Wedding Client Testimonials

A few Thank You Notes

Dear First Class Weddings, everything was perfect! It went flawlessly and I never worried about a thing. Every wedding should go as smooth. I really can’t thank you enough. My wedding truly was FIRST CLASS!
—Gordon and Karen Smith Pontiac, MI

Dear Gordon & Karen, It was a pleasure helping you plan your dream wedding. Thank you for sending in your thank you note. -Sincerely Tammy Ash Perkins

There are so many good things about you and your company! I fill a book with my story! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about First Class Weddings. Neither does Ray, and he is a very picky person! We are so grateful to you for the day you gave us; I am convinced there is no one on earth who could have done a better job than you. From picking the best spot for the ceremony, to having water ready to wipe the cake off my face, you handled every detail with the poise, forethought, and professionalism of a well seasoned veteran. Whenever I get the chance to refer someone to you, I do. Whenever I think of my Maui wedding, I think of you and how wonderful you made my day. I can’t thank you enough for that.
—Ray and Deanna Greene Santa Ana, CA

Aloha Ray & Deanna, your wedding is one that I will never forget. You both were absolutely beautiful and I really enjoyed meeting you. Please reach out to us should you ever make it back to Maui! – Me Ke Aloha Tammy Ash Perkins

Thank you for running such a “First Class” business. It’s an honor to play for the events you coordinate! I am pleased to work with you whenever I do, and once again, Mahalo Nui Loa for everything.
—Celia Canty, Harpist

Aloha Celia, thank you so much for being such a professional joy. You are extremely talented and both my clients and I thank you. – sincerely Tammy Ash Perkins

Thank you so much for everything. Jon, family, our friends and myself truly appreciate all you did. The wedding was a dream come true for both of us. We thank you also for all your expertise and knowing of the best Minister, Musician, Caterer, Photographers, Dress Presser, Hair Designer Everyone was excellent! Thanks Again!
—Jon and Kim Timmons Fountain Valley, CA

Dear Jon & Kim, you are more than welcome and I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Your thank you note was lovely. Me Ke Aloha Tammy Ash Perkins

We just wanted to thank you for coordinating our wedding to perfection! Your efforts allowed us to enjoy our day without stress. Donald and I were completely impressed with your attention to detail, experience and professionalism. Thanks for the Fairy Tale!
—Donald and Christine Harvey Fairfax, VA

Aloha Donald & Christine, it is extremely wonderful to receive your thank you note and I was honored to have helped orchestrate your dream wedding. Thank you for being such great clients! Me Ke Aloha Tammy Ash Perkins

When we started talking a year ago I never thought this day would arrive. Now we’re here and everything has fallen in to place perfectly. Thank you for turning our dreams into reality. You really are the best and we couldn’t have gotten here without you!
—Chris and Catherine St. Peters, MO

Aloha Chris & Catherine, time sure flew by didn’t it? We truly enjoyed working with you and thank you so much for placing your trust in First Class Weddings. Sincerely Tammy Ash Perkins

We had a wonderful time! Thank you sooo much for your help. Thanks to you, things went very smoothly and just the way we wanted. I will definitely refer any friends interested in getting married in Hawaii to you. Thanks again for taking care of us.
—Suzi and Mike Alligood Portland, OR

Aloha Suzi & Mike, it’s always nice to hear how our clients feel so taken care of. You both deserve it and I am really glad that we could help facilitate your wedding wishes. Let us know if you ever want to come back for a vow renewal :) Me Ke Aloha Tammy Ash Perkins