day.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

When it comes to picking out diamonds we like to look at the four C’s – Carat, clarity, color and cut. Carats range in sizes and as carat size increases so does the price. Clarity refers to the amount, size, type and location of internal flaws in a diamond. FL means that there is no internal or external inclusions of any kind visible under 10x magnification to a trained eye – it is flawless. This is the most expensive and rare of all of the clarity grades. Cha-ching! The different grades range from flawless (FL) to  SI-1 and SI-2 which means that there are noticeable inclusions that are easily seen under 10x magnification.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

Colors of diamonds is based on a grading scale. This scale determines how closely a diamond’s color approaches colorlessness. The more color a diamond has, the further it goes down in the alphabet starting at D. D means the diamond is colorless and Z then means the diamond’s color is very intense. There are 10 main shapes of diamonds – round, princess, lucida, square, emerald, oval, pear, marquise, cushion and heart. There are 5 main settings for the diamonds which are solitair, diamond band, three stone, side stones and pave.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

Choose a shape that will complement your personality. We also recommend trying on different shapes and sizes…you will never know if you like a certain style until you have it on your finger. Take a little trip down to Tiffany’s… I wouldn’t say no to that!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

In 2013, popular trends this year have been vintage styles, colored diamonds or gemstones and eco-friendly stones. Diamonds are a timeless, classy stone to go with for your engagement ring.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

Untraditional Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… but do you need to have a traditional diamond engagement ring? We say no way! Choose an engagement ring that is as unique as you are! Trends for engagement rings depend on what is popular and in style. However, it is your decision about how you want the design of your engagement ring to look.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

This labradorite engagement ring is unique… this stone occurs in igneous rocks  in Labradore, Canada. What do you think about a non diamond ring? Would you consider a non-diamond ring while searching for engagement rings? 

This green amethyst ring, with gold band and outline of diamonds is stunning. Amethyst is typically purple and comes from a variety of quarts. This beautiful stone was believed to heal people and to keep them cool-headed… place your health on your finger to keep you and your husband healthy!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings

Choosing vintage engagement rings means that it represented the high quality of a past time like vintage cars or vintage movies. Vintage rings are individual and are sweeping brides off of their feet with their beauty and personality.

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

If you are digging the Gatsby as much as we are then consider a vintage engagement ring!

A First Class Maui Wedding - Engagement Rings

We at First Class Weddings, think you should go for a ring style that you love and would want to wear everyday! Are you a traditional ring type of gal? Or are you looking for something a little different? Let’s chat about it in the comment section!

Engagement Rings by First Class Weddings

Rings in Boxes from Lockerz

Stone Shapes from She Knows

Ring on Map from Wedding Window

Gum Ball Ring from Dyanna Joy Photography

12 Diamond Ring from Andrew Reiner

Blue Diamond Ring from Ruffled

Vintage Rings from Bridal Banter

Labradorite Ring from Etsy

Amethyst Ring from She Finds

Vintage Gatsby Ring from Style Unveiled


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Save the Date Ideas


Getting engaged is such an exciting time for couples and one of the first steps to take is deciding when to get married! Save the date cards and engagement announcements are getting even more creative with each year. Save the date send-outs are a way for the couple to happily announce their engagement and send guests a date to keep open for their wedding. A lot of newly engaged couples get creative and their save the date ideas include things that the couple enjoys such as traveling or color schemes for their weddings.



A save the date card is an important notice giving people the date of a significant event such as a wedding. Save the date cards are typically sent out at least 6 to 12 months before the wedding date which then are followed by a formal wedding invitation. Usually, save the dates come in the form of a card or letter but as people are getting more and more creative, new ideas are coming out in forms of magnets for refrigerators so that the couple’s wedding date is always visible!



Save the Date by First Class Weddings

Save the date photos from Praise Wedding

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LoveSay I Love You Today

One lovely summer evening as I was walking beneath the full moon with a lovely being beside me, suddenly, like a bolt of lightening I was overcome with immense love in my heart for him. I could feel this love bubbling and bursting through me, a tender warmth overwhelmed me.

Thoughts of what to say came and went. Thoughts of past heartache came and went. Thoughts of how he might feel came and went. The only way through this energetic pull of oneness was through expressing this love to him. Without fear, I gathered my courage. Without fear of what may come to pass or how this may change my friendship with him, I took the leap of faith. “I feel so much love in my heart for you,” were the words of truth that rang through my being and into the dark crisp summer evening air. Breathing in my authentic voice I could only express what I felt at that moment without thought of the impact of this expression.

It felt amazing to be in this authentic place of knowing and expressing myself without fear. To say, “I love you,” and to know and feel it. To this day, I am often overwhelmed by the depth and truth of this love and continue to share and express what I feel. Without fear. And as I do, my heart continues to open, feel and express more love.

In the midst of our current state of high rates of separation and divorce, I feel we are being called to reflect upon our relationships, our love for ourselves as well as for others. Are we to define a new way of being in relationship with others? Are we supposed to find “the one?” Are we to continue the roller coaster of marriage and divorce?

Deep in my heart, I believe that when we truly love, respect and care for ourselves, we open ourselves to the possibility of true love with others. Until then, we continue to learn what we need to learn and grow in ways that bring us closer to our place of truth and knowing.

Just for today, look into the mirror and repeat many times to yourself, “I Love You.”
Notice inside your heart how this feels.

Just for today, look into the face of your loved ones and express what your heart feels for him or her. Whether it is, “I feel so much love in my heart for you” or in the case where you have drifted away from your loved one, “I am saddened that we do not express as much love as we once did.”

Honor your feelings toward yourself and others. Express in kind ways how you feel. Invite more love into your heart and into your life. Enjoy!

LoveFirst published on elephant Journal – Helene Rose, MS, CRM dedicates her life to the practice of mindfulness; creating peace within her self, her family, her community and our world. She is a poet, teacher and healer in Boulder, Colorado. Her book is Blessed Womb – Inspirational Poems to Warm the Heart & Womb. Find her at www.towardthelight.biz

Love by First Class Weddings

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle EngagementWill You Marry Me – Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle EngagementSurprise Beach Proposal Set-up

Sand Castle EngagementA complete Surprise! She has no idea…

Sand Castle EngagementStrolling along…

Sand Castle EngagementThen, with one quick bend of the knee…right as she sees the sand castle…

Sand Castle EngagementIt happens…

Sand Castle EngagementOMG!

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle EngagementHow about a little Champagne…

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle EngagementTop it off with a little live music by Don Lax

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle EngagementWill you marry me?

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagement

Sand Castle Engagementq

Sand Castle Engagementhappily ever after begins with First Class Weddings….


The only Mark to look for!

Sand Castle Engagement by First Class Weddings

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Getting Married

Getting Married

Will you marry me?

Getting Married:

Now that you’re getting married we would like to help you balance out the euphoria of being engaged with the actual planning of the wedding itself. After all, with the abundance of information on the web you could develop a case of “wedding clutter syndrome” and that would be a “couples” disaster!

So, before you begin gathering information on the web we highly suggest that you first make the following 3 decisions (together).

1. Will you be having a Home or Destination Wedding?

2. Will you be hiring a Wedding Planner?

3. And your preferred Wedding date is…

Now if you decided on having a home-town wedding then First Class Weddings feels that weddingdetails is a great place to begin. This site offers a wealth of valuable information and is an excellent resource for any bride and groom.

For the adventurous couple that would like to explore having a destination wedding then we suggest you consider Hawaii as your landing spot and gohawaii is a great site to begin drooling over the island life. However if a tropical wedding isn’t for you we invite you to check out majestic Colorado. This state offers some spectacular wedding venues in the mountains, lakeside, riverside, canyons, meadows, forests, and other beautiful venues worthy of your attention.

Finally, should you choose to hire a wedding planner we invite you to take a peek at A First Class Wedding. This is a company that truly has your best interest at heart, we have serviced thousands of clientele and continually strive to work in the best interest of you.

 Getting Married is easy with First Class Weddings



Marriage Will Last a Lifetime!

A little research would tell you that marriages that last a lifetime are at an all time low. Several reports, reviews and opinions on the sensitive subject of making marriage work are indifferent so we make no guarantees on how long your marriage will last  However, we would like to suggest that these ten things would make a significant difference on the overall health, happiness and length of your marriage… should you take them to heart.

  1. Time
  2. Patience
  3. Honesty
  4. Love
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Commitment to Marriage
  7. Loyalty
  8. Respect
  9. Communication
  10. Partnership

And when times get hard, remember the love that you once shared together and please try and make an effort to celebrate your commitment together as often as you can. Telling each other that you love them every single day, how much you admire them, or how special they made you feel by doing something for you is a few of many ways you can keep the love alive. We also encourage you to remember that you are in it for better and for worse. The love you have for each other must be strong enough to endure all obstacles, and with a little luck, it can.

Marriage by First Class Weddings

Winter Proposal

Winter Proposal

A Romantic Sleigh Ride – Winter Proposal…

If you’re wondering how to propose to your soul mate or if you’re thinking about how your partner will propose then we have a snowy idea for you. How about an intimate sleigh ride through the snow kissed mountains? Add a warm cozy blanket, hot cocoa, or even some Champagne and there you have it, a unique winter proposal that will surely achieve success.

In Colorado there is a small little town called Breckenridge that can supremely accommodate this type of request. This quaint little town is only an hour and a half drive from Denver and they specialize in this type of romance. With prices starting at $295, the custom ride is well worth your consideration.

For more information visit www.brecksleighrides.com , or call 970-453-0222. This little company in the heart of the mountains has what it takes to make your winter proposal everything you imagined and more…

Winter Proposal by First Class Weddings

Wedding Budget

Wedding budgetWe’re Engaged!

Wedding Budget 411:

Congratulations! Now that you’re engaged, you and your fiancee are about to begin one of the most exciting – and hectic – times of your life. No doubt you’ve been asking yourself, “Where do I begin” and “How much is this going to cost?”

It’s likely that you, your fiancee; hopefully both sets of parents and maybe even sponsors will be contributing money toward the wedding expenses. The first step is to determine how much each person is willing to give you and/or determine how much you yourself can afford to spend upfront. It is also a good idea to start a checking account specifically used for wedding expenses so that you can keep track of everything.

A wedding budget can range from $1,000 to millions so it’s easy to go over your budget. If you are wondering how much to realistically set aside for your wedding first then I would recommend that you sit down with your fiancee and make a wish list of items that you want to include on your special day. To make this easier you can break this list up into ceremony items and reception items. You are then going to have to do a little bit of research on your own to determine how much those items would cost and google is the perfect place to begin.

Here are some items to consider when creating your own wedding budget.

  • Travel: airfare, accommodations, car rental for destination wedding and/or honeymoon
  • Attire: rings, dress, tux/suit, bridal party wear, accessories/jewelry
  • Beauty: hair and make up for trial run and on day of, new make-up, manicure/pedicure, perfume etc.
  • Stationary: save the date cards, invitations, calligraphy, announcements, thank you cards, postage, etc.
  • Before Wedding: rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, spa/massage etc.
  • Day of: Marriage license, wedding site fee, planner, minister, musician, photographer, videographer, flowers, arches, chairs, cake, champagne, transportation, gratuities etc.
  • Other: Engagement party, favors, special gifts, spending cash, reception food and beverage, etc

Just remember, when preparing a wedding budget try to showcase your personality and style. Keep it meaningful! Everything from your dress, to the choice of music, to how you come down the aisle should express what you’re all about.

Wedding budget by First Class Weddings

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Wedding Vows

wedding vows

Should I write my own wedding vows?

If you are like many brides and grooms the thought of writing your own wedding vows has you more nervous than the actual wedding itself. Because of this, some couples choose to go with the “repeat after me” option. Yet other couples want to incorporate custom wedding vows into their ceremony. In this case, here are some helpful tips.

Find a quiet space to work.

Your home office, your garden, a beach, a park, somewhere with a great view that can offer a little inspiration and peace of mind.

Ask yourself a few simple questions and take some notes.

What do you love most about your partner?

When did you know without a doubt that you were in love?

What does marriage mean to you and why are you marrying this person?

Do some Research

If freelance writing really isn’t your thing, doing some research may help. Read some poetry, Google some famous romance novelists, and find passages or quotes that you may want to incorporate into your vows.

Make it sound natural

Once you’ve got your first wedding vows draft written, read it out loud.  If reading it out loud sounds awkward , make the necessary changes so it sounds more natural.

Get a second opinion

Have someone go over your vows that can help you with grammatical errors and sentence structure.

Practice makes Perfect!

Once you’ve got it down, practice, practice, practice! And don’t be afraid to read from a paper on the day of.

Wedding Vows by First Class Weddings

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